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TOP 5 SALES & MARKETING TIPS - Direct Sales/Telesales

Having successfully worked within sales over the last 20 years, I thought it best to compile a list of five sales & marketing tips


No matter the demographic or geography of your industry sales is an universal artform. In three simple words I will give you my best advice to selling.

1. Understand your service/product

Understanding what your selling is key to the sale, often clients won't be clued up on what they intending to purchase.

Also the key to understanding what your selling isn't just important from a customer service perspective but it will install trust which is the main ingredient for a efficient sales team.

In recent years many companies around the world are relying too much on 'turnkey' employee solutions by throwing you in the deep end, rather than providing effective product training.

One more reason to express the importance of accurate knowledge is due to any weak points or 'grey' areas in your pitch which are likely to be picked up by a more experienced competitor and used against you, therefor affecting business growth and overall sales.

I must add this also helps in understanding the USP's (unique selling points) of your service/product which sets you aside from the rest and helps in giving knowledge to your clients to make their decision with you.

2. Your NOT a salesperson!

One of the best methods I have seen and picked up over the years is convincing the client/clients that your role isn't to sell but to assist. If you can distract the client from the fact that your just after their money, it's a great trick. Since the yuppie days of the 80s, salespeople have a huge negative stigma.

Because of this fact clients are very conscientious of this and are often alert and hyper aware of sales tactics and over enthusiastic behaviour which will put them off or create an air of suspicion.

This is because 'buyers are liars' often much worse than the salespeople who are trying to convince them into a buy position and are petrified of being forced into bad decisions or decisions that don't allow them time or space to manipulate themselves into the 'best price' negotiation stage.

In a nutshell the best salespeople will always brush off very quickly in their pitch or communication with said client that they are there to assist and not to sell.

3. Effective and proactive marketing

If your market doesn't know who you are, what you do and what you offer it's going to make your life extra difficult trying to convince your audience that you have something worthwhile. This may not apply if you are working for a big corporation or household brands as the marketing for the most part has already played out and your in an retainment and surge phase.

Good marketing is something which sticks you out of the crowd, you quite often find that companies use marketing to promote products in the usual generic manner and often achieve very little from this. This is due to the fact that when your advertising you shouldn't just be focused on the now but the future.

Brand awareness is so underestimated in the world of business, but it's brand awareness that will elevate you above the rest in the end. If people know your name if they remember you, not only will they consider you when looking for something in your industry, but this again will install indirect trust which is half the battle.

I could expand a lot more on effective marketing but for the purpose of this article I will leave it at this. In summary try doing different things you don't have to make your promotion about sales or even about the company your trying to promote you just need to stick in the minds of the population as best as possible.

Please see an a couple of examples of the many interactive videos we made at the bottom of this article. These videos were incredibly successful in creating brand awareness and sales growth.

4. The customer is NOT always right

This may sound a little off but it's a massively dated term to say that the customer is always right, especially when in truth they are most likely wrong in most cases. From my experience agreeing with the customer and playing nodding dog will only get you so far, clients respect integrity, conviction and honestly it's mainly what they are looking for when having to make a choice.

Agreeing with the client even when they are wrong will expose your intentions of trying to obtain the sale without giving your best to the service of their decisions. It rarely creates a negative impact and of course has to be delivered in a prudent fashion but will give you many brownie points which all contributes in being a successful salesperson - don't believe me? just try it for yourself and see what happens.

5. Good customer service and aftercare

Customer service is 50% of sales looking after your clients and giving the best service you can possibly give isn't just effective for that client, but is effective for your business moving forward.

The best business you will get are recommendations no matter what the industry if someone is told to use your services by someone they already trust eg. a friend, family member or colleague your almost there.

Also having the knowledge that the client has been recommended is paramount in how you deal with them and the precedent that will need to be set. Very often you hear clients complain about bad aftercare 'they were great initially but once I gave them my money and something went wrong I didn't hear from them for weeks'

The last thing you want to hear is a client complaining about you or your business in such a way. I used to say a successful facilitation from point of sale to delivery and completion is incredibly important in business growth and recommendations dependent on the industry even after the sale you have to be prudent to keep up the same level of service.


No matter the demographic or geography of your industry sales is an universal artform. In three simple words I will give you my best advice to selling.

Sell with Passion - Sell with conviction - Sell with Integrity.

Having recently moved location without a showroom we needed to show clients that we were still open for business!

Transparency and openness was our main approach when creating media which gave many of our clients a sense they were dealing with real people