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Top 6 YouTube Marketing Benefits: Traffic, Visibility, and More

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Traffic, visibility, and more with YouTube marketing

When it comes to digital marketing, a variety of platforms are available for use. While Facebook, Instagram, and your company's website are worthwhile investments, a YouTube channel may be the most effective venue to market your brand online.

Let's face it: we all enjoy watching videos. We love going to the movies, watching the videos people post on Facebook, streaming videos so we can keep up with shows like Orange Is the New Black and The Crown, and getting lost in YouTube rabbit holes. The video is captivating! It appears that we cannot help ourselves. How many times have I watched the hamster eating a carrot on video? More often than I want to admit!

When people enjoy the video as much as we do, it makes sense to incorporate it into your marketing approach. Obviously, by "video", we mean YouTube. However, if you have not yet incorporated YouTube marketing into your entire strategy, the following are six reasons you should consider doing so.

What Does YouTube Marketing Entail?

YouTube Marketing is the technique of advertising your business using videos and advertisements on YouTube. Because video is such a potent medium, YouTube is expanding faster than any other site. Google is the second most viewed website in the world. Since its beginning, it has had approximately 2 billion monthly active users worldwide. So if you want to diversify your traffic sources or get your brand in front of your target demographic, YouTube marketing is the answer.

Top Benefits of YouTube Advertising

Heavy Congestion

YouTube sees exponential growth, with more than 5 billion videos seen daily! This platform receives more traffic than any other on the market. Even if you don't generate many videos for your business, you may still reach a large audience by advertising other people's films. There is so much traffic on YouTube that if you cater to their demands, you are guaranteed to find potential consumers. Here are a few YouTube statistics you should be aware of:

YouTube receives 30 million daily visits.

Every minute, 300 hours of video are posted to YouTube.

68% of YouTube viewers claim that videos influence their shopping decisions.

Over the past two years, the number of small and medium-sized businesses advertising on YouTube has doubled.

YouTube is accessible in 76 distinct languages (this covers about 95 per cent of the Internet population)

YouTube offers localized versions in over 88 countries.

Greater prominence on Google

You may have noticed that videos appear more frequently in Google's search results than other types of content. You may capitalize on this by publishing high-quality content on your website and making YouTube videos based on this content. This will generate backlinks to your website, increasing your business's visibility in Google searches. By implementing YouTube marketing, you also increase your business's internet authority. The more authoritative you are on Google, the higher your page will rank on the Google search engine result page.

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  • Here are some suggestions for using YouTube to boost the authority of your website:
  • But, first, obtain embedding of your videos on other websites.
  • Connect your site to your YouTube channel.
  • Share your movies on other social networking websites.
  • Use a variety of video formats to engage your audience more effectively.

Create Your Emailing List on YouTube

An essential benefit of YouTube marketing is the ability to establish an email list using YouTube. You may integrate your sign-up form into YouTube videos with several accessible applications. Viewers can temporarily pause a video to enter their information and subscribe to your mailing list. This method makes it easier to expand your email list while offering your audience valuable material.

Here are a few of the most prevalent methods for building an email list on YouTube:

  • Use lead magnets
  • Insert annotations
  • Add cards
  • Run YouTube adverts
  • Increased Conversion Rates

A picture is worth a thousand words; a video is worth a million. Moreover, videos are more capable than any other form of content of evoking emotion. They transform your static text communications into dynamic, engaging content that brings your business to life. They also contribute in a unique way to the development of trust and authority among individuals. This exciting and amusing content can raise your conversion rate by 80%.

Multiple Video Types

Another significant advantage of YouTube marketing is presenting your business online through various video formats. Explainer videos, sales videos, social networking videos, presentation videos, and video commercials are the most popular sorts of videos on YouTube. As a result, you can more easily reproduce one content to several other forms. If you're unsure of what types of videos to create, consider the following suggestions.

Make intriguing and funny videos.

Answer common questions (consider the most frequent inquiries prospective customers may have about your business, products, and services)

Behind-the-scenes videos reveal how your brand operates.

  • Create customer testimonials.
  • Go live
  • FREE Course on YouTube and Video Marketing

Massive Media Archive

YouTube has a broad user base and a vast media library. Because 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, this is the case. You can locate anything you require - and more - with that amount of knowledge. In addition, YouTube has a powerful search engine to help you find the exact content you're looking for on its massive platform. It is the second-largest search engine on the internet, with over 3 billion monthly searches (far more than, AOL, Bing, and Yahoo combined). If you're concerned that your material may be buried in this immense sea of information, optimizing your YouTube videos is all you need to do.

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YouTube offers businesses an incredible opportunity to increase their traffic and consumer base. However, it is also a very competitive environment. You cannot simply begin posting videos and expect immediate results. Many large organizations enter YouTube marketing without a plan, as evidenced by their lack of views and followers. The truth is, generating amazing videos is not enough to succeed on YouTube. It is learning how to optimize videos for keywords that YouTube users search for. S marketing.

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