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What Is Bull-Pucky Marketing? Important Tips for Marketing


You will have to forgive my sarcasm, but I have to let it out somewhere and the constant rolling of my eyes is making me dizzy to the point of nausea.

These “buzz words” of marketing are getting a bit over-the-top, so I had to come up with my own. Do you like it? Think it will sell? Hmmmmm . . .

‘Nough foolin’ around. I don’t want to put a damper on someone else’s marketing ideas or step on toes, because in all honesty, they are brilliant marketing strategies.

They sell products and they make money. I just want to cut through the “buzz” words and get to the chase.

You have to find ways to make an old idea look new. Butterfly Marketing? I want more impact than that. Butterflies kill the very trees that feed them as they develop. That’s something to think about.

Niche Marketing? A useful concept, but hardly new.

Guerilla Marketing? Yes, it smells like that.

Viral Marketing . . . Got a vaccine?

Joint Venture Marketing . . . It’s the same thing as endorsement marketing. It is no big secret, but they sure make it sound like it is.

If you feel like some of these web sites are all starting to sound the same, that’s because they do.

Folks, we need some serious individualism in the market place over there. I am so hungry for ‘NEW’ and innovative ideas, I’ve actually lost weight! So before I disappear, I decided I should embark on a journey to a new pedestal. Because I know you are hungry too.

How to create your customers and build your business?

Build Relationship

Regardless of what new-fangled play on words marketing technique comes down the internet pike, it always has, and always will be about your ability to build relationships. Period. Don’t make it any more difficult than that.

Develop Writing skills

Writing skills. Don’t have them? Develop them. The best way to do this is to stick to what you are passionate about because you will best communicate conviction about your product or service if you are PASSIONATE about it.

Don’t look for shortcut

There are no shortcuts to success. You may get a lucky strike here and there by being in the right place at the right time, but that’s not a business. That’s a sales pitch.

Programs can disappear overnight and so can your income. Making a couple thousand dollars in a week will do you no good, if that’s all you make the rest of the year.

Like the people

Learn to like people. Because if you don’t, then internet marketing is NOT right for you either. You have to learn to give and develop empathy.

You must care about the people that are interested in your product. I know it may sound ugly, but aloofness is not a marketable product. Not even in Hollywood.

Make Marketing Plans

Practice Diversity in your marketing. It does not have to be expensive, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. Write down a marketing plan before you begin advertising.

Keep Learning

Educate yourself . . . on your product, your competition, your target market. Certain people want what you have, be it information, a software product, insurance, cell phone service, auto detailing, clothing, or gourmet foods.

You know where they can get it. You know why they should get from you instead of your competition. Write this stuff down and use it.

Follow Up

Follow up with web visitors. Put a form on your page and invite them to get more information. They came to your site for a reason. Communicate with them! Share something with them. Make them feel valuable!

Write for your Brand

Write and submit articles about your knowledge of your product, service or information. This works ladies and gentleman, and it’s a pleasant task. You build recognition, and you share a little of yourself with others.

Your name gets out there and so does your web site, if you include it in your byline or resource box.

Give Something Free

Offer something for free on your site. It doesn’t even have to be yours! Just make sure it is relevant to your product or service. Information, a report, a newsletter subscription, coupons, a downloadable eBook.

It serves a number of purposes, but the main prerogative is to instill confidence in YOU and your product.

Consider it a “thank you” extended to them for paying attention to your site. People like to be appreciated.

Look for Help

Seek help! You are going to need help of other people. There is no shame in asking. There are potential partners out there that will love your idea and will jump at the chance to be a part of it.

Get some free advertising in exchange for a portion of each sale! Your competitor could be your partner.

Above all else, keep it real. Maintain some integrity. If you feel you have to incorporate “fear of loss”, or slam them with a popup (or five or six), slap your income statements up on your site or bombard them with caps and bolds to get their attention, how much confidence are they going to have in your product? You don’t need all that.

Final Words

These simple methods of marketing will get your web sites out on just about every other venue you would otherwise sink thousands of dollars into, including the search engines.

You follow those steps and you will get on the search engines, the directories, posted on other web sites and visited as a resource. KISS, right?

Keep it simple! Stay focused and stay your course. You may use any variation of viral, guerilla, butterfly or bull-pucky marketing you feel comfortable with. But don’t buy into it because of the hype or because it’s a new word.

You know what you want to accomplish with your businesses. Just do it and don’t get sidetracked by trendy marketing methods.


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