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Truck Drivers - Unsung Hero's - More are Needed!

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Marilyn recently went on a six day road trip with her truck driver husband, learning first hand what they do.

Semi-Trucks a Little History

The first semi-truck was designed by Alexander Winton, in Cleveland, Ohio in 1898 and the first manufactured semi-truck sold in 1899. According to Great Western Transportation (, "

Winton went into the business of “horseless carriages” in 1896, so today he would be known as a carmaker. He sold the first twenty-two manufactured cars in 1898, and this created the need for the cars to be delivered to their buyers, leading to the invention of the semi-truck."(Great Western Transportation, 2021).

Within a few years companies manufactured semi-trucks with bigger cabs, longer trailers, flatbeds, enclosed or box trailers meant to protect the contents from weather, and other elements. Training became a requirement to operate these trucks and trailers.

Most companies now train extensively on all aspects of driving these vehicles.

First Semi-Truck 1899

Invented 122 years ago by Winton to deliver cars at long distances.

Invented 122 years ago by Winton to deliver cars at long distances.

Semi-Truck 2021

Day Cab

There are two types of Semi-Truck Cabs (also referred to as Tractors), Day Cab, and Sleeper Cab.

The above photograph is a Sleeper Cab, and the photograph below is a Day Cab mostly used for towing flatbeds or enclosed trailers short distances, or by companies that pay for the driver's lodging when traveling long distances. Day cabs are lighter than the Sleeper cab. Day cab simply means there are no sleeping quarters, and limited room in the cab.

Semi-Truck Day Cab/Tractor

Day Cab, no sleeper.

Day Cab, no sleeper.

Sleeper Cab

Semi-Truck with Sleeper cab.

Semi-Truck with Sleeper cab.

Inside the Sleeper Cab

Basic sleeper with bunk beds, cabinets on each side between the front seats and beds.

Basic sleeper with bunk beds, cabinets on each side between the front seats and beds.

Inside the Sleeper Cab

Some sleeper cab's are designed for one or two people, usually with twin size bunk beds, each wielding special nets that keeps a person or items from bouncing off the bed while traveling. Cabinets are tall with upper and lower spaces. There is enough space for a small microwave in one upper cabinet, and a small refrigerator in the lower cabinet behind the passenger seat. My husbands truck is a Volvo, smooth riding, with these basic features, plus his refrigerator/freezer, microwave, and cooler, Yay!

Some custom designed cab's have extended living quarters, if an individual wants to be owner/operator.

Example of Elaborate Cabs Available for a Price

6 Day Road Trip

Usually my husband is home for two nights and one day for his reset schedule. There are many varieties of schedules depending on the employer, and what the driver is willing to do.

Waivers were required for me to ride along, understanding that I could be subject to severe injury or death. It was also required to purchase more insurance for me as the rider, to protect the company from liability, and he also has his canine partner that travels with him.

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Most trucks are now equipped with streaming digital equipment for monitoring speed, motion, sudden stops, and more. Some trucks have a 'Governor', that limits the speed, usually 65 miles per hour.

Risks are minimal, and my experience was mostly rude drivers that cut in front of the truck way too close, or maybe even hit his or her breaks. That truck is moving between 35 mph, and 65 mph, with a load of anywhere from 10,000 pounds to a gross weight of 80,000 pounds, that's 40,000 tons!!! It takes 40% longer for a loaded semi-truck to stop compared to an average car.

Other risks are; snow, ice, wind, heavy rain, animals, but training covers those situations. The benefits outweigh the risks that are avoidable when safety is applied.

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Truck Driving Jobs and Training

Both men and women can train to become drivers. All are required to obtain a CDL permit on his or her own, then go through repetitious training, pass a written test, then a driving test through the Department of Motor Vehicles to obtain a Commercial Driver's License (CDL). The CDL permit allows Trainers to take the Trainee's on the road for live driving. By the time an individual is ready to complete those tests, he or she is competent, understanding all the laws of the road, to drive, back into narrow docks, manipulate trailers in multiple situations, and succeed.

The pay, and benefits are very good, and many companies offer loans to go through Training School that can be paid off over time working for the hiring company. Most companies also offer various bonuses.

Companies now hiring:

Swift; My husband works for Swift, presently they are offering a $7500 sign on bonus, but you have to have a clean driving record, and be 21 years old. There is an application for practice CDL written tests that you can get at the link below to prepare for your CDL Permit on your own, link is below.

To get a referral for Swift from my husband - Mike, contact

After hiring, you can earn $500 for each referral.

Other Companies hiring:

Knight Transport; Western Express; Walmart; Heartland Express; US Express, just to name a few.

If you can drive a car or pickup, you can learn to drive a Semi Tractor and how to back up a trailer.

Apply Today!

CDL Written Test Practice Application for CDL Permit

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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