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What It's Like to Deliver in Freezing Temperatures as an Amazon Driver

As an Amazon driver for roughly six months, I've been through tough instances, including delivering in freezing temperature.


Photo credited to Pavel Lozovikov of Unsplash

Freezing temperatures can cause an unprepared Amazon DSP delivery driver to quit right in the middle of their shift. Customers are steadily concerned about winter delivery drivers and they have the right to know if they're comfortable making deliveries out in cold conditions of freezing temperatures, snow, and icy roads. Amazon DSP drivers are properly prepped by management and provided with necessities before going out to deliver in cold conditions, but there are a few knuckleheads in the batch. For the most part, Amazon delivery drivers are dressed, equipped with foods and liquids, knowledgeable on how to drive and what measures to take to combat a rough winter day safely to get out as many deliveries as possible.

An Amazon driver can still have a lot of fun delivering in rough winter conditions. Dressing the part, driving carefully, and walking carefully are the keys to an Amazon delivery driver's success in dangerous winter weather conditions. If a driver is not prepared physically and mentally, their day can end horribly. If they're prepared, although it's cold and skeptical outside, he will remain warm and safe.

A caring customer has the right to know that the Amazon delivery driver is more than okay on his route out in sketchy winter conditions. Management consistently drills safety and comfort in the heads of Amazon delivery drivers.

What an Amazon driver must do to keep warm and safe delivering in rough winter weathers

An Amazon DSP driver has prep meetings with management and is fully aware of how to continue to have safe fun delivering packages to customers in scary winter weather conditions.

Dressing the part - If an Amazon delivery driver is dressed in layers; (long johns, long-sleeved Amazon shirt, winter flannel shirt, fleece insulated pants, etc.) wears quality insulated wool hats and gloves; and quality winter boots they'll be comforted in warmth. Freezing weather conditions wouldn't stand a chance in disrupting the delivery man's passion for the job if he follows safety guidelines. Nine times out of 10, they've chosen clothing that gives them high comfort levels of flexibility - the clothing is made for work versus fashion.

Driving the part - If the employee drives to avoid slippery slopes of ice and snow, and cruises going around turns that are covered in snow and possible black ice conditions they can prevent sliding down hills, getting stuck in a ditch and of course, an accident.

Walking the part - Also, as an Amazon driver, some customers' driveways are up a hill. If delivery workers take the grass route to the customer's delivery location we can avoid many ugly slips and falls.

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Drinking the part - Staying hydrated in winter weather is crucial. Because the winter provides drier air than warmer months, our bodies much hydrate more often. And also the fact that your body is fighting harder to keep its normal body temperature in cold conditions, water is a vital key to doing so. Amazon stations provide drivers with water before pulling out to go on their routes for the day, if the driver lacks.

Customers see Amazon delivery men out in snowy and icy conditions and see them as heroes. You're right, it takes a lot of guts and dedication to ensure customers get their packages at all costs even in those tough snowstorms and icy grounds. But please be aware that Amazon DSP driver management does not force drivers to drive down or up dangerous roads. If a driver approaches an icy or extremely snowy road, they are instructed to turn around and continue to their next deliveries.

And, all Amazon delivery vehicles are steadily checked for defrosting and heat malfunctions, tire damage, battery power, and other items for winterizing your vehicle. And, drivers are equipped with snow picks and shovels in the event that they'd have to get themselves out of a snowy or icy jam.

Is it ok to offer a delivery man some water or snacks?

Yes. Amazon delivery drivers appreciate the offer. Some drivers will refuse an offer because they are fully equipped inside of their vehicle. However, some drivers will take what they need. Some customers leave a container outside of their home attached with a note ("take one") filled with water, sodas, and snacks. Drivers usually talk highly about thoughtful customers of the such in Amazon delivery group chats.

How does an Amazon delivery driver have fun delivering in the cold?

Cold weather is liked by more people than you may think. A study revealed on that 29% of people prefer to live in colder climates. Well, this may not explain how an Amazon delivery driver likes to work outside in the cold but it does reveal that there is a substantial number of people who like the cold over warmer conditions. And to some drivers, a challenge is worth a million dollars. Ex-military and sports players are competitive and like to push themselves to take on difficulties. Working in freezing temperatures and completing a mission can gain a worker some credibility at the end of the day.

How to make life easier for an Amazon delivery driver

One day I'd like to see a delivery box at the end of every customer's driveway. Such a convenience would be a dream come true for an Amazon delivery man. In the Hubpages article titled, "How to Make Life Easier for an Amazon Delivery Driver", a delivery box is a significant key to making life easier for an Amazon delivery driver. The reason is, Amazon delivery drivers wouldn't have to walk the length of long driveways that can take literally 2 minutes to reach the front door (a safe location) of a customer's home.

The delivery driver should have tough skin

All Amazon drivers are adults. They understand the dangers of freezing conditions and should be able to handle the weather challenges. They've decided to take on the responsibilities of an Amazon delivery driver which includes snow, ice, and freezing temperatures. If they're feeling inadequate while working, they'll quit, and they'll be missing in action the following day. Amazon drivers' job life expectancy is about a week or two, in many cases two days. So, it's not surprising to go to work the following days and never see a driver ever again.

If a delivery driver is dressed in layers, cautious on slippery and snowy roads, and walks on the grass instead of icy driveways of a customer's house for a delivery they can prevent injuries and accidents. Customers want to know if an Amazon delivery man is doing fine out in winter weather conditions. If they follow the suggestions by their manages they should finish their workday with a smile. Amazon delivery drivers, for the most part, are doing quite well out there in freezing temperatures of snow and icy roads.

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