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Top 4 Best Youtube Channels for Freelancers

Do you know what Freelancing is?

Freelancing means working as an independent company instead of being employed by another person. Freelancers are autonomous and are contractors.

Freelancers are hired by other part-time or short-term companies but do not receive the same compensation as full-time employees or have the same level of commitment with any particular company.

Freelancer Life:

Freelancing It seems that the dream career, right? No boss, no schedule, nor any office. Well, while part of that is true, there is more in history. Like anything in life, Freelancing has its own ups and downs. Its advantages and disadvantages.

Some people's opinion of freelancing highway is a great life, but it is not without their challenges. Then, if you are new to Freelancing or an old hand, it is always worth seeking advice and new ideas.

Why I recommended Youtube......

There are one billion videos on YouTube every day! That's a long time employed on youtube.

YouTube can be a good source of information. There are some channels dedicated to marketing, healthy lifestyle, motivation, and entertainment. But what about freelancing? Fortunately, there are many creative, creatives and willing to help through videos online. Investigate some free-free freelance channels were not as fast and easy as I expected, so I am sharing a list of four YouTube channels to save time. You are welcome, and these 5 channels listed here are the crop cream.

My name is Waseem and I am addicted to youtube.......

I recommended the following youtube channels, to help your freelancer career...

1. The best thing to learn to earn money: Roberto Blake

The most popular video title of the Designer Roberto Blake, "From Broke at $ 100k / year . This is how I changed my life," sounds like a low-grade clickbait. But do not be fooled.

In fact, this 27-minute talk, which is the attention of a digital and founding agency of a creative education platform, has some of the best tips to earn money as a freelancer we have heard.

He is not screaming or Sales: instead, he calms calmly and rationally the principles behind him herself, and how you can follow them yourself.

And this high quality continues along all the videos on its YouTube channel, which focus strongly on the commercial side of Freelancing, covering themes, including "why you are tired all the time and feel burns", "Passive income: How do I gain? 7,000$ / month with affiliate marketing 'and how to find independent clients step by step.

2.Best for beans and loud life bolts: Charli Marie

Want advice and inspiration to more problems and bolts from a freelance life, such as how to make a home office, what is the computer used to use, and how to design an online store?

Then you have to check this YouTube channel from Charli Marie, a web designer and graphics from New Zealand, currently live in London and work remotely for email marketing companies.

In a friendly and approachable way, Charli leads you through how he does things and offers tips on the various challenges he faces from day today. Topics include 'working from home: life as a long-distance designer', 'design my blog', and 'my biggest fear as a designer.

3. Jorden Roter.

Jorden is an independent writer. She teaches bloggers, creative businessmen, and independent writers about how to create murderous content, write better blog posts and build and grow an online business.

4.Sam Dey (Deytips)

The Sam Youtube channel of "Nerd Marketing" Self-professed, is about helping small people and the Solopreneurs, create powerful websites and well converts. Create most days, and share useful tips on content marketing, SEO, and selling through e-commerce platforms such as eBay or Amazon, as well as some affiliate marketing tips and blog monetization. If you are selling products or services (or both!) You are likely to find something useful in the SAM channel.

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