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Everything you need to know about Blogging

So you want to be a blogger?

I began writing blogs and informational articles seven years ago, this being on of the very first I started. Originally this article was dedicated to new techniques I learned along my blogging journey.

I dedicated the first entry of this original article to what I learned each day to improve Google AdSense earning. As time passed by I found that it isn't just all about Google AdSense, but learning how to use every resource available.

Starting to advertise online can be very tricky, which includes vast research, however, resources are all around us.. I understand that there are many of you that already know what I have to say. Even if you do, remember, there is always something new you can learn. Whether it's implementing some of the things that you started out doing or adding to it with some useful tips you have discovered, you never know what some amateur publisher may know that you don't. The key to Marketing as I have found out, is continued learning and growth. I never turn down the opportunity to learn some useful tip or trick that could potentially boost my online revenue.

Is Hubpages a Blog Site?

Hubpages was my first love when it comes to the blogging atmosphere. While many consider Hubpages not to be a blog site, I on the other hand have a different view.

A blog is defined as an online entry, written by an individual or group of individuals. The two different types of blogs are informational and personal. That being said, I am an individual, writing on a site with other individuals.

I use Hubpages for purely informational blog entries. While most of my entries are different, I do have some that correlate with each other and support another. So whether you want to think of Hubpages as a blog site or not, it is strictly your opinion, as this is my opinion.

Lesson #1

How to make money with Google Adsense Tips


Everything links back to Adsense. If you are just starting out this can seem overwhelming, but over time, if you sign up for these different sites and add them to your arsenal, you can earn substantial revenue.

A referral is a link that leads to your page from another site or page. Referrals are most effective when used with back-linking, which I have detailed further down this page. The best thing you, yourself can to do have longstanding referral links is to place relative links within your existing blogs or articles you have written.

For example. If I write a page about how to make money on eBay, I can then link another article about how to sell your comic books on eBay within that article. From within the "how to sell your comic books on eBay" article I can link a different article about how to ship items on eBay. Do you see where I am going here? You end up with a vast web of interconnecting referral links that you make yourself. Now maybe only one of your articles make it to the first page on Google search. If that happens, then you are in a great position. Any article linked to that page now has a greater chance of being viewed. And that is the power of referral linking.

Lesson #2

Editing and Proof Reading your Blog

Proper writing technique and grammar are the keys to attracting followers and establishing trust. Would you want to read an article by sumwon dat spels lyke dis? No? That's what I thought. Luckily, since the dawn of Hubpages, the Hubpage staff implemented a free editing service for all of us lucky authors. Get ready Hubpage team. Here is your shout-out.

Thank You Hubpages for your help in making my hubs look more professional.

While the Hubpage team does a very good job of catching spelling and grammar errors, it is still up to you to edit and proof read your entries. You never know when an error may slip by.


Lesson #3

Key Words

Implementing Keywords can be quite tricky. You can be penalized by Google for having too many keywords in a short article, which is referred to as Keyword spamming. While not knowing the full determining factor on how many keywords is spamming , I suggest that you do not just write a blog that has "make money" in 3 consecutive sentences.

Google is the smartest system I have ever encountered. Google bots crawl the web daily, which I know seems impossible, but it's true. To see how all this data is collected and organized, go to Google, type in info:yoursitename and press search. A single page will load with all the statistics relating to the site your searched for including which pages link to yours, sites similar to yours, the last time Google crawled your page and so forth. So make sure you find ways to put keywords into your article without making google consider your content as spam.

Lesson #4

Learn From Experienced Bloggers

I'm not saying that you are not a smart blogger, but always remember the age old saying, "Anything you can do I can do Better". While you may be the best at one thing you do, count on somebody doing it better someday. It has been proven throughout history. Yahoo kicked everybody's rears in the previous days of search engines. Who is on top now? Google. How about Michael Jordan being the greatest Basketball player of all time? Arguments can now be made for LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry.

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Always be open to learning new things.

