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Why is Udemy a Treasure for Anyone Who Wants to Learn Anything?

If you’re looking to learn a new skill or want to increase your knowledge of a subject, the best way to do that is through an online course


Imagine having just one place where you can access thousands of informative courses run by the best experts in different fields! Welcome to the world of e-learning! You may have heard of the popular distance education website Udemy before. This global platform is currently considered one of the best-certified sources for acquiring skills in various fields. What is Udemy? How can it be used correctly? And why do more than 35 million people learn through this site?

Udemy is the largest, most popular, and most important platform on the web specializing in selling courses. Udemy is a marketplace or online store that specializes in selling courses. The Udemy platform allows anyone with the necessary skills to display their courses on the platform, and the platform allows these courses to be sold to millions of its users.

“Improving life through education” is a short and simple slogan for Udemy, and this slogan has become a reality in the lives of millions around the world who have learned areas and skills through Udemy.

Udemy has more than 155,000 courses, and over 480 million course subscriptions, you probably know and have used, or at least one person knows.

If you want to know what is Udemy in detail and why it is important to you to know it… Read on!

In This topic, we will caver:

  • What is Udemy?
  • What are the advantages of Udemy, and why do people choose Udemy?
  • Disadvantages of using Udemy
  • Types of courses on Udemy
  • Udemy teaching areas
  • How can I create an account on the Udemy platform?
  • Is it possible to get Udemy courses for free?
  • Can you get a certificate on Udemy?
  • What are Udemy coupons?
  • After subscribing to the Udemy website, is it possible to request a refund?
  • What are the best paid or free courses on Udemy?
  • Conclusion

What is Udemy?

Udemy is a site that allows students from all over the world to take courses related to improving their professional and personal skills, and also allows trainers and teachers to build online courses in their areas of specialization.

The site has also made tremendous efforts to attract freelance trainers and corporate trainers who are interested in providing training courses for their own company's employees or clients' employees.

The site provides course development tools that enable trainers to upload clips, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, audio files, zip files, etc., and enables them to interact with users and students through discussion forums on the site.

The courses on Udemy include wide classifications of fields, which we will detail at the end of the article.


What are the advantages of Udemy, and why do people choose Udemy?

The site offers several advantages to users, the most important but not all of which are:

  1. One of the most prominent advantages of Udemy is that it is suitable for everyone, meaning that anyone can enter and participate in any course he wants to learn...
  2. You can take courses designed to gain a new skill, develop one you already have, pass a test you are preparing for, and more.
  3. Great freedom in choosing the right time to learn. You can use your weekend or summer vacation to learn something useful that could completely change your life.
  4. The prices of the courses where you will find the right one for your purchasing power, and the prices start from very cheap to expensive, and you only have to select what you see fit for you...
  5. Udemy grants in some of its courses recognized certificates that you can rely on for work, whether on the ground or websites...
  6. The site provides you with the possibility of recovering all the fees you pay in the first thirty days if you wish...
  7. There are courses available in more than 65 languages from around the world, so you can find many courses in your native language.
  8. Udemy displays the various opinions of customers who have previously purchased the course or course, and this enables you to know the real opinions of people before buying anything, we will discuss that in the next chapter...

Disadvantages of using Udemy

As long as we talked about the most important advantages of the Udemy platform, let's now mention the disadvantages of using it!

If you are looking to enroll in educational courses to obtain a certificate and include it in your CV, in most cases, Udemy certificates will not serve you. Because, in the end, it is not an educational institution recognized around the world. Thus, you must know that the platform is for acquiring new skills or developing skills that you possess from experts in this field.

If we compare Udemy with edX or Coursera, it's a little different. In the previous two platforms, the courses are taught by professors from different universities around the world, and therefore they are academic people and have a lot of experience in the teaching process. On the Udemy platform, it can be said that anyone who has experience in a particular field, can create a course.

Types of courses on Udemy

There is a wide variety of courses available on Udemy. As we mentioned earlier, there are more than 130 thousand different educational courses on the platform, and more than 100 educational courses are added almost every month.

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By clicking on the Categories section in the upper right corner of the site, you can see the wide variety available. Each main section contains subsections, and each subsection contains other sections, as shown in the image.


Practically, the main sections of the platform are: Programming and Development of Websites and Applications, Management and Business section, Information Technology, Tools and Skills section, Design, Marketing, Photography and Video editing, Health, Songs, and Education.

Note from the image, that under the Design section Development there are other sections, and under the Software Development Tools section, there are other menus as well.

Here is a view of the most important classifications provided by the site:

Udemy teaching areas


1. Development field:

This category includes the development of websites, games, applications, programming, computer engineering, information security, and others.

2. Business field:

The department includes areas such as entrepreneurship, project and sales management, operations management, e-commerce, human resource management, media, and corporate analysis.

3. Finance:

Contains financial areas such as accounts, digital currencies, investment, trade, taxes, money management, etc.

4. Technologies:

It includes the areas of information security, hacking, network protection, hardware, and others.

5. Productivity in Business Administration:

This section includes courses on how to deal with specialized office programs in business administration, such as Microsoft, Apple, SAP, and Oracle.

6. Self-development:

This section contains all the courses an individual needs about skills for self-development and career field, including leadership skills, interpersonal relationships, team management, problem-solving, and decision-making.

I have dealt with an article on this topic titled:

Here Are 13 Tips That Will Help You Reach Success

7. Design:

This section includes the various fields of design, starting from graphic design, advertising logo, visual identity, and product design, to animation and 3D design, and fashion design.

