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Top 7 Demand Freelancer skills


Now at present, I see new Freelancers are always concerned about the most independent skills of demand. As a freelancer I see more than two decades, I have seen many ups and downs in demand for emerging trends and skills. A skill that is high in demand for many years leaves demand in the future and is replaced by another skill.

I see Macromedia Flash, SWIFT 3D, and Freehand vanished as the dirt in the slim air. It was past, Flash was a hot cake, of high demand and all sought to develop his website with Flash Cheesy animations similar to the Advanced 2 Animation, a website that was an inspiration for many.

Time flies but changes many things along the way. At present, Flash is no longer more, the Erain SWIFT 3D has left the business and Adobe Illustrator has taken over Macromedia Freehand.

However, I have seen, there are some skills that have always been on demand, these perennial leaf skills do not get a scream and find a place on the list.

Like, Web and mobile development, Social Media Management, Web design, Graphics Design, Creative writer, animations/video creation, Data entry.

Freelancer earning depends on the experience of your skills.

There are three freelancer categories.

1.Entry level

2. Intermediate level

3.Expert level

For example, Some writers earn $ 5 in Fiverr to write an article of 1000 words, while others earn $ 100 for the same work.

Receiving well paid depends on your level of skill, experience, and quality of work.

Here are the best freelance skills in demand:

1.Web and mobile development.

At present increase in global electronic commerce has made it imperative for almost all companies to show an online presence. When the addition of the Internet opens immense views for small and large companies to grow and flourish in new markets around the world.

In this way, there is a great demand for web and mobile developers. Mobile and Web development is an integral part of the digital marketing community and online. But at present electronic commerce grows, web and mobile developers will be more and more in demand. This is due to the widespread use of smartphones to access the Internet and various services, such as online shopping, mobile banking, and others. There is also a demand for application developers. All online functions through smartphones are performed through applications. Anyone in this field will find their Freelancer skills in demand at this time.


2. Social Media Management

Social media networks are more than a platform for pastime today. Mostly, it is used by companies to market their products and maintain public relations. Most part, each company, small or large, has more than one profile on different social networking platforms.

It may sound easy, the administration of social networks is exhausting work and requires a broad knowledge of social networks. You have not only observed or manage not only the content but also the comments of the audience. This is the work of a social networking handler.

A social networking controller represents, administers & all the online presence of a company. Therefore the online value has increased today, the demand for social networking managers has increased even faster.

If you can concern what has the online trend and has a solid knowledge of social networks and SEO, you can make a full-time race outside of social networking.

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3. Web design

Web design ruling the Freelancer market for quite some time and its position will remain unchanged in the coming years. This is due to the growing e-commerce around the world. Small and large companies have not a significant presence on the Internet will find it difficult to survive in the coming years. Then, there is a wave to have one or more websites.

Therefore, in addition, web design is an independent skill that is on-demand at this time due to the fact that the purchase of a domain name, the accommodation of websites, and other essential elements are quite economical today. Other than companies, many Net-Worts high individuals also open websites as their personal blog or for Fanfare's reach.


4. Graphics Design

Graphic design is a unique skill that has always prospered in Freelancing. In general, many Freelancers are working on very high-profile projects, for higher brands in the world. This is only possible by the supply of the crowd. Graphic design is an independent skill on-demand at this time, at this time it is demonstrated by the fact that almost all crowds supply platforms on the Internet have welcome freelancers.

Surveys around the world also show that graphic design is a task that will be obtained by more and more freelancers in the future. Companies did not need a graphic designer all the time. Mostly obtaining freelancers' work allows companies to get newer types of designs to meet their requirements since they all have a unique style.


5. Creative writer

I see all freelancer's websites have a huge influx of new frequent projects seeking content writers, bloggers.

Mostly, the requirement is to look for a writer who can write an article investigated by SEO that has a typical length of the word that goes from 500 to 2000. Often in said posts, the client specifically requests writers to carry out the investigation of keywords so that the article is classified. When it is published.

As it is, there is a great demand for bloggers also to write frequently for blogs.


6.animations / Video Creation

Almost all the main social networking websites prefer video content about images and text messages. This content has increased the demand for video creation, animation because they earn a better commitment. Mostly observed that when advertised, they get better results.

Modern University in the World, YouTube has grown in great popularity in the recent past. This increased the demand for video creation and animation. Software like Fimora, Adobe Premier are very popular for video editing software.


7. Data entry

Data entry work commonly considered that a very common skill. In my opinion, it is very basic and can be done by almost anyone with basic language and computer skills. It is one of the highest independent skills that are in demand at this time. Data entry is almost popular all over the world as a source of high income despite its basic nature of work.

The data entry involves a high speed of writing & it also implies precision. While there is a lot of data entry work available, only those who have excellent skills are preferred. Working as a freelance data entry operator is in fact a lucrative profession at present.


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