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5 Styling Tips for the Working Woman

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5 Fashion Tips for Women in the Workforce

All women that go to a professional work setting have to choose what they are going to wear, and although it seems like a simple part of a job, in reality it is more complex than it seems. Being dressed properly for work will boost your confidence, help you feel comfortable in the office, and can even go as far to help your co-workers instill trust in your decision making and abilities. Here are some simple but practical tips to keep into account when dressing for work:

1. Wear minimal jewelry.

Although you should pay attention to your accessories, you don’t want to arrive at your office or workplace with too many necklaces, bracelets, or earrings on. Keep in mind that maintaining professionalism is a key component of dressing properly for work. Too much bling may give the impression that you care more about your outfit than doing a good job. Keep it simple with not more than one bracelet or necklace at once. One piece per place. For example, one bracelet, one pair of earrings, and possibly a necklace should bode well if they all complement each other. Always avoid over sized jewelry or anything that competes with your outfit or other jewelry pieces. Make sure to avoid anything that jingles a lot or that will clack onto your desk while typing on a computer.

2. Dress modestly.

Another part of being professional and making a good impression is making sure you don't show too much skin, especially on your first couple days on the job. Covering your arms with a blazer or cardigan is an elegant yet professional choice for the workplace. The same goes with wearing tights when sporting a skirt to the office. If you want to play it safe, wear a blazer, a shirt or camisole underneath, and some dress pants. Depending on how formal your workplace is, your co-workers and/or higher-ups may find it distasteful to wear a tank top or skirt, especially together. Although you may not get into "trouble" for this fashion faux pa, your level of professionalism you show with your outfit will surely influence what others think of you.

3. Add one bright color.

After you spend your first week or two adjusting to what kind of outfits feel appropriate, feel free to be a bit more expressive by choosing pieces that are brighter in color. Start by choosing either a jacket or a pair of dress pants that are lively in color. If you feel hesitant at first, try going with a bright pant or purse. Pants are not typically the center of your outfit so it won't be too much on the eyes, and you can always place your purse out of sight if it doesn't seem right when the time comes. Wearing a bright color can overall help show off your fashion sense and give you a boost of confidence that will surely affect how you feel.

4. Pick your shoes wisely.

An office must-do is wearing professional looking shoes. This is most often a closed toe with not too big of a heel. Open toed shoes are viewed as unprofessional, and the same goes with an ultra-high heel. Additionally, opt for shoes that don't make too much noise when you walk if possible. For a good staple pair of office shoes, try going for a black pair of booties with little to no heel. Although you want to look good in these shoes, keep in mind that they shouldn't kill your feet by the time your day is done.

5. Wear light makeup.

Part of your outfit will always be your makeup. When going to the office, a full face of foundation, eye makeup, and lipstick will most likely be overdoing it. Your makeup can distract from the job you are doing and may even distract you while you are working. Imagine going to a meeting and then afterward realizing that you accidentally smudged your eye shadow on half of your face. This sort of makeup mistake can easily be avoided by wearing light makeup. When going a little more dramatic, try doing a bold lip OR a bold eye, but never both. Less is sometimes more, especially at work!

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When taking all of these tips into consideration at once, you can transform your work wardrobe into something that helps you achieve your goals both emotionally and professionally! The goal is to get into a rhythm that works for you and the place you work at. Good luck!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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