Lesson #5

If you search hubpages you will find several blogs about back-links. I was introduced to them by a fellow hubber. These back-links will help your page be found in Google and Yahoo search engines. I have come to find back-links to be the most tedious, time consuming task so far. It seems easy to do, but what you must realize is that there are thousands of people out there trying to do the same thing. Back-links tie into key words. Say if you have a blog about Making Money online. If another person on the site that you have back-linked from has the same type of content, theirs may be listed higher than yours, depending on the original content. If you have something that has the same info as another blog on that site, more than likely the one with more original content will be ranked higher in the Google search engine. So make sure you always follow step #3 and have original content with key words placed throughout. There are literally thousands of back-link sites out there. What am I saying, there are millions. Every site is crawled by google and has the potential of being a back-link to your site. The key to getting that higher Page Rank, or PR as bloggers recognize the term, is to have your "Original Content on higher ranked back link pages. You have PR10 PR9 PR8 PR7 PR6 PR5 PR4 PR3 PR2 and PR1 sites. 10 levels. As far as I know, Google and Yahoo are the only PR10 sites, however I can't help but this eBay would be a PR10 site also if you could find a way to get a back-link from there. But I'm fairly certain they don't allow outside linking to their site unless you are a eBay store member. So rule them out. Their are other sites that link together under the same corporation. You can go to these sites and register at just one of them and have 13 quick back-links. I'll credit this to the ever knowledgeable TerryGI, who posted 13 quick back-links. There are several back-link sites out there. Some of my favorites are Shetoldmen, Xomba, Redgage, Bestreviewer and Seekyt.

Lesson #6

Blog every day

I write a blog every day. Why? Because whether or not your previous blogs have been read or are being read, readers always want something new. Even if the new blog only gets you 10 views per day, that increases your potential to make money. You never know when someone will come across your page and see an ad that interests them and click on it to find out more. Realize that a lot of people out there have nothing better to do than search and read online. People do it for hobbies or to find information for school or to learn how to be a better blogger. While this is titled "What I Learned Today", there is no telling how many bloggers alone will read it. Aside from posting to this every day, people may bookmark it and come back to find out what else I have to say about what I learned new. And I can assure you I learn something new every day. I write something new every day. Since this is the longest blog I have done so far, this will probably be my only blog for the day. I average 1.5 to 2 blogs per day if you were wondering. By simply blogging every day I have increased my daily views from 25 to over 100 easily. I have 200 and 300 days, but it varies. I am still on my quest to reach my first goal which is 1,000 views per day, but have yet to succeed. My theory is that if your Adsense averages 2% Click/View Ratio then how many clicks per day would you have if you were viewed 1,000 times a day? The answer is 20. Just a moderate goal, but understand, the longer your blog stays out there, the more it will get viewed.


Lesson #7

Don't try to cheat Adsense

Not that I have tried to cheat adsense, but I have definitely read the TOS and statements of others. The reason for reading these articles is beneficial. You may actually do something that you did not know was against Adsense TOS. So it's not bad to google "How to Cheat Adsense". Most results you will get will tell you not to try to cheat Adsense. Why do so many people swear by not cheating Adsense? Apparently because it is impossible. So if you are reading this part of my blog, just stop even thinking about cheating Google. You will get caught, and you will get banned. Google records IP addresses as well as other sites. They can tell operation by accessing cookies and locations also. If you have logged into a computer elsewhere under your Google Adsense account or Blog account, Google can tell. If you go straight to your page from another PC, Google can tell. If you encourage another to click on an ad for you and they stay on the ad for 3 seconds, Google can tell. Google is paid by advertisers to get potential customers to buy their product or service. So even I encourage you, don't click on any ad on this page unless it truly interests you. Clicking on other peoples ads just for one second could raise suspicion, so be thoughtful of those advertisers. I promise if you do this the legal way, you can make money. So once again just so we are clear Don't try to cheat Google.


