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What Are The Small Successful Businesses


When it comes to entrepreneurship, choosing the best bussiness to do can be as simple as choosing clothes to put on. But the trickiest thing can be , which is the best and suitable to go for? Well there are very many business ideas to choose from depending on the amount of finance that you have and the interest. The following are some of the top best bussiness ideas that you can do.

1) coffee shop

People like taking coffee. It is a drink that can be taken any time of the day . Having a beautiful coffee shop along the streets or in town can generate income especially to the coffee lovers. Ensure that you choose a suitable loctician for the business. It has to have a traffic of people walking along that particular place. For a start, you can have a small rented place . After some time you can luckily open other branches in town or in the city.

2.) Icecream parlour

The second business idea is having an icecream shop. People love icecream. The shop can be in town or in the city. The good thing about icecream is that you can have different flavours for your customers .Chocolate,vanilla,strawberry and any beautiful mix. You could also have the customers order online for home delivery. You can also have a mobile icecream shop. This is suitable especially when you go sell the icecream along the ocean, at the parks during sports arenas, or when there's any gathering and people are many. You will pocket a few boxes for the day. Also remember that icecream sells during hot seasons especially summer.

3) salon and Berber shop

When it comes to hair, the best place to find the ladies doing their hair is at the salon. A salon and a Berber shop can be in one place. You don't need a lot of income to start the business. Again, location is key here, good customer service is a vital key as well. If you want to maintain the customers , offer good services and you will retain them. You don't have to train to be a salonist or a Berber. We have people in need of employment .You can employ the young stars who are fresh from college with the right skills in that field. Inside the salon, you can have make up, manicure and pedicure done as well. Remember, customer maintenance is offering good services.

4 ) Restaurant

We all need to eat to live. Opening up a restaurant is another beautiful business idea. You have the money and you have always dreamed of having a great restaurant, well this is the right time. Do a research about what you will need to have a successful restaurant. If need be, you can visit online ideas or have a meeting with the head of one of the best restaurants in town. Don't be afraid to ask and to achieve your dreams.

5) Events and party organiser

Every month, people celebrate their birthdays, parties,wedding ceremonies, baby showers and family and friends get together.

How about taking on the step of being that great organiser. Open up a shop or you can work from home. All you need is the right location money and contact. Have a team of three to five for a start. Open up your events planner shop online. Market your business. Organisation of children parties is one great idea. Remember you should have what it takes to be that organiser. From cakes, sound system, contacting friends and family to attend to making the event a successful one for the occasion.

Charges should also be based on the amount that one can afford. So, work on the budget based on what you have to be paid and the person who needs to have a successful event.

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6) selling furniture

Selling furniture does not mean that you go out and do all the carpentry work by yourself. With enough money to start the business, check on the current furniture on market. Set a furniture store big enough to carry different types of furniture. Tables,chairs, beds, stands wardrobes etc. Identify one or more good carpenters who can make quality designs and marketable furniture. Buy from them at a reasonable price(wholesale) and resell in your shop. Ensure you have fashionable designs which are lately in the market. Have a business plan and offer your customers what they love. Do online marketing as part of the business. Remember you need a reasonable amount to start the business.

7) selling clothes

Fashion trends in the word is changing. If you are a lover of clothes, this is the right business for you. With enough money in the bank and you don't know what to invest in, sell clothes. Clothing business can range from children, women and men's. You can sell all in one shop. So,you can choose on one particular gender or sell all at one . Remember, location should be key here as well. I mean, you would not want to sell clothes where people are not even passing by to ask about them. Have a place where people pass all the time .selling at the market place, along the busy streets and don't forget to market your clothes online.

8) shoes business

Shoes shoes and shoes. This is another interesting business idea. Selling shoes should be another thing that you can invest your money into. Find out where shoe sellers get shoes in wholesale prices and then sell them at a fee. Sell at a reasonable amount where you can make profit as well. From children, women and men's wear all can be sold in one shop. If you can't afford selling the shoes at a wholesale price, you could sell second hand ones . Imagine buying and selling shoes to make a profit. Visit the website to always know the current designs in the market. Also, check to see what people like putting on. From heels, snickers, flat shoes, official and casual wear. Don't have one but different collections. At the end of every sale, you will be surprised the amount of money you will have made.

9.) Groceries

Having a grocery shop is another business ideas. Look around you and you will notice that nobody lives without visiting the grocery shopping centre. Identify a good location for the grocery shop and sell all that are needed there. From fruits to maize, beans,tomatoes, potatoes, kalws, spinach, onions, cabbages, broccoli, green grams etchings. The good thing about grocery stores is that they can be located even in the estates apart from the market places. Sell fresh goods to the customers and offer good services as well.

10) car hire business

Having a fleet of cars in your compound and you are wondering what to do with them? Well why not make a few cash with your investment. Put your cars for hire at a fee. You don't need to have many cars to do this . Instead, even one is enough for a start. This is because at times people hire cars to go to places, road trips, outings, or even to attend events. Before you put your car into this business, ensure that you make an agreement with the person hiring the has to be a signed agreement with a witness. Incase of damage or lose, the car can be easily traced and damages paid for. Car rentals is a very lucrative business. You can charge depending on days taken or hours. Also charge for overtime. This will be making money from your own investment and soon you could be having another car.

The above few ideas can be of great benefit for anybody who wants to make money for a living or as a part time job.


This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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