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Video Production Company redefines Social Media Video Marketing Strategies for brand's seeking Tik Tok's love

Loretta is a Marketing enthusiast, finding easier ways to help people get their product to the target market and make sales.

Video Production Company redefines Social Media

Video Production Companies always try to stand out with quality, yet few erupt with activity due to their smarts. Many rely on Advertising Agencies' traditional methods to ignite excitement on platforms that balk at tradition.

Ever noticed how quickly your eye scans past Commercially Produced Content in your Tik Tok or Instagram feeds? You are not the only one who does not care about that brand's message. The reason - people are there to be entertained, and if your brand can't find a way to entertain on THEIR TERMS, they will IGNORE YOU!

So What Does a Mid-sized or Major Brand Do to Reach kids and Young Adults on Tik Tok?

The old way was to pay influencers who were using your advertising dollars to build their brand. Now, the smart brands are building their own Tik Tok's instead, especially since influencers are ignored for product opinion. The best route is to produce content that compels and integrates the brand in it, releasing on your own Tik Tok and Instagram channels.

Brainiac Pictures created the marketing tips video you see here to help you understand what to do next and how their company can make it happen for you. Brainiac Video Production is unique because it provides organic feeling comedy and special fx videos for brands to entertain and retain their followers.

Brainiac created a social media pack, to serve clients with the same type of videos the kids are making, delivering 31 videos per month to the product's Tik Tok and Instagram accounts.

The Above Video Is A Must Watch For All Marketing Directors

It is rare to hear a highly accomplished team advise that don't make them too professional looking for half of the videos! But Brainiac has taken a different approach to comedy content creation.

Informed by spreadsheets of metrics, keywords and SEO strategies, the creative director gets to work on a video that is relevant to what your core audience is searching for on social media. Then comes the strategy on whether or not the message is best delivered through high-end cinema cameras like Red and Arri or having the actors shoot themselves with their phones.


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