Lesson #8

Learn how to incorporate eBay and Amazon

eBay and Amazon are just other tools you can use to increase your earnings. The trick is trying to make a page that interests people and makes them want to buy the products you are listing. I have read other hubber's blogs to see how they incorporate stories to go along with products. I have to say that a lot of them stink, but there have been a few that made me want what they were pushing. Nelle Hoxie is a good example of a great promoter. One particular blog she has made me want to read a particular book so badly, James Forrestal and his Mysterious Death. She is a top hubber that I follow and learn from and can help you learn more about adding Amazon and eBay auctions to your blogs. Blogs that are best for promoting items are about items that you know about and that are interesting and popular. Silly Bands, Collectibles, Books, Game Reviews, Places to travel, Hotel Reviews. Get the picture?

Lesson #9

Spinning an Article

Spinning an article goes back to back-linking. The first thing you need is an article spinning program unless you know how to manually spin one yourself, which can be very time consuming, but worth the time invested. You can Google "How to spin an article" and should get some relevant results, showing you how it's done. Spinning can help you get further up into google PR because it changes your content to make it look more original. Instead of having 5 back-links that have an article that says : How to make money online, they might instead say, "Ways to make money online, How to generate revenue online, or Methods to earn income online." Google recognizes these titles as genuine and not the same content. So if you have the same blog back-linked from 100 sites, spinning it may make it pop up in more key word searches.


Lesson #10

Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking has to be the simplest way of promoting your hubs/blogs. I am a member of over 20 social bookmarking sites as of right now and find new ones every day. Social bookmarking sites not only show other users your link but give it PR power because it is listed on their site. The higher PR the bookmark site, the better chance you have of moving your PR up. However when you start using these bookmarking sites be sure you aren't spamming, (posting every blog you have one after another). I usually pick 2 of my best hubs to bookmark every day. When posting a bookmark be sure to give the viewers a little preview. It could take a little time to write out a nice description, but I have found it is worth it. I usually write something totally original, but related to what I am introducing them to. The key is to get them to view that one page. If I can get them to do that then maybe they will check out other pages I have.

Lesson #11

Review Blogging sites/Top 5 Blogging sites

Top 5, 10, 15 and 20 review sites are popping up all around all of a sudden. While reviews of income have been rather low to start, but they are sure to grow, the more the site gets popular. Best Review is the newest site that offers bloggers to write about their top favorite products or things. You can have up to 20 top subjects in one article. The benefit of these sites is that the articles can be written quickly. I have 2 posted already without spending more than 30 minutes on the site. It is a fairly new site with very few members. I do suggest signing up and taking advantage as you could be on of the first members, as I am, and have a edge over newcomers.

Lesson #12

Adwords Tool

I started using the adwords tool when I first signed up with hubpages, but didn't understand it's significance until recently. When using this tool I usually sort it out by CPC price. After that I type in any word that I know something about, ex: Football, Insurance, Florida, Mississippi. After the results show I don't pay as much attention to the CPC price as I do the monthly search and competition columns. I first take a look at the competition. If it has over 25% filled, I usually move on to the next keyword. I then save all my keywords to a notebook file on my PC with the CPC price. I usually spend 30 minutes to an hour a day doing this. There are millions of products you can narrow down. It's a matter of finding the least competitive market. The next section will go further in depth.

Lesson #13

Keyword Sub Keyword Implementation

Still using the Adwords tool, what I want to explain now is how to narrow down your results. For instance, I am an expert on Football. The first keyword I type in is football. I see several results. When I scroll down I see that football results and football scores are two of the highest searched terms. At this point I take the sub words "results" and "scores" and put them into my notepad file. As stated before I spend a while on this each day, but this is just the example I am putting forth to avoid lengthening this any more than it has to be. After getting all of my sub-keywords into my notepad file, I then go to Google search engine. I take those combinations, type them into Google and see what the results bring up. I usually browse through the first 10 pages. If I don't see any websites that are sub-directory sites, like forums or blogs or ehow articles, I usually go on to my next keyword. The reason for this is because .com websites are usually ranked as PR9 or PR10 site, because they have all original, pertaining content. However if you see a sub=directory listing, the better chances you have of getting higher above those other listings. With the implementation of backlinking and original content, I feel certain I can get my blogs higher or right next to those other sub-directory listings. So remember not to stop at just one keyword. Go in depth to at least two, but even better to use three. If you find a good three keyword listing, chances are that the competition level will be lower. Keep in mind this doesn't mean type "make money online" in and expect to find low competition. You are going to have to be creative. Something like DVLA number plates would be much better as everyone is writing on how to make money. Even me.

