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What is an Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing

Let's be honest, who likes a 9-5 job and daily bear an angry boss who is 90% of the time is unhappy with you? No one right?

What if I tell you that you can make money at home without even getting out of your pajamas. Sounds fascinating... But it's not that easy and doesn't happen overnight but, it is possible.

Some of you may have guessed it, Here I am talking about Affiliate marketing many of you may have heard this term before but those who don't this article is perfect for you.


Have you ever recommended your friend or relatives a product or a place that you experienced by yourself and liked it? Well, that's exactly what an Affiliate Marketing is!

You get paid for promoting other people's company or brand's products to your audience through an Affiliate link. If they buy that product through your referred link then you get a commission.

What do you mean by MY audience:

When you recommend something in your friend circle then that friend circle is actually your audience. They know you're trustworthy and they will surely buy that product.

Similarly, when you become an Affiliate you want an audience that can trust you but, in large numbers. And that can be gained from social media platforms or through websites or Blogs.


How does Affiliate Marketing work?

Now that you know the basic definition of Affiliate Marketing so, we can proceed further on how exactly it works. In this process, three parties must be involved.

1. The Merchant

2. An Affiliate

3. The Customer

1) The Merchant:

The Merchant also known as seller and the product creator is a person who has a product to sell that could be household stuff, cosmetics or maybe shopping deals.

To promote his products to a new audience he pays Affiliate websites.He promotes his brand's or company's products by paying an affiliate marketer.

2) An Affiliate:

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He's also known as the publisher he is the one who promotes merchant's products to a large number of new audiences. He can have his audience through social media, websites or Blogs.

An affiliate promotes a product with honest reviews on different platforms ( as mentioned above) with a link to the merchant's website where people will buy the product. And with each sale from that affiliated link affiliate gets the commission.

3) The Customer:

A customer or the consumer is the one who buys products from the affiliated link, which he found on any social media or website Affiliate and the merchant both gets profit when a consumer buys a product... He's a driver to this Affiliate Marketing bus.

He gets his product without knowing this Affiliate Marketing infrastructure.


In How much Time will I start making money:

It depends on learning and on your capability of how much of a fast learner you are!

Like any other online work Affiliate Marking also takes time when it comes to earning in big numbers. In my opinion, there are three basic steps for a successful ‘Affiliate marketing’ career.

  • Learning
  • Continuous work
  • Patience

1) Learning:

By reading 3 or 4 articles or watching some YouTube videos about Affiliate Marketing doesn't mean that now you have every knowledge about this field.Learning period never ends for a Human.

I am pretty sure that even the highest-earning Affiliate is a learner too. You need to invest your time in learning more if you're a beginner, trust me you have a long way to go.

Watch other people's experiences and stories and learn from their mistakes so you don't repeat that and have a successful Affiliate Marketing career.

2) Continuous Work:

Making money from home is much easier than an office job but it's time taking. You need to understand that you can't make money overnight it might take weeks or even several months.

The thing which is needed for a successful Affiliate Marketing career is continuous work.You need to keep working for it even if you're not earning in the start trust me you'll earn but it will take time.

3) Patience:

Now, you might get sad when you're working with your heart and invest a lot of time in it but still, your account shows you zero.As said above it will take time, continuous work and patience is the key to success.

We sometimes get disappointed when we're working with passion and invest a lot of time but still no response, even stops working at some point.Don't do that. Be patient and positive and success will surely come to your way!


The 3 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs To Start:

When it comes to selecting an affiliate program you need to be careful and make sure whatever website you're working on is not a waste of time.

If you're a beginner and completely clueless about which Affiliate platform you should choose then I have three best websites that you can trust completely.

1) Amazon Associates:

Who doesn't know about Amazon? It is a great online market place that has everything you need and can be delivered at your house door anytime.

Amazon has every niche that is why it is a great place to start as an affiliate.You get upto 10% on any sale that comes from your affiliated link.

However this website is not into the digital payment method, you only get paid through bank transfer or Amazon gift cards.

2) ClickBank:

This website is used by thousands of people, they aren't as famous as Amazon Associates but it is a great platform for an affiliate. You can get upto 70% on any sale that you make.

They are newbie friendly other than many different websites that have strict rules for a beginner Affiliate. Another good point of this website is that they have international payout methods which means you can work for this program from any country without having to worry about payment methods.

They do have dozens of variety of products available which means you find a lot niches on this website. More products, more opportunities.

3) Shopify Affiliate Program:

One of the best leading E-commerce software is Shopify. Other software's have hardly come close to it. This is the type of program which is worth referring to people and worth working for it.

You can earn upto $58 on each sale. It is used by the enterprise-level companies to sell services and products.

Moreover, it is said that more than 2500 apps are running on Shopify for E-commerce businesses

Wrapping up:

Affiliate Marketing can be a great source of passive income if you wished to earn from home with little to no efforts. But it will take some time. Be patient and show you continuity to work. And always try to take inspiration from experienced Affiliates.


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