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What You Should Know About Humanatic

Sharon loves exploring the online world and trying out different ways of online work. Read to know her experience as a call reviewer.

Blog graphics edited via Canva

Blog graphics edited via Canva

How I Discovered Humanatic

I was hopeful during the start of 2013 since I was starting to write for Experts Column and I was overjoyed that I could actually earn additional amount from the site. I devoted my time and effort to write articles for the site and made a plan to concentrate on writing. However, I was perplexed when one day I could no longer find my articles. This was due to the site crash that was experience by EC causing for almost all the articles to be nowhere to be found.

That was my greatest frustration.

I was looking for other source of income during that time when I came across a post in MyLot about Humanatic. I was hesitant at first not because I was afraid that the site is a scam but to the idea that I might not be able to do the work they are offering. But I tried it out at once. I applied on the site by submitting an application letter located on their home page. I was not expecting that much since I do not know much about the site.

Starting Out My Humanatic Adventure

The following day, I checked out on my email and I found an email from Century Interactive informing me that I already passed their screening and I could start right away. I was excited of the new discovery that I had. I logged in to the site immediately and started playing the prerecorded calls. I was dismayed that I could not hear anything. It was then that I’ve known that I should be using Google Chrome as this is the compatible browser with the site.

They gave initially, me two (2) categories to be reviewed:

  1. Live Conversation Inbound – (pays between 1 cent to 1.7 cents) These are incoming calls and the member will have to know whether the call was connected or not by tagging the correct button located therein.
  2. Live Conversation Outbound – pays between .6 cents to 1 cent) These are outgoing calls and like the inbound, the member of the site will have to know if the call was connected.

After working for two days, I was given two additional categories, Reason Not Connected and Inventory Calls. Since I was new and could not understand much of their language, I intended not to touch first the new categories for the fear of committing a mistake. During that time a big accuracy rating is being displayed on the upper right portion of the site when I logged in. Accuracy is very important.

I diligently work on the site whenever I am at home. The two categories I have are the lowest paying categories so I have to review more in order to earn some amount. It took me about a week to complete the 10 dollars minimum payment threshold. I requested for my payment and after two days of waiting, I received the amount on my Paypal Account.


The day that I received my payment from the site was one of my happiest days.

I started writing about the site and continue working on it. My categories started to increase as the days passed. The 2 categories when I started became 25 on the 6th month of the site. Following that was the notice that I am already a Superhuman which means I already belong to the pool of auditors and was given additional tasks.

Complete List of the Categories:

Basic Categories:

  • Outbound
  • Inbound
  • Reason Not Connected
  • Inventory

Advance Categories

  • Dealership Appointment Request
  • Dealership Appointment Outcome
  • Dealership Call Outcome
  • Handled By (Automotive Sales)
  • Call Summary

Categories Related to Services

  • Why Calling
  • Why Not Connected (Service)
  • Handled By
  • Handled y (Service)
  • Appointment Booked
  • Appt Booked
  • Reason Not Booked
  • New Business Opportunity
  • Current Student
  • Scheduling Institute Outcome
  • Scheduling institute Caller
  • Sales Completed
  • Vet Service Caller
  • Vet Service Appointment
  • Get Contact Information
  • Data Pull
  • Was this a leasing Opportunity
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Additional Categories

  • Sale Completed
  • New business Opportunity With Voicemail
  • Current Member
  • Service Setter Booked

How Much Could We Earn From Humanatic?

The earning per category may vary from .6 cents up to 20 cents (Call Summary). If we are going to devote enough time to review calls, we could e able to earn as much as 25 to 30 dollars per day depending on the categories that we have.

There are several factors that could affect our earnings. The availability of calls, internet connection, and power supply.

When is the Best Time to Work?

Since this is a US-based company, the working time will usually start from 10 pm up to 6 am (Philippine time). This is equivalent to what we called graveyard shift. That is why some employees like me could still work part-time at night. People who opted to work at home are also benefited from this work.

