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Top 6 Ways of Earning Money Online As A Graphic Designer

Top 6 ways to make money with your graphic designing skills

Top 6 ways to utilise your graphic designing skills effectively

Introduction: The digital world of internet is evolving day by day pretty rapidly. Having in demand skills, that are applicable in diverse digital ways, can be very useful to make big profitable outcome through the right methods that are in keeping with the ongoing and developing digital world. And so is the demand of a skill like graphic designing. It is not an ordinary instance of aptitude. Actually, no such skills are ordinary that are mastered well. Only the right ways are to be learnt to monetize them.

Below, I am going to describe briefly about top 6 ways to make money online as a graphic designer.

1. Designing graphic templates: We may know that graphic templates are mostly available in stock graphic libraries of different ready-made graphic design platforms like Canva or Adobe Express. But, as an individual designer, you can submit your own templates to stock graphic design marketplaces like Shutterstock, Adobe Stock etc.

2. Selling unique stickers: If you are passionate or interested in designing stickers, you can sell them too. Platforms like Redbubble, Society6 etc. are some examples of print on demand sites that allow you to upload and sell your stickers on their marketplaces. Thus, you can make a passive income as well.

3. Designing own font styles: Are you passionate of creating your own fonts? Then you can be able to sell this skill to generate a good income. I recommend you Etsy, Envato Elements or My Fonts.

4. Creating prebuilt logos: Logo designers can utilise their designing skills in several ways that can be worthwhile. You can list your logos in stock logo or illustration marketplaces like Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, 99design, Creative Market or DesignHill.

5. Designing printable artworks: If you have expertise in designing artworks that can be used on merchandise (products), then you can benefit yourself with this skill. You can sell it through different (print on demand) merchandise platforms like Printful, Printify or Lulu Xpress.

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6. Freelance graphic designing: Are you looking for such a platform where you can sell your designs actively on a contract basis and earn reliably, then freelance graphic designing can be right for you, in my opinion. You can join Fiverr, Upwork or Kwork to list your services and sell them later as you get orders.

Conclusion: The digital graphic designing industry is undeniably a solid one which enables a good sustainable income source for its artists on the basis of their skills. And graphic designing skill is an evergreen one, not only in my opinion, but as it turns out to be. So, graphic designers are capable of making a living with their talents.

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