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Top 6 Linktree Alternatives

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“Link In Bio” is a frequently used social network phrase that can be seen while watching TikTok, reading posts on Instagram, and watching videos on YouTube. The “Bio” is related to the profile information. The “Link” usually leads to a landing page containing lots of hyperlinks. Combining all the creator’s social networking site profiles, the landing page often indicates the way of supporting that person, through Patreon, OnlyFans, or a digital tip jar.

One of the most popular alternatives recently being used by creators to make this kind of optimized sites for mobiles is Linktree. The Atlantic reports that Linktree claims to have more than 20 million active users in 2022. Alex Zaccaria, CEO and co-founder, declared in spring that the company made a fortune of more than 1 billion dollars, though the start-up’s path was controversial.

The number of ready-made templates to display your hyperlinks is amazing, and the Internet audience is used to clicking Linktree creators’ links. It’s a high-quality service, and different competitors emerge to provide you with even more choices.

We've provided 6 alternatives to Linktree that are worth paying attention to in order to assist you in creating that perfect bio-link.

Regarding alternatives to Linktree, you have probably heard of Taplink.

Branding itself as a tool capable of creating high-conversion landing pages, Taplink upgrades Linktree's functionality by offering Q&A blocks, text blocks, and many more.

Although Taplink, like Linktree, provides unlimited links in the free version, you're also free to edit text from the very start.

In contrast to Linktree, Taplink enables an easier and more affordable way to build a microsite with more content than its free Linktree analog. You can add headings, text boxes, and a variety of sections to your landing page.

It's also cheaper to customize the design thanks to Taplink's affordable pricing structure.

The higher tiers also provide such things as countdown timers, custom domains, and even a CRM system.

Taplink runs at no cost or goes to professional ($2/month) and business ($4.5/month) plans.

2. is probably most similar to Linktree from all the tools listed here. Firstly, here you can upload everything you need from various platforms. If you have something you want to publish, you can add a link to it right here!

Moreover, posting your bios on FB, Twitter and TikTok will allow you to reach out to your followers on different social networking sites.

Lastly, you are able to pin links to your Snapchat Stories and other accounts.

Besides the possibility of building micro pages, you may also insert a link to every messenger, so that people may freely text you.

You also have access to useful reporting, which shows you your Smart Pages and how links in messengers are functioning.

You can choose among plans that start at 15 dollars per month (12 dollars per month annually). There is also a more expensive version, which extends the capabilities of the tool.

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3. Pally



Pallyy is a special Linktree alternative, it is much more than a tool for links in bio.

Yes, you receive all the essential basic functions that allow you to create social media landing pages. You can also customize them with links.

Plus, you can customize your page design and track clicks to your site through analytics.

Other functions include direct scheduling, analytics and accountability; viewing and editing comments, and so on.

It costs from 15 dollars per month with an unlimited approach to all the features.

4. Tap.Bio



When you want to see the remaining content at once, most linking tools ask you to scroll down. If you use Tap.Bio, only one swipe to the left or right gives you access to multiple sectors. It helps to structure information.

Feel free to transform links into large, eye-catching CTA buttons.

Or in case you would like a single CTA to refer to an article concerning your brand, you can attach subsidiary text to give some context regarding the topic.

It's also possible to attach a YouTube subscribe button with a video, to assist in the promotion of the channel.

By the way, the free plan allows you to utilize the tool for only one Instagram account and 2 cards. If you pay 5 dollars per month you can make more cards and get statistics based on your profile's effectiveness.

5. Lnk.Bio



The more (links) the better, right?! Lnk.Bio adheres to this principle, letting you create an unlimited number of links.

You can pick from more than 40 icons. It's convenient if you would like to split your CTA buttons pointing to your Spotify store, Soundcloud account, and so on.

Furthermore, the interface of this tool is made intuitively clear, thus simplifying the navigation for visitors.

The free plan enables you to attach an unrestricted number of links per page.

The premium plans (0.99 dollars per month) allow you to time your links, perfect for promoting your products in a time-sensitive way. You can also monitor the effectiveness of your links and see which ones are receiving the highest number of clicks.

6. ShortStack



If you are looking for a more appealing link to your bio, the best thing is social contests. And amid the Linktree alternatives, ShortStack focuses on aiding users in creating different campaigns as handouts.

The functions you can use are based on the type of contests you want to organize. For instance, ShortStack allows the use of its random input selector for contests with instant winnings.

In addition to using a link in your Instagram bio, you may also put the contest landing page on your own site to draw more people in.

The Business Plan (99 dollars per month) includes contests for friends and Instant Win contests. The Agency Plan (199 dollars per month) includes both options and contests with hashtags and retweets to boost your brand's visibility.

Summing Up

Linktree is a good tool for business owners, bloggers, and those who want to direct their Instagram traffic to other networks. However, there are a few more tools that do this very thing.A range of the alternatives we mentioned is an example of this fact.

Therefore, if you own an e-store, it would be worth investing in a tool such as Taplink. They also have very good e-commerce opportunities.

Do you want to share a promo code? If so, be certain to stop by Pallyy.

Or maybe you prefer to concentrate on compiling email lists? In that case, give Lnk.Bio a try.

Feel free to choose tools that can live up to your expectations. Either your link or your landing page shouldn't be restricted.

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