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Side Hustle Idea #8: Thinkific



Best Overall platform! And it's Free

Thinkific is an easy platform to leverage and there is a free option that still gives you a substantial amount of high end features when creating your website and designing your course to come up with the final product.

The website walks you through an easy tutorial of "how to's" like how to create your landing page, design the headings and set up the course price etc. It's easy to add videos and text to the student dashboard and rather than sending a full course to your students you can send your curriculum in bits and pieces. This is done through the drip method.

Creating the website if fairly easy, it can be done through dragging and dropping boxes. You can also choose a template if you need a starter foundation. Before you can launch your website, you do have the option of payment method and in this case you can have your courses available for free or for a price.

In addition to the ease of use website design and payment set up there are few more pros that I would like to point out if you are currently shopping for a platform to use:

  1. Simple free plan to start
  2. Custom domains
  3. Can edit the code of your website
  4. Affiliate marketing help and reporting
  5. Marketing automation and email features
  6. Customizable course certifications

The free version has limitations because of the nature of the plan; however, it is easy to upgrade. Thinkific allows you to choose either a month or annual plan. You can go with the Pro which is the most popular, the premier, the basic or Thinkific Plus which has the same features as the premier plan.

My suggestion is if you are just getting started like I am, use the free version to see what features you may end up really needing. I do anticipate adding more courses which the next logical step would be to sign up with the basic plan that starts off at $79/monthly or $69/annually ($828).

First Thinkific Course! Free enrollment for first 30 days

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