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United States: CoVid Vaccinations 2021

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Moderna Vaccines for CoVid-19

In December 2020, a second type of vaccination for CoVid-19 was enforced by an advisory panel in Washington.

In December 2020, a second type of vaccination for CoVid-19 was enforced by an advisory panel in Washington.

“Exciting” Coronavirus Information Hub: Facebook Announces Another CoVid Update to Add to Social Media

Millions Skipping 2nd Dose of Vaccines Among Rising Concerns

Rebecca Robbins, New York Times, published an article on 25 April 2021 regarding the concern that millions of Americans aren’t receiving their second dose of the CoVid-19 Vaccine. Specifically, Phizer and Moderna versions. The protocol is that after the 1st dose of Moderna; you receive a 2nd dose, 4 weeks later to ensure full effectiveness. With the Phizer vaccine, after the 1st dose, the 2nd is to be administered 3 weeks later.

Approximately 8% of all Americans who received dose one; failed to receive dose two.

Reasons emerging for this failure to follow up with government recommendations are due to:

  1. Rapid rising concern from American citizens in regards to the overall safety of coronavirus vaccines. They are wary of its overall effectiveness as well; causing less of an intensity to follow up.
  2. Difficulty has also arisen for anyone vaccinated with dose 1, to be able to receive their dose 2.

Reasons for Americans wariness or fear directed towards these vaccines are increasingly due to concern over adverse side effects. Another rising concern is the belief that after only one dose; they are fully protected and don’t need another one administered. Finally, the availability has become a concern as many who have gone to receive the necessary second dose were unable to get them due to lack of inventory. Appointments scheduled at places like Walgreens had over booked dose 1 and lacked sufficient quantity to also give dose 2. Cancellations, by places like Walgreens, are on the rise because of running out.

In addition, appointments booked for a second dose would be at a different location that the first one was administered, and lacked the same version at the second location. A patient receiving a Phizer would show to an appointment and only Moderna was available.

Many states have implemented plans or measures in order to keep this number more contained.

  1. Arkansas and Illinois assigned specific teams of individuals to send out reminder calls, SMS texts, as well as letters.
  2. Pennsylvania has their college campuses ensuring that each student, prior to leaving campus at end of term, will get dose 2 (even despite possibility dose 1 wasn’t even given.)
  3. South Carolina allocated several thousand doses to be set aside specifically for patients with overdue second dose inoculations.

Evidence reportedly found in trials; as well as real-world immunity campaigns, highlight the seriousness of skipping a dose.

  • One inoculation triggers the weaker immune system
  • Weakened immune systems lead to becoming more susceptible to dangerous virus variants.
  • There is no available data to truly show how long only one dose remains effective.
  • In the United States, only the Johnson & Johnson vaccine legally is given in one dose.

Conflicting information also is reported that this “extreme concern” over Americans lack of follow-up with the required second dose is not entirely transparent. Data shows that anyone vaccinated with the first dose; typically DOES return for the next one. 3/4 of adults are returning with a 93% follow through.

They explain that the mis-booking was a huge aspect of the actuality of those that did not receive that dose; NOT because they decided not to. It’s also noted that the Center of Disease Controk; otherwise termed as CDC, has very limited data on the effectiveness of the vaccine if the second dose isn’t received on the 4th week.

With already natural and educated concerns on the mass production and distribution of a vaccine that hasn’t been studied long term for effectiveness or side effects. Add on the growing global vaccination concerns very apparent all over any news outlet or social media. The limited or conflicting statements released to the American public, it’s only natural that fears would develop for good cause.

Addressing Americans Fears of Safety and Effectiveness

Recently the Johnson & Johnson vaccine was found to be linked to a rare and serious blood clotting side effect. 23 April 2021, government officials spoke out to recommend immediate release of the vaccine, back into circulation for inoculation despite this data and global rising concerns.

The Atlantic.com media site; published an article (opinion piece in reality-keep in perspective) regarding the “influence” of the like-minded ideas regarding vaccines and safety; termed “Anti-Vaxers.” The article starts with :

Life can go back to normal in the United States only if millions more Americans get vaccinated against COVID-19.

There are also reasons an individual forms a personal view on any given topic. Reasoning of the above quoted mentions “the problem” is the author believes that communication is built in such a manner in 2021, it is designed to “discourage” that. Below are the ideas that people like-minded as this author believe is the “truty.”

  • Exploitation of the science uncertainty for political advantage.
  • ”Wild” claims go viral.
  • That incidents that arise like the temporary halting of the Johnson &Johnson vaccine gives “Anti-Vaxer’s” another platform to spread mis-information designed to influence public certainty in the vaccine.