Lesson #14

Using All Hubpage Capsules

Over the past couple days I have been experimenting with the different capsules that are optional. I have gathered data and found some remarkable things that some may not realize. This is not for fact, but it seems to have made a difference for me. The only thing it can do for you is help you and it won't take but a few minutes for each Hub. Hubpages has several different capsules you can post into your Hub. Those being RSS feeds, Google Maps, Videos, News feeds, etc... Just two days ago I started editing all of my hubs and putting these capsules in as many as I could, without making them look irrelevant. Over that two day period I have noticed significant gains in my Adsense. This leads me to believe that Google uses those hubs as a source of more original content, thus making your impression earnings go up. If you do not know by now, Google Adsense does pay you for certain page impressions. You can make $5 easily just off of page impressions if your page is constantly searched via a search engine database. With all that being said, the best thing you can do that doesn't require a lot of time is to put as many of those capsules into your Hubs to make them more content rich and original.

Lesson #15

Hubpage Secrets you may not know

I may have already said this previously, but I will recap if that is the case. Every Hub I create, I always save the first draft unpublished. The reason being is that I have noticed it can grow up to 80 hub score without being published. I didn't understand why this was so at first, but I think I have narrowed down a logical answer. For every unpublished Hub I had, I noticed that it had been viewed whilst it was unpublished. Who might be viewing these pages unpublished I asked myself. The only source that has access to our unpublished Hubs is Hubpages itself. So who might be reading these Hubs from Hubpages? The only answer I can come up with is some sort of editorial system or grading system, if you will. So say Hubpages has a bot that scans your content. They can calculate how original, well written, laid out and content filled it might be. By saying that, I believe there is a computation system that grades the score of Hubs far beyond page views and comments. If you notice when you publish a hub directly after writing it, it will almost always start out as a 50 Hub Score. By saving Hubs unpublished and editing them with capsules and more relevant information over a span of a few days, you can actually start a hub score out around 80. An 80 starting hub score is sure to intrigue readers into going to your hub to see what you have to say. I also must add that the higher the Hub the more I'm sure Google ranks it. Google is one of the smartest platforms there has ever been. They aren't going to put some poorly graded page on their front search page.

Lesson #16

Constant Content

I just found a new website called Constant Content. At Constant Content, they allow you to write articles on just about anything. Although this is not a Google Adsense based website, if you are a good writer, you can make some good money doing this. The key to making money there is to set your price for your article and have something that nobody knows, but everybody wants. The average price for an article is about $15, but you can price it wherever you want to. Be sure not to overprice yourself. If you are a high quality freelance writer then you may be justified, but for others, you make want to stick to the average asking price. You can also sell your rights to the article, giving the buyer full rights to publish it wherever they see fit. The website is really user friendly and easy to navigate. I suggest trying it out if you are looking for another source of income. The above is my referral link.

Lesson #17

RSS Feed Sites

Another thing I have discovered is RSS feed sites. While RSS feeds aren't proven to be a big traffic source yet, I believe they will help in the long run, especially if you have a lot of articles about one particular subject. For people like me who write about anything and everything, it can be difficult submitting your feed because not everything lines up, but there are RSS feed sites that will let you create feeds. You can take your links from various sites and post them all into one RSS feed then submit that particular feed to any certain topic site. For example, I write a lot of sports articles on different sites. I have one particular feed for those. This takes a good bit of organization on your part as you have to save multiple folders containing all your articles on your PC, but if those feeds get just 10 leads, then you have made progress. There are many sites that accept feeds without having to sign up. Type in RSS feeds in the hub search or in google and you will quickly see what I mean.

