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Warehouse Management: Heavy Works and Paper Works

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Leading the Warehouse Team

If you are a stock clerk , whether of a small or medium scale retailing and wholesale business like a department store or a distributing company, your employer’s trust floods on you. You are in charge of the stocks, the flow of items in and out of the warehouse. Being one is a brag. Now, how would you make that work last for you? The answer is very simple: do what a stock clerk should do and do it right.

Write the date you received the item for proper monitoring.

Write the date you received the item for proper monitoring.

Almost everywhere in our country have department stores and almost all of jobseekers try to apply for a work there. But before one was hired to be a stock clerk, he needs to be under observation for potentials. Learning from Marketing and Management classes during my years in college, I have formulate a list of things that would help youngsters and newbies of the position.

Observe First In, First Out Policy

The first thing you should know is the “first in –first out” policy wherein new stocks are pulled out after the old stocks. By applying this rule you will get a 90% survival rate from expiration. Please be noted that not all latest stock supplies will expire before the old stocks. Make sure you take note every batch’s expiry date so you can decide whether to accept the deliveries depending on the demand.

Making Orders

Stock clerks should also monitor the selling area, not just lurking inside the warehouse. They have to see what items are on demand and move fast. Although it is mainly the job of a purchasing officer, you need to be aware of what’s happening in the selling area. Some purchasing officers just tend to purchase items just to reach their quotas. Defend your information of the stocks' flow with your written reports about the daily, weekly and monthly output of the items.

Proper Stocking Techniques

Most of the damaged items were caused by mishandling in the delivery but improper storage may cause damages too. You have to know the right way to stock your items for a clean and workable warehouse. Most of the boxes have prints indicating the proper layering but it won’t work for you because it is made for pallet layering and storage and you have a limited space in your work area. You can have the picture below as your guide. The basic of proper stocking is placing boxes above the meeting sides of the boxes below it. You can try some interlocks that may suit the boxes you have in your warehouse.

Sample stocking patterns.  Use this as a guide if you are trying to make your own stocking patters and interlocks.

Sample stocking patterns. Use this as a guide if you are trying to make your own stocking patters and interlocks.

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Designate Area for Food Items

Do not place food products near products with strong scents such as cleaning products, or insect repellants. It may cause unwanted smell and might lead to “return items” or “bad orders”. Have a separate area for them.

Report on a Constant Interval

Prepare reports regarding the stocks and have it signed by the involved departments and the manager. Proper coordination with the marketing team will help you maintain the counts and stocks available without overstocking or sometimes loss of stock. Indicate in your report the name of items and its supplier, the date delivered, the number of available stocks, expiration dates and your recommendation.

Pest Control

Maintain pest control not only in the warehouse but also in the selling area. You won’t know where these creatures are hiding but a regular cleaning and checkups specially in the corners and less visited area will help in minimizing the pests. Do not place insecticides or pest control products near foods. It will be best to place the food items in an area wherein pull outers and other authorized persons roam regularly.

It’s not that hard to have a position in the warehouse. All you need to do is maintain and keep the store rolling to reach the expectations and needs of the consumer-public, with the help of the other teams/department.

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