How to Start Working From Humanatic

Working from the comfort of our home is one of the great things being offered by the site. That is why many people from around the world are eager to join and work with Humanatic. Here are some of the things we need to consider when planning to join.

  • Makes sure you have a verified PayPal account before applying
  • You need to apply through their website,
  • You need a laptop or a computer and a working headset
  • A strong and reliable internet connection is needed

Final Words

With the current development in technology, working from the comfort of our home is no longer a problem. Humanatic is just one of the sites that we can try if we are looking for work that can be done at home. I considered finding the site as a great blessing for me. I don’t need to look for other offline work which would require me to travel in order to earn additional income. We can do it either on a part-time or as a full-time source of income.


Jones Ewilem on August 06, 2020:


how do I get access to Appt booked category?......what category do I need to focus on

Sharon Lopez (author) from Philippines on October 21, 2019:

Thank you Robert for reading and sharing your thought. Well, actually, I am not anymore active with Humanatic because I decided to concentrate on writing. Though many of my friends are still working on the site.

Robert Sacchi on October 21, 2019:

Glad you found a good source of online income. I didn't know this site existed until I read your article.

Sharon Lopez (author) from Philippines on October 18, 2019:

Hi Thelma! Thank you for dropping by. Though I don't work with Humanatic anymore, I still hope that it will continue on its business because many people are still relying on the site for their source of living.

Thelma Alberts from Germany on October 17, 2019:

I have read a discussion on Mylot a few days ago that Humanatic is going down the drain. I hope you were still able to get your payment.

Gerald on September 18, 2018:

What is the exact requirements to be a superhuman?

I have 48 categories unlocked

Sharon Lopez (author) from Philippines on July 29, 2017:


It's good to know that you are gaining benefit from the site. Although there may be problems from time to time, I can say that it is indeed a good site to earn extra amount. Thank you for dropping by. Sorry for the late response.

Sharon Lopez (author) from Philippines on July 29, 2017:


It's good to know that you are gaining benefit from the site. Although there may be problems from time to time, I can say that it is indeed a good site to earn extra amount. Thank you for dropping by. Sorry for the late response.

jj on October 07, 2015:

humanatic has been my main source of income since I quit from call center, I'm so thankful that this company gives us chance. I am so happy with the job and I could even earn more than what I had been earning in call center.

Sharon Lopez (author) from Philippines on July 23, 2015:

@shara Before you start reviewing, make sure you read thoroughly the overview. Have it print or save in a note pad for easy access. You can also keep it open in another tab while working. When you get audited and you believe that your answer is correct, file a dispute by adding comment to the audited call. Hope this helps. Thank you for dropping by.

Sharon Lopez (author) from Philippines on July 23, 2015:

@PinoyMom It's been a while since I visited my account. I have been transferred to a distant place with weak internet connection. But anyway, thank you for dropping by. Yes, I hope the site continuously grow. I know there are some Filipinos who are dependent on this site for their daily living.

sharan on July 23, 2015:

how to increase my accuracy in humanatic inbound

Shiela Gerona from Philippines on May 19, 2015:

Humanatic is a blessing in disguise for us. I hope that it will always be available for everyone who wants to earn additional income.

Sharon Lopez (author) from Philippines on November 09, 2014:

Hi Sandy! This is the only site offering such kind of working opportunity. I was trying to find similar kind of site but I could not find one. Filipinos are lucky to be accepted on the site which is truly a great help for most o f us. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this topic.

Sandy Mertens from Frozen Tundra on November 09, 2014:

First time that I have heard of this site. Sounds like a good fit for you, if you don't mind the graveyard shift.

Sharon Lopez (author) from Philippines on November 06, 2014:

poetryman6969 Thank you for dropping by. I've been with the site for almost two years and it's helping me a lot with my finances.

poetryman6969 on November 06, 2014:

Sounds interesting. I hope it works out for you.

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