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How We Buy Things

Nauman Yasin a Bachelor student & living his life in a country who has plenty of issues which he deals with & this forces him asses & write

You'll think again when buying next time

Have you ever bought something in your life? The answer to this question would probably be YES!, Have you ever thought did you actually bought that thing, or is there someone who's compelling you to buy their product? Wait, sit and ponder over this question. The answer to this question is simply No!, Yes there is someone who's sitting behind the curtains who's making you compel to buy their products and making you feel uneasiness or creating a sense of dissatisfaction without having their product.

Have you ever thought when you go to the supermarket for buying some tins of processed food and came home with having lots of other things like t-shirts, sleepers, clone, and many others because there was an offer going on that if you buy these items you'll get the processed food can for free or you'll get 50% off on your food items?

Yes, congratulation you did it. You went for buying one grocery item that would have cost you around $2 but you ended up buying items that cost you around $15 just to avail yourself of that offer which resulted in getting the extra $13 out of your pocket to save only $2.

This is how it works:

From social media to sitting on the bus stand, over the TV, News, Billboards, and so on people roughly see 250 to 300 ads per day which creates a sense of urgency in them and make them feel that they're not running along with the world or they're not up to date with the fashion or gadgets or things that people out there using which they're not. Consumers are constantly being bombarded with the idea of buying new products and services not because they needed it or the previous one they're using gotten old or torn apart or of no further use but because they want to buy it cause they've gone through the new edition of it or a new style of the same thing which gets easy for someone to take advantage of and who are they?

Advertising Agencies, yes you've heard it right advertisement are the main cause of consumers to buy certain things. It's important to note here that it's nearly impossible for someone to make somebody do something which they're not interested in doing so or they don't want to do. Every person on this planet is born with a natural desire and in order to meet those desires, Advertisement agencies work day and night to create ads that can hit right onto the customer's needs and wants.

Ads are created in such a way that draws the attention of their viewer in two ways;

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firstly what's in for them or how they'll get benefit from buying this product or services, Secondly what others are doing. For example, All beauty soaps in the market are used for washing face but in the Ad, you saw for some particular brands they say and claimed their beauty soaps are organic and have no side effect with anti-aging quality and it can protect your skin from UV rays. See, how they are manipulating consumers to buy their beauty soap instead of any other in the market.

How consumers are being controlled:

Listening to this sentence might seem odd but consumers are controlled by the ad agencies by knowing their buying pattern which ultimately results in making that customer chase you or making him their brand addict.

For example; You went out buying a simple tie for your office use and when you went to the billing counter the cashier asks for your personal contact number and personal preferences like which color do you like the most and which stuff do you usually wear. For the next time when you're on your holiday with your family, they send you a message stating that they've new collections of ties in their stores you can come and check them and buying this time will get you 20% off.

Now they are known with your buying pattern and you're again triggered by the message you got ultimately will keep circulating in your mind till you go and purchase another extra tie you won't even use to avail that discount they offered to you.


Ads agencies drive your emotion and take you where you're left with no other choice to buy their products or services whether to avail the promotion, discounts and prompt your behavior by throwing the same ad thousand times so that you won't be able to get rid the idea of buying this or couldn't help resisting it or buying this and that's how you feel the feeling of buying new things in actual they're not being bought rather they're being forced to take without thinking how much it costs you or whether you need this item or not.

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