This article is included because all sides of, yet again another vaccine controversy, points out that the group they are discussing didn’t look at the small amount of people who actually developed the rare side effect of blood clots.

Yet pointing to that point: the authors point of view doesn’t site data either. Instead the description dares too also be designed to sway and Influence portraying fact, while it’s not verifiable.

Never mind that experiencing a blood clot after receiving the J&J vaccine appears more unlikely than being struck by lightning.

Stockpile of Vaccines In the United States: AstraZeneca Covishield

Unreleased to the public, non-FDA approved, vaccine diplomacy

Unreleased to the public, non-FDA approved, vaccine diplomacy

CNN Reports Possible Release of a New Vaccine: AstraZeneca Distribution Globally

With reports of issues with the already three main existing vaccines in nationwide distributioñ; Phizer, J&J, and Moderna, news of a new vaccine surfaces to be distributed soon to other countries. AstraZeneca was announced on 26 April 2021, to soon be exported.

Jen Psaki divulged on Monday; April 25th, at a White House press briefing, the decisión of the American Government to make available the supply in the US of AstraZeneca and approved for use.

With this “struggle” being depicted by the government to inoculate the growing number of people unable or refusing a first or second dose, apparent lack of inventory, there comes to light a stockpile in the U.S. of tens of millions vaccines of AstraZeneca and not one dose has been used one one American.

Reason this vaccine isn’t being administered to the American people is simple; the FDA has not yet approved nor granted emergency use. This means it is not authorized to be dispensed in the United State. Psaki affirmed the FDA will perform a “quality review” before any exportation of the vaccine.

This brings even more questions to light. One being what country receives it? How is that determined? Why won’t they approve it for emergency use in the States but so confident it’s approved for export? Will the findings and statistical analysis of any study or review that’s done be made public in it’s entirety?

No information has currently been released as to who would get vaccines imported from the United States. Without even that information; it’s impossible to determine and validity to answers to any other question. The only aspect that’s reiterated has been that these tens of millions of vaccines will get a quality review and next approval by the FDA and within two months shipped to an unidentified country or countries.

Many countries have struggled to ramp up the production and distribution of a vaccine to administer to their people. Many have urged the U.S. President, Joe Biden, to start sharing what has admittedly been stockpiled. India was one such country.

India requested that the U.S. government even send raw materials to assist them in the ability to start their own production of “AstraZeneca Covishield” vaccine. However, as India is almost begging for assistance; wealthier nations already allegedly grabbing any current U.S. vaccine exports. Biden’s administration receives calls almost daily from the nations allies requesting need of assistance.

Mexico and Canada are two countries that received assistance And a portion of that supply. When the American government was questioned in regards to their acquiring shipments; it’s quoted that the government stated that the shipments if vaccines were a “loan.”

This circles back to the question how the process looks like. How they decide what country gets the surplus. And why is it all seemingly centered around the United States?

Approval DateName Of VaccineAlleged AffectivenessDosageSide EffectsRecommendedAny significant side effects?




2 doses, 3 weeks apart

Headache, Fatigue, chills, muscle aches mostly after 2nd dose

16 years and older

anaphylaxis, Bells Palsy




1 dose

Pain at injection site, headache and fatigue, muscle pain

18 years and older.

anaphylaxis, Bells Palsy




2 doses, 4 weeks apart

Fever, muscle aches, headaches lasting a few days. Effects worse after second dose.

Not yet available in US

transverse myelitis.

Needs approval for emergency use by FDA



2 doses, 1 month apart

Injection site pain, fever, muscle aches, headache.

18 years and older.

Conflicting data

“Vaccine Diplomacy”

A recent term of “vaccine diplomacy” has been at the center of this entire pandemic. It’s a very new issue that is seemingly controversia. Yet again; surrounding the United States. Biden administration officials limited this newfound diplomacy over “concerns“ of “unforeseen” factors. Hence, stockpiling a surplus of a vaccine not even FDA approved. One excuse used is the necessary surplus stockpiled for future “boosters.” They further are quoted as to saying, “diplomacy is limited because of the spread if virus variants.”

The United States is hoarding a vaccine they won’t even use on Americans. Vaccines that still require a further quality review only so the FDA Can approve it so it’s exported for OTHER countries to use on THEIR people. Why isn’t Moderna being stockpiled for future boosters or for virus variants?

Adding to the mass confusion swirling in any educated individuals head; they emphasized the most important reason is “uncertainty of what version is the most effective in children.” Hoarding a vaccine not one Americans been given? But the three that ARE being given is only to anyone OvER 16-18 years old. Children aren’t being vaccinated. You’d have to stockpoile and hoard from adult Americans the 3 versions being administered; and vaccinate the kids and study those effects. 54% of adult Americans received one dose. Running out of the approved versions and surplus and hoard of one we can’t use but keep because it’s detrimental?

