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Video Marketing: How to Craft a Unique Brand Identity That Drives Traffic, Leads, Sales

Shafqat M. is a professional content writer who has helmed digital marketing projects for the last 5 years.

Video Marketing is Fast Overtaking Content Marketing

Changing technologies pave the way for behavioral change. Nowadays, users consume data differently than say a decade ago when written content used to rule the roost and today it`s videos.

Therefore, for a business seeking consumer attention, first imperative is to find exactly where to find your audience. Most of the consumers today are either watching videos or sifting through their social media feeds.

In either case, videos feature as their top interest.

Shortest to say, you're dealing with users who love and spend more time streaming videos than they do reading stuff online, rendering video marketing indispensable. It's already making its way as the most powerful marketing tool for businesses.

Video Marketing!

Video Marketing!

Optimal Utilization of Video Marketing can Yield More Traffic, Leads & Sales

Given the immense popularity of video marketing, more and more businesses are turning to it to drive leads, traffic, and sales.

But for optimal utilization of video marketing and yield its benefits, more than anything else, you need a robust video marketing strategy.

As a streaming platform, we know how popular YouTube is and how important it has made video content marketing.

We've seen brands deploy YouTube marketing, and even hiring video marketing agencies to do the job for them, to deliver its message, or run campaigns. All your focus should center on video marketing content.

What matters in video content marketing is that content should resonate with your target audience to reap the benefits of video marketing.

NOTE: You may want to know more about YouTube marketing? Here's our blog, Social Media Algorithms, helping marketers learn how YouTube algorithms work!

The Right Way to Do Video Marketing

The right way to do video marketing is by utilizing existing platforms such as YouTube and social media, both popular among customers, old and young alike.

YouTube, with its billions of users worldwide, makes video marketing really easy, and super fast. Same holds true for any other social platform regarding video marketing.

By using these streaming platforms businesses have a real chance to turn video marketing in their favor and drive optimal benefits.

Is Video Marketing Important?

Followers of brands on social media platforms actively want their favorite brands to share informative videos offering them a background-view of business`s operations which might interest their consumers.

This can get consumers to forge a more intimate relation with your business. Additionally, video marketing has a real value to add to the business by winning customer trust and brand loyalty. That's the reason why video marketing is important for it impacts your business`s fortunes dearly.

Video Marketing Cements your Online Presence

From a purely cinematic point of view, a single frame can speak louder than thousand words. In other words, a single frame can have the impact of a full-grown blog provided your videography skills are impeccable.

Incorporating graphics and visuals leave a lasting impression on viewer's memory, hence help cement your online presence positively.

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The following stats vindicate why video marketing is an absolute marketing imperative and why you should give it a top priority.

What Video Marketing Stats Say About Video Marketing

  • Video consumption is enormous today than it was a decade ago. It's definitely on way to obliterate content - in the form of blogs, articles - consumption. A record-high 85 percent of internet users consume video in the United States, which is staggering.
  • 54 percent of video consumers expect brands and businesses to produce and share more and more videos, according to HubSpot reports.
  • For a consistent and sustainable brand identity across social media platforms, video marketing is imperative. Any sort of complacency now will surely jeopardize the future fortunes of your business by leaving the ground open for your competitors and letting them enter the consumer memory. Since buying behavior is most impacted by social media, 73% of consumers concede to it influencing their buying decisions.
  • Any investment made in video marketing helps you reap huge dividends. 80 percent of video marketers claim video marketing leads to higher ROI.
  • Some studies have even shown that video marketing is responsible for a 66 percent increase in lead generation; a 54% spike in brand awareness, and an 88% increase in user engagement.
YouTube Video Marketing

YouTube Video Marketing

Video Marketing Strategy for Effective Marketing Campaigns

Video marketing has been in vogue for some time now, that's why businesses everywhere are hustling to have it on their side.

However, many businesses still don't know how to do video marketing correctly. That's why we keep saying before you start counting on video marketing benefits, you need to know how to launch video marketing campaigns effectively.

To put it differently, 59% of non-video marketers (according to Business to Community website), who until now had overlooked video marketing as the potential game-changer in the realm of marketing, are now scrambling to leverage it.

As a novice rushing to reap its benefits, start with video marketing strategies that best suit your business needs and goals.

Time is not far when marketing will be video exclusive. And it'll be as much a challenge for businesses as beneficial to outrun competition while thousands of businesses jostle each other to grab hold of a larger chunk of consumers.

In other words, brace up for the challenge upfront and resort to our multi-pronged guide to video marketing.

Video Marketing Tips to Outperform your Competition

Here's our step-by-step video marketing guide for businesses, small or large, implementing which can help your business outperform your competition.

Spruced with impeccable strategies for successful video marketing, useful tips for creating and publishing demo, brand, event, instructional, explainer videos of your business.

These tips for video marketing, if followed verbatim, will help your business launch a data-driven video marketing campaign, and help you stay ahead of your competition.

Video Marketing Tips!

Video Marketing Tips!

  1. Purpose - Before you start shooting, plan your video thoroughly. 'Why' of course is as important as 'How' in video marketing. For a clear and concise message figuring out purpose is paramount.
  2. Target Audience - Know your target audience, psyche, and behavior of your audience, and mold your purpose accordingly. In short, step into the shoes of your buyer.
  3. Goal - For better ROI set clear goals for your video campaigns. If your goal is brand awareness your marketing strategy might vary significantly from the strategy for videos shot to launch, say, a new product.
  4. Platform - Social media is a complex network of sites. Businesses new to video marketing often get confused as to which platform to use: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube. End the dilemma by going for a platform promising wider reach, discoverability, and exposure to the target audience.
  5. Timeline - Refrain from creating and publishing videos on whims. Instead, assign a timeline, and streamline the whole process of shooting a marketing video. And schedule videos so that each video is allocated enough time for pre-shoot planning.
  6. Script - After following steps 1 to 5, you're now in a better position to script a concise video with a clear message - relatable enough to strike a chord with your target audience.

Get ready for action and roll the camera as you're now better prepared to shoot an engaging video for the marketing of your business.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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