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What Is Web Hosting? What Is the Type of Hosting?

Web hosting is a service taken to keep your blog or website's photo, database, video and all other types of files on a 24-hour working server. Without a web hosting service, it is almost impossible to run your site in a deadlock-free manner. A website is completed by linking your site's domain name to the hosting server. There are also various types of web hosting service which vary according to the requirement. Hope you will like our effort to include all the information related to hosting in this article.

Meaning of Web Hosting

Web Hosting refers to the online web server that links all the files, images, videos, videos, databases, text, etc. associated with your website. Hosts This type of service is called web hosting service, and the entities that provide web hosting service are known as web hosting providers.

Web hosting has been in existence ever since website creation began. It is a must that as time progressed, its forms also changed and continued to grow.

After the monthly price paid by the hosting service provider on their web hosting server, you are provided a web space where you can host your website.

Depending on which server technology / language your site is based on (ASP, Java, PHP etc.) and which software (HTML, WordPress) is built on, you have to choose the hosting server (Web Hosting Server).

Next in this article, we will know from where can web hosting service be taken? Which web hosting service is suitable for you? How many types of web hosting? etc.

What is the type of web hosting?

Web hosting can be of many types depending on the need of the consumer, the size and speed of the server and its technology vary according to the needs of each user. Cheap hosting is sufficient to run a small blogger or a 4-5 permanent page website, so to run a large commercial website you have to get cloud hosting or dedicated server. We are writing down the details of web hosting of each type.

1. Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the recommended web hosting for new bloggers and small merchants, most of the world's websites are running on a shared server. Shared hosting is not only affordable but it is very easy to run and load or update the website. The reason is a control panel called C-Panel, which is available for free with almost every shared hosting plan. For those who are new and do not know how to run a hosting server, c-Panel is a simple way to control their website.In shared hosting, the service provider divides the space of its server into multiple consumers, allowing multiple consumers to run their own websites on the same server. The sharing of resources makes this service available at a cheaper price, as many users are able to run their website on the same server at a time.

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2. Virtual Server Hosting

A VPS is a virtual server, its full form virtual private server. Some consumers are assigned different resources on the same machine, which they use to run one or more of their websites. For example, you are provided with separate RAM, storage space and software scripts which you can use only for your own site or blog. You can shutdown, restart or install some new software on it whenever you want.

VPS is especially recommended for consumers who have different types of websites that require a particular software or operating system. It is also slightly more expensive than shared hosting. If you want faster speed from a shared hosting server then you can choose VPS.

3. WordPress Hosting

WordPress is the world's most famous content management system, on which you can create blogs, websites, etc. Web hosting service providers have installed special hosting packages and servers for WordPress. These specialized servers have appropriate incorporation of PHP, SQL and other necessary technologies. If you are looking to build a WordPress based website then this is the most suitable type of hosting.

With WordPress hosting, you get rid of worry about server speed, security and regular updates. It is easy to run and at the same time you do not need any special training. Today, almost every small and large hosting service provider offers a WordPress hosting plan. You can hire hosting service providers like Blue-host, Go-Daddy or Host-Gator for a low price.

4. Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting provides a complete server for your website, all the resources available there are for your use only. There is no interference from other customers, which gives you improved speed to run your website. It is also more expensive than shared hosting but its performance is excellent. It takes a lot of work to open your website and even if many people come to your site at the same time, there is nothing special.


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