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Use Your Age to Your Best Advantage When Starting a Business.


Everyone needs money but if there is a necessity that you must make money in your old age is sad that keep you active, feel healthier, confident, and happy. Getting a job is different from having a business; if a more senior person starts a business, many people are ready to undermine and discourage you even after running your company for years.

You might be making some money, but in the eyes of the others, that is nothing compared to the money they see in their life; that is one of the reasons they try to put you down. They may be young and earning more money, but they should stop comparing an older person with them.

People like them should put themselves in their place and think that might happen to them one day. Also, think about an older person running a business who must have some courage to do that; some people like to do something all the time as they cannot mix with others to make them happy. They feel doing something all the time is the only thing that can make them happy, so it will be nice if the people who undermine the working elders learn to understand that.

We all know nothing is permanent in life; you might be old running a business with not much of a success today, but that might turn into a huge success one day, so if that happens, what the younger generation will say to the older person who has seen that success. Shall I tell you what they will try to do? They will get close to that individual to get the best from these people.


If that is me, I will keep myself away from them and will not give anything to them. You might be old, poor, or trying to live your life with respect. I would expect anyone to pay some respect and gratitude for being active and trying to help others and the country's economy. I am an older person, writing eBooks and converting them into books, then I create online courses and do some accounting work for a few clients.

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I am in the 7th year of my business; I have only seen some sales from eBooks and my courses last year. The people who know me do not even bother to ask me how I am doing and how my business is going. Some of them do not know what I do but pass remarks that I am on the computer all the time.

It is astonishing to think why these people bother about it and should learn to appreciate that this older adult is doing something good instead of partying, drinking too much alcohol, or sitting at the TV and watching all day.

Sadly, some of us do not know to appreciate the good things that others do, so once I had to tell someone why you are so jealous about it. They got very angry with me, so I kept quiet after that as I am not going into an argument as I knew if I said one word, people like that could say one hundred words quickly, and I could not cope with any situation.

So let me tell you what I do at present. I write eBooks and books, doing most editing and self-publish on good platforms. Also, I create online courses and publish on two platforms, but I hardly find time to do proper marketing for my work, so my products do not get enough promotion. Besides, I have a few clients to do my accounting work for them. I moved into an expensive area to live in due to personal reasons that have pushed me to go into this business.

I have heavy monthly expenses, and I find it hard to hire people to help me in my work. The only advantage that I have got is that I have not lost my hope and confidence, so I will continue to try my best to bring success. I am doing a better job with many improvements this year, so I believe that will bring some success. Also, my latest plan is to find some money to invest in the business as I am aware that if there are no advertisements for internet marketing, you cannot bring your business out to the world.

It is vital to bring your expertise out to the world, so I thought one of the best ways is to join an expert group to make my internet presence known. Usually, those experts have a large audience, so people will start to believe you and your work when you join them—one of the crucial factors in developing trustworthiness in the internet business to bring success to your business. Therefore, I am determined to see success in my business in 2022, and I believe in me that I will reach my goal.

I am aware that entrepreneurship is not only for the young. Older adults know starting a business can give them a lifetime experience, make the best use of their time, and sometimes produce big money. So why not? That is one of the reasons I enjoy what I am doing even at this stage, and I want to be a great motivator.

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