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Ways to Cope with a Work At Home Environment



Everyone would agree that humanity is experiencing the worst health crisis in modern times. The Coronavirus outbreak has caused upheavals and forced unprecedented changes.

One of these is a shift to remote work. Most of us had to do so when the virus first reared its head. This arrangement will become standard., as many of us can perform tasks by communicating or sending document files digitally.

Some of us are in limbo about making the shift. These pointers will help those who wish to work from home.

6 Best Reasons for Working At Home

1. Flexibility

Flexibility is probably one of the best benefits of a work-from-home

arrangement. You can multitask without worrying about your boss comments. You can watch television while doing your work, although this probably proves to be a distraction. The point is that you get flexibility - working from home allows you to do your household chores when you get a quick break from your work tasks.

2.Ability to Customize

Another boon of working from home is the ability to tailor your

work environment to suit your needs. You can decide on the furniture and tools you use, and place your equipment to suit your workflow.

3.You can stay casual

A home environment is probably the only one that allows you to wear sweatpants to work. You can do your best work in your “lazy clothes” as you won’t have to fear being seen.

4. No Need to Commute

One of the best boons of working from home is that there is no need to travel Commuting to work can be a tremendous hassle, owing to

the need to wake up early, traffic jams, and a myriad of other

problems which raise stress levels.

5.Saves costs

Working remotely will allow you to prepare your lunches instead of buying takeouts from expensive restaurants. You’ll also save on transport. That amounts to huge savings.

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6. More time with loved ones.

Remote work allows you to replace travel time with family time.

You will be able to connect with your kids and take the dog out for walks whenever it needs you to.

5 Reasons Why Working from Home Can Be a Challenge

1. A lack of community

Unless you have a vast network of friends and contacts, working from home can make you seem somewhat of a hermit. You can feel isolated because the physical community is lacking, although you may have forged bonds online.

2.Difficult or lack of communication.

It can be daunting to connect with others when you work from home. Messages passed via email or Chat Messaging systems sometimes become distorted., and the intent of the messages become lost.
3. Difficult to manage and maintain accountability.

It is difficult in a virtual setting to define and assign responsibility. One of the challenges of maintaining an online business is that they are hard to regulate. It is also a task to find suitable employees for online endeavours and enterprises.

4. Issues with payment and logistics.

Invoices and payments are a menace to trace when made online. It is also hard to contact those whose payments are due.

5. Loss of productivity

There is also a loss of productivity. Working online can lead to a loss of focus, owing to increase flexibility.

6. Security concerns.

Then, there are security concerns. Many online platforms are the victims of hacks and other forms of virtual harassment, especially when security protocols are lax.



How to Transition to A Work At Home Environment

1. Get a Headstart

Getting an early start when you work in an office can be less burdensome than doing so when you work from home. The transition from your comfortable down pillow to your work zone can be challenging to manage.

Try going about your to-do list as soon as you get up. It's easy to start on a daily routine once you establish a momentum.

2. Set a Daily Routine

Everyone associates work with an office. Maintaining that association when you work from home can make you productive.

If you choose to work from home, do all the things you would do when you are preparing to work in an office. Set your alarm to wake up at a regular time every morning. Dress your best. Pour yourself a cuppa. Following a morning routine can be motivating.

3. Plan Your Day

You won’t have a boss to nag at you to attend meetings or perform tasks, so you will have to manage this on your own. Working from home requires laser focus.

Break down your tasks. Set reminders to shift to pending when needed.

4. Customise your workspace

One of the most significant benefits of working from home is that you can complete your tasks wherever you want. You also have the freedom to design your owork environment. Find a space at home, free from distractions, where you can work.

5. Work in different spaces

Perhaps your workspace is not enabling you to get enough done that day. Alternatively, you may feel as though you need a change of pace.

Working from home is a little mundane and can leave you feeling a bit isolated, so do try to make occasional changes to your workspace. Step out of the house occasionally. Working from home allows you to work from alternate areas, so why not do just that?

6. Curb Distractions

A tweet on the latest gossip or a friend's lovely photo pop-up can take your focus off your tasks. The good news is that there are website blockers that you can use to block these attention-grabbing sites.

You can also choose to log out of your social media accounts during the day.

7. Commit to Your tasks

Work always takes longer than you would expect. That causes you to do less than you originally intended. Overestimate how many tasks you can accomplish during the day. You will end up with a solid list of completed tasks.

8. Do your tasks when you feel productive

No one feels motivated to work all the time. There will be times during the day when your energy feels drained. It depends on you to manage

In all, working from home, like everything else, has strengths and pitfalls. It is suitable for those who place personal space and time as a priority. Putting measures in place will enable you to maximise the benefits of a home-based work environment.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2020 Michelle Liew


Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on September 17, 2020:

Working from home is dream for many and to those who have to adapt to that is a different issue. You have valuable points and many can relate to that.

Chitrangada Sharan from New Delhi, India on September 16, 2020:

Nice article, with valid points.

As you rightly point out, there are plus and minus points, while working from home. But, this is what's happening around everywhere.

My children are also working from home. But, they miss meeting their colleagues in person. But, I believe technology has made it possible that the office work is continuing, and not suffering due to this Pandemic.

Thanks for sharing this engaging article on a current topic.

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