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13 Ways You Can Earn Money Online

Anti-Valentine is a writer living in South Africa. He enjoys writing about music, video games and online marketing.

What is the method of earning on the website?

There are several ways one can earn money online. I’ll go into more detail on that over on this article. You can earn commission from products displayed on your article, after having signed up with affiliates such as Amazon or eBay. There are CPC ad programs like Google AdSense. You can earn money based on how many views your article gets. You can be paid per the amount of words you write. You can set the payment yourself and then receive payment when the job is done. You can set the amount you want per article. You can make money from selling your own products online through self-publishing platforms.

Get paid per view

You can earn money based on how many views your article gets. If you get a lot of views to your articles, you can make a lot of money, but for the average person starting out, I wouldn’t recommend it seeing as you’re going to make peanuts over a long period of time; probably nothing at all.

Websites like it have strict content policies – no spelling, grammar or punctuation errors are allowed, and all articles must be approved before being published. On top of that, you may need to publish a minimum amount of articles a month to keep your account. If you don’t, your account will be deleted, and they may keep your submitted content, so having the rights over your content isn't a good thing.

Earn commission from affiliate sales

You can earn commission from products displayed on your article, after having signed up with affiliates such as Amazon or eBay. You would then link in-text or use widgets by copying and pasting HTML provided to you by the affiliate program on your blog or website. Now while you might get lucky and make a sale every now and again, you need to have a decent amount of traffic arriving to your blog to actually be able to stand a chance of referring lots of sales, which will push you into a higher commission tier, which will potentially mean more money for you.

The thing with this type of affiliate program is that not only do you need traffic, but you most certainly need to have a niche website, dedicated to a product or range of products to actually do well with it. It’s not a case of writing about your day in a personal blog type entry, and the linking to some random product. That probably won’t work, and if anything you’ll likely just end up driving people away.

Earn money from CPC ad programs

CPC or cost per click programs include Google AdSense, and upon signing up, you will be able to place ads on your website or blog that contain your AdSense ID, and from here you will be able to earn money from impressions and/or clicks, depending on how clients have set up their ads in Google AdWords. Once again, it is preferable that you have a lot of traffic, and lots of high quality in-demand content to draw people in. You have to do your keyword research and write about what people are looking for information about.

Revenue sharing opportunities

I’ve written quite extensively about HubPages in the past, and said website is a prime example of excellent revenue sharing. There’s a lot of passive income earning potential here, with Google AdSense, Amazon and the HP Earnings Program, which includes HP ads and eBay (and the HP Amazon program if you decide to include it, rather than use it externally). You can also get an extra share of ad impressions by referring other writers, or by linking to hubs using a special link.

Some websites will let you earn from AdSense by answering questions, or by posting in a forum. You just have to be careful which websites you associate your AdSense id with. Trust your judgment.

Product sales

You can make products and market them online, on your own websites, or use classifieds to do it, like You could even purchase goods and then sell them with the objective of making a profit. Then when it comes to delivery, you have a few options: you can deliver the product yourself, or you can arrange to meetup with the buyer, or you could arrange to have a courier pick up the product and ship it to them.

Get paid per post

The opportunities are few but out there, where people can get paid for posting on a blog or small articles. Some websites take it a step further and pay you for other activities, such as commenting, sharing, and rating other people’s posts. They often reward people with cash payout through PayPal.

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You can try out places like Freelancer or Upwork and bid for writing jobs. The advice here is that you never give free samples of your writing, because then that person will take that sample and then not even bother to receive anything else from you, and even if they did, the chances that they would pay you are very slim. Only take jobs from clients you can verify pay their contributors consistently. You don’t want to be taken for a ride by someone. Also make sure you give the clients exactly what they’re looking for, otherwise they may not pay you or hire you again.

Sell articles

Constant Content is an example of a website which allows you to upload your articles and then set a price for them. If any potential clients looking for articles like your work, they can then purchase the rights to your article and use it for whatever purpose they desire. Content regulations are strict on these websites and all articles are screened before being uploaded, and samples being on the website for people to view.


There are a few self-publishing websites out there that cater to different products. You have DeviantArt, Zazzle and Cafepress, which all cater to product design, where you can upload your own photos or creations you have designed and apply them to products offered by Zazzle, and from there you can sell them in your own store hosted on Zazzle.

Etsy is more for homemade items and crafts that you have made by hand, so there’s very likely a lot more physical work involved there. As for writing, websites like Lulu allow you to self-publish your own novels and books, but there are usually minimum word counts that you may need to meet in order for your book to be approved for publishing. You could also try Amazon or iTunes if you have an eBook you would like to sell.

You’ve probably heard of these, and most people will tell you they are scams; that they will swamp you with spam, not pay you anything, and others will sell your private information to third parties. Not all of them are like this. You just need to be careful when signing up on paid online survey panels, and check to see whether they are legitimate or not.

Most survey panels operate by paying you in money or points for every survey, and then when you reach a predetermined number of points, the survey panel will pay you either by cheque or PayPal, or perhaps by way of gift card. It’s up to you to find out which countries they support, what their payment methods are, and in which form they actually pay you in.

Stock photography

I am told that nowadays it is hard to make a living from photography online. There’s a lot of competition when it comes to the big names in stock photography, like iStock. Websites like this demand more professional contributors, and some even ask for your ID to be faxed through to them with your application. Others are less strict but probably will require that you have a portfolio of so many sample photos when you join before allowing you to continue uploading your content and earning by having people purchase individual licences to use each of your photos. Here the money would be split between the stock photography website and you, the contributor.

Revenue Earned from Videos

You can earn money through displaying Google AdSense ads on your videos on YouTube. You must have original content, and preferably stuff that doesn’t include any copyrighted material belonging to someone else.

The new content standards mean that you need to have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of content viewed per year. You'd need to have some top quality content and be on the front page of YouTube to even stand a chance.

Writing reviews

Review writing online isn’t profitable like it used to be. There are some places where you can write reviews and get paid for them. Green Man Gaming rewards people with store credit for writing reviews of games, and with that store credit you can put towards buying a new game – if you save up your store credit, you can effectively pay for a brand new game without spending a single cent of your own money!

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