In March, Joe Biden was also quoted saying “When discussing surplus we are going to share with the rest of the world....but only after we take care of our people first.”

Global implication from a lack of vaccine diplomacy is expected to possibly have extreme consequences on the United States. Already in countries like Russia and China; where vaccine distribution has zero political implications, has outpaced the U.S. in distribution. It’s already markedly showing apparent of expanding influence in places like Central Asia.

Rare Blood Clot Side Effect

Distribution of Covid-19 Vaccine’s: Mass Inoculation and Raising Legality Issues

The United States is in the midst of its first mass inoculation of this magnitude than any other time in the past. With nearly zero experience of distribution on this large of a scale; its bound to bring about its own challenges not faced in previous years.

  • State, local, and federal authority over implantation of a vaccine requirement.
  • Navigation across districts on all government level’s to avoid violating any laws in place that differ across all fifty states.
  • Possible inequalities of access to care
  • Vaccine mandate implantation and if all levels of government mandating the inoculation have fulfilled the criteria to legally do so
  • Exemption’s availability and what will qualify for you to file for an exemption?
  • Confusion if state of emergency was declared officially and if so; how that will balance the legality of a forced vaccine program.
  • Will vaccine’s be mandated at places of employment; such as in some fields they are legally allowed to do so as part of employment due to the nature of the job
  • If vaccine’s are required at places of employment; what are the consequences if an employee doesn’t abide by the mandate?
  • What is entailed in “reasonable accommodations?”
  • Will they be charged for the vaccine; even if it is mandated, and will insurance companies cover it?
  • If 50% of American’s have been inoculated with the first dose of the vaccine; and there is currently no vaccine mandate, is it truly voluntary?
  • American’s feel that there was political pressure to release the vaccine and are concerned that they didn’t fully research the effectiveness of the different type of vaccine and worry about the overall safety of receiving it this early.
  • Biggest concern currently across the United States; is the issue of places of employment being legally allowed to implement mandatory vaccination as a condition of employment. If the employee isn’t compliant by the date set by the employer that they will be subject to disciplinary action. The issue of being terminated because of practicing medical freedom and choosing against the vaccine, has American’s questioning if they would be fired.
  • If vaccine’s are mandated, is making it mandatory to show your proof of inoculation violating HIPPA laws? dDo you become required to divulge your health history in order to try qualifying for an exemption? Accommodation for those that don’t get the vaccine; is that an option?

With nearly all fifty states lifting the mask mandate and the social distancing guidelines during the wave of vaccine’s being given across the country has many employers issuing guidelines that vary in how they are implementing this issue into their company. My company chose to say we could stop wearing masks if we are vaccinated and to follow the CDC recommendation’s if you are not; but they will not be requiring proof from staff of compliance. Also, we are not to ask or require our customers to divulge to us that same information. Does the honor system put people at a greater risk?

These questions will continue to be raised as more and more companies across all the states start to decide on how they are going to handle this issue. Lawsuits have started as far back as March already; three lawsuits from three different states are being heard and the arguments are very well defined. How will the laws being violated to support the lawsuits be interpreted? Will there be a standardized way to hear cases of these nature in order to provide equality to all cases that end up being brought to the Supreme Court?

COVID Vaccine Approved for Emergency Use


CDC Lifts Mask Mandate if Vaccinated: Effects on Community and Career

Companies will need to develop policies if the CDC declared that it was an emergency. This scenario would encompass mandatory vaccines with limited options for a waiver. The companies final decision will have an effect on its staff and to us right now that’s what’s important and what will make us feel useful. These decisions may be quite difficult depending on the situation and how much you were trusted in not being alone.

It was difficult in the beginning of the pandemic when the people were learning they had to have social distancing and masks. To also close most of California was a scene in a movie that seemed so futuristic you couldn't believe it’s real. Many started to wonder how far our government could go and if forced vaccination was even probable. Luckily it stayed decent for awhile but we when we got rid of the mandate my company put out their new policy based on CDC recommendation.

It stated that if employees were fully vaccinated they no longer were required to wear a mask or uphold social distancing guidelines. They decided that they wouldn’t require us to show proof and that if we were not vaccinated to adhere to the mandate in order to provide others confidence in our dedication to maintaining safe environments. Other companies are not handling it the way Victra did, and I have to truly believe that my company thought of the potential psychological affect and that would in turn affect performance. Other companies only care about the output and not who puts it there.

The Vaccine’s Approved For Emergency Use yet half this country is inoculated with at least one dose.

Vaccine Injury: Lack of Knowledge of How and When To Report Adverse Reactions

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