Lesson #18


I learned this small trick from another hub here on hubpages, but thought I would share it and explain how I use it. is a free pinging site. You can take as many http addresses and ping them out to 89 or more sites for free, including google and yahoo. Pinging helps the search engines find your content faster. Instead of google's crawlers looking through your content, pinging it automatically sends the information out to several search engines. This is very good if you have just updated your blog or hub. I usually ping around 10 of my highest quality blogs per day to try to gain more views and page ranking. Type it into your browser and have a go at it.

Lesson #19

Redgage is a great site for promoting your articles. If you are a member of flickr or shutterstock, you can use it with them also. The way I use redgage is to post my links to it. You may not see much money coming in, but while you have your links posted there, you will make money each time someone views them from redgage, not to mention what you will potentially make off of the original article. Redgage is very easy to use. Each time you publish a new article, go straight to redgage and upload your link. You can make money two ways now. It is definitely the least time consuming thing you will ever do. If you are not yet a member of redgage, Sign Up now!


Matchbanker CZ from Prague on May 03, 2019:

Thank you for such complex overview! Plenty of good things I didn't know about :)

zmejias from NY on November 19, 2010:

Thanks for sharing these I learned to do it and the sites where they should be published. You are right its a tediously task to do and a time consuming.

I really appreciated you share these tips and referral on this.

original010 from Egypt on November 11, 2010:

Great info, I learned new things from this hub, but I wonder about backlinking, would it be better to have hundreds of backlinks to every hub or article or to have only on a few good sites.

Peg Cole from North Dallas, Texas on November 05, 2010:

So much info I'll definitely bookmark and return to re-read this one. Great post.

Susan Hazelton from Northern New York on November 02, 2010:

Wow, I'm impressed. You have included a boatload of valuable information in one spot.

Voted up, awesome, bookmarked and you have a new fan.

jmacday on October 28, 2010:

Thanks for a very informative article. It's wise to avoid putting all your eggs in one basket therefore publishing content on a variety of sites will help smooth out the ups and downs of your monthly income.

Mike Teddleton from Midwest USA on October 25, 2010:

Wow this hub is full of great information. I have it bookmarked and I am now a follower.

salt from australia on October 24, 2010:

very well constructed ...

libby101a from KY on October 23, 2010:

Thanks for the tips! If you find out some more good info... please write another hub!~ LOL

Thank you..

rebekahELLE from Tampa Bay on October 19, 2010:

nice tips and well written. I didn't know about searching our site with info: site name. thanks. you should pop up in the forums at times, so more people find you. that's how I found you. nice work. keep sharing the hub love.

Dawn Michael from THOUSAND OAKS on October 18, 2010:

wow what an article, was wondering about the leaving the hubs unpublished for a while, which by the way this also works with just a title and no content I tried it the other day and left a title for a week and it jumped into the hight 60's. What you said about google is true, I have noticed better adds on my articles that bring in the higher numbers.. great tips I'm a

gracenotes from North Texas on October 13, 2010:

Pretty darn good, I must say, for someone who hasn't been here very long. You obviously have learned the basics rather quickly. You have important things to say, and you express them well.

The only thing I disagree with is calling HubPages a blog site. I have one blog myself (a Google blog). I see a blog as something that is organized around a particular theme, and that you add entries to on a daily basis, kind of like writing journal or diary entries. I envision a blog as being a bit more informally written, without the need for every post to have an introduction, an exposition of each point or argument, and a conclusion. Or frankly, without the need to have blog posts be of any particular length or consistency. HubPages (or a web site like Squidoo) has many authors who, like me, write on diverse topics all of the time, even though they may have niche topics that are their specialty, and which they try to link together. For my Adsense articles, I try to have a magazine-style type of writing.

A minor point, to be sure, and if you're able to write a post to your blog each day, or write a hub each day, I say, go for it. You're far more productive than most. Good luck with your endeavors on the web. I am now your follower.

stephanieculkins from El Cajon CA on October 06, 2010:

As we go on with our life we learn new things, most of the business owners now a days are constructing or developing a site for their business or service being offered. Creating a website for their business would be very useful for their marketing strategy as we all know online marketing had been quite a trend now a days. Well right now I'm trying to explore the SEO world and how it can help me in the future.

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