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Top Five Podcasts for Curious People


Want to expand your mind, explore new concepts and engage with big ideas without even looking at any screen ? That's podcast for you.

You can listen on your way to commute, while exercising or even relaxing at home. So, today I will be telling top five podcasts for curious people like you.


1. Brain Stuff

Produced by IheartRadio and narrated by Lauren Vogelbaum it is one of the best podcast out there. It answers to questions from "How fever works" to "Why do kangaroos Hop". It has over 1800 episodes and every episode will teach you something new.


2. Stuff You Should Know

It is also produced by IheartRadio narrated by Josh and Chuck. They also talk about anything an everything from Inflation to Space Junk. Definitely a worth listening podcast.

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3. Short Wave

It is slightly a newer podcast but surely has great content. Host Maddie Sofia covers the science behind the current headlines using a lot of creativity and a little humor. The podcast releases every weekday.


4. Science Vs

A weekly released podcast produced by Gimlet Media. It covers topics like 5G and Pandemics to Vaping and Fasting Diets. They will blow up your firmly held opinions and replace them with facts and science.


5. Simblified

It is an Indian Podcast produced by IVM. Hosts - Chuck, Naren, Srikeit and Tony try to deconstruct current topics with humor and fun. Started in 2016 it has now more than 200 episodes and you will surely like most of them. Releases every Monday. It is surely one of my favorite podcast.

If you like my suggestions do comment below and also mention your favorite podcast.

© 2021 Debojeet Saha

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