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Trust: One of the Major Key for Business Growth


Trust is one thing that is very important in business for the success of a business. Any business that will ever stand the test of time is a business that is built with truth not on falsehood and self ambition without regarding the interest of those patronizing the business. Being trustworthy is the ability of those you are dealing with in business to rely on you and believe in the service you are rendering to them. Anyone that want his or her business to reach a staggering height he or she must build the business so that people can rely on it. There are many ways in which trust can be built in business area and there is also a reason why a business should be built on trust.

Ways to Build Trust in a Business

1. The business must be genuine: a business being genuine is the first step in making a business trustworthy to those that are patronizing it. Being genuine start with the person that is setting up the business. If the person setting up the business is not genuine in the business he or she want to set up the business will authomatically not be genuine. So a business being genuine start with the owner of the business.
2. The business should put customers need first before any other thing: any business that has customers satisfaction first will build trust around those customers because when you have customers interest in mind first it makes the business organization to provide what will satisfy the customer first before concentrating on the gain they will make. I will like to also say that is only when customers trust your business that much gain is guaranteed. So another point is to focus on how you will satisfy those that are buying not on how much you will make because once those that are buying is satisfied gain is sure.
3. The business should concentrate on quality not quantity: another way to build trust in a business is by providing quality products and services. Any product and services that has quality will always attract buyers and by this it shows that they trust what you are rendering. But when a business is more interested in quantity there is a very big possibility that a business can produce a product or services in large quantities but with no quality and immediately that becomes the outcome, the trust the people have over what the business is rendering will start going down.
4. The business should embrace postive advancement: Advancement is what takes palce on daily basis and if advancement happens on daily basis business should also take advantage of it in order to build a trustworthy business. Advancement is either positive or negative but for any business that will be counted trustworthy have to embrace positive advancement. Positive advancement pushes a business to the right direction. For example; when it comeas to the area of payment business must learn how to embrace the advance method of payment and when this is done it can increase the number of patronizing customers and at the same time breed trust.
5. The business should maintain their integrity: having built trust by being genuine, placing customers need first, concentrating on quality and embracing positive advancement there is also a need to maintain it in order for the trust that customers has towards the business to be continuous. This is what solidifies other ways of Building trust in a business; the ability to maintain the integrity that attracted customers to the business.


Why Should I Build Trust in My Business

1. To generate more sales in your business: is only when a business is trustworthy that people will patronize it. Any business that will enjoy high percentage of sales must be trustworthy because the more people trust a business the more they patronize it but once there is no trust in a business there will be drastic reduction in sales.
2. For the growth of the business: the growth of any business depends on the amount of positive impact they have on the society and is only a trusted business that can have a positive impact on the business. What it means is that once a business is trusted by large group of people in the society it will authomatically lead to the growth of that particular business.


Trust is not negotiable if a business will reach a staggering height. Trust is one of the ground in which business can strive on. So as a business man or a business organization build trust in your business will stand out among your competitors.

© 2021 Chika Nwankwo

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