8. Marketing:

Contains all the marketing skills an entrepreneur or a future in the field of marketing needs, starting from digital marketing, optimizing sites for search engines, content marketing, and affiliate marketing, to building brands, making ads, video marketing, and public relations.

9. Photography:

If you are interested in photography, the site has many courses specialized in developing photography skills, including digital and even portraiture, phone photography, advertising photography, and video and photo editing.

10. Teaching and academic fields:

The site did not neglect academic disciplines as well, as this section includes the most important fields of study, including engineering, mathematics, humanities, social sciences, languages, and teacher training.

11. Health and Life:

The site is not too concerned with the daily aspect of users' lives. There are other sections that specialize in health and fitness, and others that are concerned with improving the lifestyle.

In general, within each category, many educational courses can be browsed, and choose the best among them.

The other option is to use the site's search engine to find the right educational courses. You can put the name of the skill you are looking for in the search box and the corresponding courses will appear.

How can I create an account on the Udemy platform?

It is very easy, after moving to the Udemy website via this link, you click on Sign up as shown in the image to create a free Udemy account.


Then you have to put the name, email, and password in the appropriate fields and press Sign Up.


That's all there is to it! Go ahead and browse Udemy! Also, after creating a free Udemy account, you can download the Udemy application on smart devices and browse all the courses you want to join from your smart device.

Is it possible to get Udemy courses for free?

There are free Udemy courses and paid courses. Knowing that most of the courses are paid, but at the same time, the amounts are never high and may start from 9 US dollars and usually do not exceed 200 US dollars per course.

Practically, the Udemy platform creates big discounts (Udemy coupons, We will talk about this topic in the next section of this article) up to 95 percent throughout the year, as these discounts are made more than once a year. And then the price of the course with the amount of 200 dollars may reach up to 10 dollars only!

To search for free courses on Udemy, you can choose the category you want, after that, scroll down until you see a list on the left, search the list for price and then choose free, and now you've got your free course.

Can you get a certificate on Udemy?

As for the free courses, they are not accompanied by scientific certificates that prove that you have completed the course, but at the same time there are rich courses, and you can achieve great benefit from them for yourself and not to prove to others that you have joined the course.


As for the paid courses, they must be accompanied by an approved scientific certificate proving that you have joined the course and that you have completed it. These certificates can be attached to your CV to prove that you have sufficient experience to work in a specific field that you studied.

In general, if you are looking for a degree similar to a university degree, then Udemy is not for you! Because students through this platform are looking to acquire the skills required in the current era, from programming, creating videos or websites, using Photoshop or Adobe After Effects, and other skills that can be acquired from scratch to mastery.

What are Udemy coupons?

As mentioned before, Udemy offers seasonal discounts every year up to 10 times a year to all its users, whether they are new or not.

The following dates are the most crucial for these coupons:

  • New Year's Sale – January: A discount on all courses for all users.
  • The end of the month-January discount: It is a three-day discount.
  • Valentine's Day Sale – February.
  • “Buy More, Save More” coupon – March: The idea of this discount is that the more courses you buy, the more discounts you will be awarded.
  • “Own Your Education” discount – April.
  • Mother's Day Sale – May.
  • Back to School Discount – August.
  • White Friday Sale – November.
  • Cyber Monday Sale – November: The first Monday after Easter.
  • Christmas Sale – December.

These occasions include fantastic coupons; Expect to find a course worth hundreds of dollars for under $15! Now, you know what to do if you don't have enough budget!

And if you are wondering how much coaches earn, then you should know that the top 10 coaches on the site have earned more than $17 million!

After subscribing on the Udemy website, is it possible to request a refund?

Right! You can do it. But under certain conditions.

In general, the Udemy platform allows people to apply for a refund within 30 days of joining the course. That is, if you join a course and then decide it's not right for you or doesn't meet your expectations, you may ask for a refund.

So, how can I do this operation? That is what we will see.

How to request a refund on Udemy?

It's simple and illustrated in the picture below!


But at the same time, if you download the full course, then you will not be able to get a chance to return the money or if you repeat this process more than once, your application may be rejected and your account closed as well. So don't try to use this feature in the wrong way.

Note in the picture below that if you exceed the 30-day limit from buying the course, then you cannot request a refund.


What are the best paid or free courses on Udemy?

Many people wonder whether paid courses are better than free courses or not, and in fact, there is no difference in whether the course is paid or free except for two things.

The first thing is the quality of the content provided, as many providers of free courses do not offer all the information.

This does not apply to Udemy courses, as its content is supervised by a group of experts and specialists.

The second and most important thing is the extent of your commitment yourself, as many individuals do not commit to the course just because it is free. On the contrary, if they pay for this course, you will find that they are more committed to it.

So if you can stick to the course, even if it is free, and you find a free course that offers you the content you want, of course, take it and save yourself the expenses of it.

If you do not control yourself and find it difficult to adhere to the free courses because they are free, and their content is incomplete or useful to you. It is better to invest your time and money in a paid course suitable for the content you need.


Udemy is an ideal choice for you, especially if you live in an area with poor learning resources,
If you are looking for experts to share their experiences in different fields, what distinguishes this platform is that the courses focus on the skills required in our time, from programming to video creation, photography, design, and many more.

If you are looking for new skills to acquire online and from the comfort of your home, then Udemy is undoubtedly the perfect choice for you!

Now you can go to Udemy and browse thousands of courses available!



This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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