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Usage of Internet has Affected Customers; How?

Benazir Marjan intends to use her business knowledge in the practical field through this article.


Usage of Internet has Affected Customers; How?

Technological progress and increasing accessibility of internet cause significant changes in consumer behaviour. This is 21st century, a dynamic business world. This age has offered us with millions of blessings through modern technology and devices. This is the age, where business has flourished in its full rhythm, creating thousands of opportunities for candidates by opening a golden era through the whole world. The world is just inside our hand where we can communicate in every moment with anybody staying anywhere in the globe. All of these has brought about massive changes in our thoughts and behaviour as well. People have to adjust everything with time. Internet is one of the best gifts of this century. Communication became very fast and easy due to superior speed of internet. Online businesses are getting popular due to quality internet. People are getting more opportunities to earn money even staying from home as well. Thus, I believe we are a very lucky generation where each and every shot is just waiting for us.

Using internet has influenced and affected customers in many ways. Some of them are given bellow:

1. The internet has empowered customers with an enhanced ability to easily initiate contact with the company to learn about their products or purchase them without leaving their home. It brought about ease in customer to purchase products from home. It also saves time of going outside of home. Specially, mothers with very young kids get this opportunity as a blessing in their life. When, my baby was very young I was feeling precious having this pattern of on line shopping which made my motherhood journey really easier.

2. By seeing positive and negative reviews, consumers are greatly influenced. Digital marketing therefore empowers customers, offers them personalized experiences, help brands build transparent and stronger relations with them. Thus, digital marketing motivates consumer purchases to a large extent.

3. Customers can easily compare the products from page to page and the select the best option for them. This made the shopping very easy for them than their pervious time.

4. As internet based shopping is easier, thus; in some cases, people don’t judge properly and misguide themselves, buying wrong products and loose money. They need to be more careful regarding the selection from the websites.

5. Sometimes, customers have to pay more in on line buying. in some cases, they don’t understand that they are paying more. In this way they are loosing money as well.

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6. Most of the cases, we promote our relative’s and friend’s page, where there are less chances of misleading information; therefore customers get good products and have faith on internet based shopping.

7. Now a days, people are very career oriented, focused and stay extremely busy with their life where they feel so happy to make their shopping in online. In fact, most of the working women order their groceries and other family needed things from different popular websites. This really helps the working women to maintain their family.

8. Also, in some cases, customers are getting addicted towards on line shopping without any needs. In this case, they are making misuse of their money, saving less than before. This fact is like a threat for the customers.

9. For rich people it really offers, a new life style having a feeling of prestigious issue. Whenever they want to eat something, they can order online and the delivery man knocks them within a certain time interval having the food.

10. Customers are getting idle over the time. As they are just getting their desired products, foods etc whenever they want, it’s creating a tendency that they can get anything at anytime they want. This kind of tendency is not very positive for our young generation. Because they need to survive their life by their own over the time. If they get things very easily, it may ruin their future as well, which is a threat for their upcoming times.

11. Due to ease of shopping it’s creating more competition among people which leads to unnecessary buying to customers. In some cases they got fail to comply with their monthly budget. Middle class families are suffering for this consequence.

With technological advancements, the market has seen a tremendous shift in consumer behaviour. Because of the advent of information technology, consumer behaviour seems to be more influenced by internet-enabled smartphones and tablets. Technology has literally placed the power in the consumer’s hand.

Customer behaviour is a vital concern in the business world. Sellers are generating profit where customers are spending to buy products and services. Sometimes, customer behaviour is good for sellers, again, sometimes, their behaviour may become controversial for themselves. No matter, how much blessings internet has brought for us, still, customers should inspect properly before buying anything from any page according to their budget and affordability. This is how we would be able to grab the best means of modern technology, devices and internet and it will be worth using it.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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