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What are the simple ways to start a business?


More people are thinking about starting a business; many people have lost the jobs due to pandemics. In addition, many have lost the trade. Losing a business is different from losing a job because you depend on someone else or an organization to hold on to your appointment. They decide whether to keep you in position or not.

Doing business depends on your mindset.

As far as the business is concerned, it chiefly depends on whether to be out of business. Understandably, all Businesses have so many problems because of pandemics. Therefore, it is not easy to hold onto a company. That said, if one line of business is gone down due to pandemics, why not think about another to replace the one who is facing more hassle during this time. An experienced businessperson can handle anything as quickly as possible; does not have to wait for another opportunity to arrive.

Apart from all, I said above, now I will give you some tips for easy ways to start a business. However, everything mostly depends on you.

What is that you are good at doing? Let me give you a list here.

  • Babysitting
  • Gardening
  • Cooking
  • Tutoring
  • Music
  • Writing
  • Bookkeeping.
  • Web design

How to get people to know your business?

The above are a few lines of work most of us are good at doing something. If you select one of the above, search on google how you can find clients in your line of business.

Business cards

The crucial fact here is to think like that you are a business person in what you are doing, so get some business cards print out and start giving to people whenever you feel a particular person might become intersected in your line of business.

Word of mouth

Another way to bring out your expertise to the world is to use word of mouth; you start talking to people whenever you get the opportunity to meet the right people. That helps you spread the word around.

Leaflet delivering

Then start delivering leaflets to your neighborhoods and around because mostly look for workers who live close to them nobody wants to hire anyone who lives far away. I am writing about the small offline business as that is your hobby


Then let me look at the online business.

Social media

You find many youngsters good with social media; they can easily make money out of it. Many businesses out there do not have time to do the social media postings, so do your google search and send your emails pitching to all those marketing companies.


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Build a blog and writing your favourites subject, and post on your blog. When you publish consistently with unique and well-written posts, you will attract many visitors from there. When your blog gets more visitors, place the proper advertisements to make money.

Create online courses

The demand for an online course is high enough to make money. Say, you have a piece of exceptional knowledge that your community will like to create a system and advertise on social media; you will get clients to read that. If it is a course that people can easily make money after learning the course, you will see success. Creating a system is not that difficult if you need visit my website to know about it. I will give you the link below.

Please visit to learn about online courses.

Affiliate marketing

Many sites out there you can become an associate with and promote their products. Amazon is one of the big businesses with many associates who promote their products and earns commission from them. The critical point here is to learn the product write the review for a product of your selection. If you constantly use a product and indeed, you will know the pros and cons of that product, so you will find it easy to write the review. Therefore, create a website, join the company to become an affiliate, select your product and start writing your reviews then publish on your website. Once you have, done all that, promote your website on social media site to get sales, the company will pay you the share that you have made from your sale.


The benefit of all the above business

The main benefit here is you do not have to spend any money in most of these businesses, and in some, you need a small amount of money to do some printing. All the other jobs can do free of charge. Therefore, these are the most cost-effective online businesses that can start today. The essential point in this business you can create and work from home is that you will not have any extra expenses. Another advantage here is to get help from your family, and you can train them and leave your business with them when you have emergency trips regarding your business.

Further, finally yet significantly, if you meet a loss, it will not affect you a lot, and you can take a break from it then start something all over again, now you are an experienced person in business as you learned from your failure. That leads to a successful venture. When you have a successful business, you get recognition in your industry and society. You can leave your business and your popularity to your generation as your legacy.


Final words

I can conclude starting a business depends on our mindset and determination. But have to ensure that we are not making any mistakes to spoil our desire if we are not careful enough in finding our passion and the niche to suit that. Facing failures is a normal part of our life as it gives many experiences but does not ever give up; keep changing your strategies to see the wins.


Sara Param (author) from London on August 29, 2021:

Thank you! If you visit my website you can find more advice about starting a business.

ISHIKA MEHERE from NAGPUR on July 15, 2021:

It is a really useful and informative article for youngsters and students who are wishing to grow their business. I found it really fascinating.

Hope you have a nice day sara.

MAB from Pakistan on July 15, 2021:

Thanks Sara for posting such helpful material and suggestions

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