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What Is That I Am Doing Wrong?

I have done one hundred and six eBooks, six books, and thirty-eight online courses; accounts, business, self-care, and affiliate marketing


I am wondering why I have an unhappy life. When I think about many other people, I am not doing well. I find it difficult to see success in the industry even though I am fully aware that making money in the internet industry is not that easy.

I have created many courses and published them on a famous platform for the last six years and have not achieved much. I check that platform daily. After posting one study talking so smartly over that, I feel so surprised how the newbie even says I need to have thousands of students so quickly. I do not understand their beliefs in getting success so soon with that one course. I wish I could be like that; then I think they may be very experienced instructors but new to that platform.

After all that, I asked one question with the hope of finding a solution for that. I received some replies from the top-rated instructors. Some of them were useful and very hurtful too. That gave me a bit of inspiration and determination to follow their advice and work towards it but still not find a remarkable result. One of their advice do what we say here but do not expect the results immediately, but it will have a positive impact in the long run.

I agree with that advice, but at the same time, some new instructors are doing very well as soon as they publish their course on that platform. So, I find it difficult to understand what is happening there. But I think that I should not take any notice about anything and if I do things in the right way, I will get the correct answer so I will work hard as I believe in hard work pays you in the end.


I write eBooks and do kindle publishing. I have to say that I am a bit happy with the sales there. As we all know, it is not easy to make massive money with kindle, but I will keep trying that as well because I have seen and heard that some people make big money from kindle. Even though I publish on kindle, I use another platform to publish my books and eBooks, but I have started using that platform only recently.

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So only now do I understand and agree with some people that creating online courses is hard work itself but making money from it appears harder; I think I will have to build the trust to make money from this business. Understandably, making money from any company needs the trust of your customers. That is one of the main reasons that I joined these platforms. We must develop confidence from these students from these platforms as well. It is impossible to make them buy your courses or books whatever you write and publish.

So, what will be my plan to get more students to buy my products?

I have thought about ways to promote my digital products, but I am unsure whether it will bring success.

Joint venture partnership

I will consider a well-known joint ventures partnership group to join them, but the only issue I have been following for many years seems to be doing a good job. Let me tell you how their work; they have a lot of affiliates, and when you join them, you can approach a companion from your industry and get the help also; you can also cross-promote the products. But sadly, I do have a small email list, but they say that I do not need an extensive inventory to promote the product. It sounds mighty, but I have a severe financial problem joining them. Therefore, I must find another way to encourage the time being.

Promote on your site

I have a site for my online courses & eBooks, I thought about making the promotions from there, but I must think about marketing costs. Must find the answers to my questions like these, Can I afford to do my upgrades? Will it bring any real profit, at least to cover my marketing expenses? Therefore, I must step into that after finding the answers for it. In the meantime, I might change the title after doing the google research on SEO to appear on the first page of Google.

I am already doing a lot of free promotions, but I do not try to meet with other course creators because I am an extreme introvert. I have been a shy person all my life; that is one of my most significant drawbacks to seeing success. The two platforms that I use to sell my courses are viral compared to other platforms, making me think I am making big mistakes like no interaction with the students. Still, only recently have I started messaging my students. None of them have got back to me because they have got used to my way of publishing my courses. Therefore, they will not expect that from me, and I hope they will learn about my messages and interact with me.

I am writing because other course reactors who face issues like this happen to read this will learn from my mistakes and change how they market their courses. They might find better ways after reading this, so I thought that I must share the knowledge that I learned from my mistakes and be helpful to others. Staying on in a business that does not bring a lot of money for you is a success that you put yourself in but continuing for long may give you frustration. So, it is essential to learn the correct strategies and change for better results.

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