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Millennials Perspective Toward Libraries


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Academic libraries are an essential component of any educational institution, serving as a resource for teaching, research, and learning. However, due to a surge in the production of information as well as academic and professional research, libraries have become more successful in recent years. Today's library is an information hub where students and teachers can access materials in a variety of formats, including hard copies of books, newspapers, and journals, as well as soft copies of CD-ROMs, recorded documentaries, and e-resources.

Good library service intrigues students, professors, and researchers, since it meets people's information needs. Today's library has a significant challenge as a result of the rapid advancement of technology, which is forcing users to adjust. The traditional method of assessing library service quality by counting its resources has become obsolete, and a move to a more modern method is required. The library is a good area for youngsters to interact intellectually with one another in a safe and disciplined environment.


Today, libraries are equipped with library web services and a Learning Management System (LMS) for user support, allowing them to access materials with a single click. Yet, the number of library users continues to fall; students prefer to utilize search engines rather than physically visiting libraries. Many old-school librarians still consider the concept of an E-library to be a waste, arguing that a library is not a place to store books, but rather a place to access them, and are attempting to defend libraries as structures.
Many researchers are attempting to alleviate the issues that students confront when utilizing the library. The criterion for determining service quality is to look at the services from the perspective of the customer and meet their expectations. The quality of library service has been extensively investigated and described by various researchers. They define it as providing the user with information in a timely and requested fashion.


To address this significant issue, university librarians must constantly seek to develop their knowledge, competencies, and skills in order to meet evolving user needs. The recommendations that will assist the librarian in transforming traditional library services into modern ones are as follows:

  • The library should launch a marketing effort in different universities to inform users about its services.
  • A librarian should participate in survey collection, resource updating, and complaint and suggestion handling.
  • The library must be aware of changing student needs as a result of technological and research advancements.
  • As libraries transition to digital libraries, geographical and time constraints have vanished, and the librarian should recognize user needs by organizing different online search engines that are more desired by all students.
  • To entice students to visit the library, some academic institutions have taken to the Barnes & Noble technique of providing soft music and furnishing libraries with pushchairs and armchairs.

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