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Five Simple but Effective Tips to Improve Customer Service

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1. Be Efficient But Do Not Rush

Efficiency is important, as is a moderate sense of urgency when dealing with customers both in person and over the phone. However, this does not mean a conversation or action should be rushed. This creates a stressful environment for the employee that can lead to mistakes big and small. This can trickle down to affect the customer in a negative way as well. In a busy time it is important to work swiftly in a fast paced environment, but pace yourself and be sure the job is being done correctly.

2. Listen to the Customer

Pay attention to the details (take notes if needed) and focus on what the customer is saying. This can lead to a more pleasant and efficient experience for both the service provider and customer. The customer will feel acknowledged and important. The job will go smoother for the person providing the service. Listening is simple but not always easy (our minds wander!) But improving this skill will lead to less frustration and mistakes, and a much better service experience.

3. Welcome the Customer Without Being Phony

Some people are naturally upbeat and quite bubbly. This can work well in a customer service situation, but not when it is forced and insincere. Service providers should feel free to be themselves, and still conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner. Trying to be over the top with fake enthusiasm backfires and at times just annoys the customer. Try sincerity over hollow gestures, and make a genuine attempt to make the customer feel welcome in your own unique style.

4. Treat Each Customer as an Individual

Everyone should be treated in a respectful and courteous manner. But also try and see the person as an individual, connect with them on some level if it is applicable to the situation. For example, on a recent weekend away, I was a customer at a restaurant (it was not busy at the time) who was curious about the area and the menu. I was grateful when the server took the time to listen, demonstrating a warm demeanor and making me feel welcome to the city. This attitude goes a long way, helps generate good will and will make it more likely your business will be recommended.

5. Be Knowledgeable

Everyone has a learning curve in customer service and cannot be expected to be an expert in the products or services their company offers from the get go. However, it helps to be as knowledgeable as you can because you never know when random but easy to answer questions will come your way. If you don't know the answer, make an effort to find it rather than just act like you don't care. Apathy can leave the customer wondering if they made the right choice in supporting your business.

As a former customer service professional and avid consumer, I wanted to share just a few tips that can be a useful reminder to elevate customer satisfaction.

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The customer experience can be elevated into a more positive and pleasant one, leading to satisfaction for both the customer and service provider.

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