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Top Tips to Deal With Rude Customers

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Customers are key to the success of a business and most employees try their best to meet their demands. There are times though that customer service staff may be faced with rude customers who are difficult to deal with. Employees should know how to handle rude customers beforehand so that if a situation arises they can quickly and efficiently handle things.
There are several reasons for customers being rude. They may feel angry due to poor quality goods/service, inadequate customer service, or long queues. Some people may simply have a poor attitude. Regardless of the reasons you are going to have to handle the situation professionally and efficiently, here are some tips to help you deal with rude customers better:

Stay calm and protect yourself:
The temptation of responding to the rude customer similarly should be resisted. Take some time to calm yourself if you need so that you do not escalate the situation. Your actions should be to try and defuse the situation. If the customer becomes physically threatening you should immediately take steps to protect yourself from harm.
Listen attentively:
Rude customers may become even worse if they feel like they are not being listened to. Listen carefully to what they have to say and allow them to finish. Pay close attention to your body language too. The rude customer may have legitimate grievances so try and show some empathy. Being listened to may even calm the rude customer and make them more reasonable.
Find a solution:
If the customer has a legitimate complaint then you should try to find a solution to their problem ASAP. Think through the options you can offer the customer but only if their complaint is legitimate. You may not always be able to give the customer what they want so try to do what you can realistically do. If you are unsure you should ask your superiors.

Set a time frame:
Not all problems can be fixed on the spot. You may need to get extra information or have to go through company formalities. When a customer is rude it can be difficult to tell them this so try to reassure them as much as you can. Communicate what steps you are going to take and why you need extra time. Set a realistic time to contact them.
If you have managed to find a solution it can be easier to follow up with the customer and you may find them in a better mood. If the problem has not been solved a follow-up is much harder. Get what information you can beforehand and more possible solutions that you can offer. Ask advice from your superiors if you are unsure before contacting them.
Learn from this:
A customer may be rude for legitimate reasons in which case you need to learn from the experience and look at where you are going wrong. This could be a chance to correct mistakes so that other customers are not affected. If the customer is in the wrong then perhaps you may consider asking management for training to deal with rude customers.

Businesses are heavily dependent on customers for success so it is important to take steps to keep customers happy. Rude customers may not be pleasant to deal with but if they are handled properly they could be converted into happy customers. They also allow you to showcase your skills which could help you succeed in the workplace.

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