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What Your Tax Lady or Tax Man Really Want to Say

These Figures Aren’t Adding Up


Tax Preparers Anthem

I’m going to say what all tax preparers want to say! Y’all need to stop lying like y’all didn’t get that extra money! You ain’t gonna get no Extra it’s gone hold up your taxes. You lied to your Baby Momma and she want to come down to the office with you. And your lying to your preparer. Y’all ain’t married nor filing jointly we ain’t got to give her your documents. Call is up front and we won’t be able to print ! We ain’t trying to get in that mess. You got to deal with your own demons stealing that money and lying. Your tax preparer is just like your attorney we can’t share your information to yo Baby Momma or whomever children you claimed and took money. Next stop trying to let different people claim your children stick to one person. That’s how this stimulus money getting mixed up. And when some of your refunds missing and you know you have: Repossion, child support, that furniture you got on credit. You didn’t plan on paying for you got sent to your friend house they got you! The eviction you got that was court ordered. Going to school to get that loan money you didn’t pay back or make payment arrangements on. That self employed you filed and didn’t pay your state back! State got they money off too. That bank account that’s yours that money got direct deposited in yeah that’s your account! Eras can be made I admit that and except that too. But y’all got to stop lying tax season like I said your tax preparers like your attorney. You show up in court and they got a video of you. The IRS got where that money went. We can’t touch it your money its split though the bank as well as the fees. The IRS has approved Banks to handle large transactions. We can’t touch it we can only print a check that is already reserved in your name we can alter it.Tax preparers make very decent money. Sometime an annual salary someone working 12 months. I do know there crooks in everything. so don’t get me wrong! But there are a lot of honest preparers out there that’s not trying to take your yearly shine! # Tax Preparer Anthem
So all y’all hard worker Tax Preparers spread this around. I’m tired of people acting like the Preparers got there money! 1 (800) 304-3107 call the offset see who you owe!
And One More Important Thing! How the IRS phone representative tell you all to ask your Preparer! They full of crap! The tax preparer can only put your information in the system we cant see what the IRS got going on! We don’t know no more then you do and the ones that lie like they do to try to keep clients! I’m keeping it real it’s a wait game. Since the Stimulus we don’t know what’s going on.You waiting for your money and we are waiting for our money just like you are for preparing your taxes. Especially if you didn’t pay up front…# Tax Preparer Anthem
### Real As It gets….

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