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Ways to Make Money Online From Your Art- A Few Ways I'm Doing it, and A Few Ways I'm Considering

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Christine is an artist who practices many art forms, including painting, sketching in colored pencil and graphite, dollmaking, bookmaking.


Ways I Have Tried So Far

Print-On-Demand-One of the best ways to make more money from each piece of art.

Basically, you upload high-resolution photos of your artwork, and it is printed on all sorts of merchandise. Paint once, get paid an infinite amount of times.

I am using Society6. But there are many POD sites, such as Teespring, RedBubble, and Amazon KDP.

eBay- Sell your art directly to the customer through eBay.

I have sold one painting so far with this method. I have several listings now. It takes more work than POD, but auctions are fun for me. I am selling tiny paintings, ACEO's, for now. I just put them in an envelope and send them out.

Ko-fi and Patreon- People can "tip" you for your efforts in posting photos of your art, or just your posting about your art. I have yet to see any money so far this way, but I am hoping.

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ClickASnap-You posts photos and get paid for views. You can also get paid for sales and POD merchandise sales. This one I am very new at.

Ways I Am Considering

Etsy-Selling handmade products to the customer. I do have and Etsy account, but have yet to make a listing. I'm not sure why, I know it is a lucrative way to make money with your art. Maybe I am just too busy and have too many sticks in the fire as it is right now.

Coloring Books-I have thought quite a bit about creating and selling coloring books and pages online. I have created several pages, but it is very slow going and takes a lot of work and time, with no guaranteed reward.

If I do, I can sell them on Amazon, Etsy, and a few other places.

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