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Best Internships for All Ages

Ms. Inglish is a successful Employment & Training pro, setting Midwest regional records with tens of thousands placed in gainful employment.

Large Amusement Parks offer a wide range of internships.

Large Amusement Parks offer a wide range of internships.

Not Just for College Students and Doctors

Internships today are available for people of all working ages, from high school through retirement, and even for some middle schoolers during specialized summer work programs run by various cities and counties across America.

Hollywood helps the business world accept aging workers by focusing on older interns in films about employment. In 2015, The Intern featured Robert DeNiro at age 70+ as a new intern assigned to a large company started by a younger woman. He showed how the skills and experience of the older generation significantly aids businesses to flourish. nearly all 50 states, listed below.

An earlier film, The Internship, starred two men in their 40s (Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson) who won internships at Google. They experienced difficulties, but were accepted by the younger interns and even provided some effective business solutions.

Internships for retired persons, adults ages 55+, and U.S. Veterans are offered continually by federally funded Education and Training (E&T) programs under the Workforce Investment Act. Some of these are in Texas, where work is abundant. However, some of the same organizations helping Seniors in Texas are present in nearly all 50 states, listed below.

Because the population of America is aging and retired persons are returning to work, a new type of internship for Seniors is becoming more popular among employers. Hollywood films are reinforcing this notion.

Start Looking in the Winter For Summer Internships

The time to begin interviewing and securing summer employment if you are in high school, college, a trade school, or graduating soon is January. In fact, some summer employers arrange tentative re-hiring of students from the current summer for next year at the end of the season. This is especially true of some internships.

Summer Job Fairs

Be on the lookout for summer job fairs at school or a venue selected by your county or city Chamber of Commerce or Workforce Development Board (WDB or WIA). You should be seeing these held between January and April.

Watch the news and your city's webpage for announcements about summer jobs and job fairs. At the same time, contact your former summer employer from last year, if applicable, and apply for re-hire.

Speaking of summer employment and re-hiring, some individuals work each summer at any of the Disney facilities around America, return each summer through high school and college, work a college internship with Disney, and return in full-time employment with The Mouse. That time line seems ideal in career planning if a job candidate can find the right position. Some workers that decide to take a job at another company often either work part-time for Disney or return after retirement.

With the Disney company or any other employer, begin early in the calendar year to secure summer employment.


Success in Ohio Can be Success Elsewhere

Congress chose to expire the funds behind the Job Training Partnership (JTP) act during the Clinton Administration, but many local organizations combined with county jobs and family services agencies to form new entities to help adults and youth. There are still summer jobs programs in some cities.

Since 1998, private and non-profit organizations and businesses have partnered with government agencies in Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) jobs to youth ages 14 - 21. Your own county my have something similar today.

Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman supported youth employment in Central Ohio, and found jobs for at least 1,000 additional Ohioans in 2011. This number increased every year through the 2010s. Helping to sponsor five job fairs for all ages, Mr. Coleman helped over 1,200 Ohioans find new work at $9.50 /hr to $23.00/hr. Look for job fairs advertised on the news and Facebook in your area.

Look for arts and music internships.

Look for arts and music internships.

Jobs for 15- to 17-year-olds can be found across America, including these most-advertised positions:

  1. Crew at KFC - Largest number of jobs overall
  2. Fashion Department, Meijer and other Department Stores
  3. Crew at Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, McDonalds
  4. Japanese and other language Tutors
  5. Math, English, and Science Tutors
  6. Dog Walkers
  7. Cashiers
  8. Customer Service Representatives
  9. Sales Clerks and Sales Interns
  10. Cooks and Assistant Cooks
  11. Lifeguards
  12. Caregivers for children younger than 12
  13. Pet sitters
  14. Companions for the Elderly
  15. Bicycle Deliveries
  16. Grocery and Drug Store Stockers
  17. Busboys/girls in Restaurants
  18. Housecleaning and Motel/Hotel Housekeeping
  19. Call Center Order Takers
  20. Industrial Maintenance/Janitorial Jobs

USA Internships Increased 2005 - 2015

Since early 2014, internships have become available more frequently in months other than summer months. Notice the peaks in 2009.

Since early 2014, internships have become available more frequently in months other than summer months. Notice the peaks in 2009.

Largest numbers of advertised internships for college-aged students and new graduates:

  1. Interns - Various industries, largest companies in large cities; often includes Theme Parks (see map below)..
  2. Undergraduate Internship Program - NCS
  3. Internships
  4. Management Internship Positions
  5. Engineering Interns
  6. Marketing Interns
  7. College Interns
  8. Sales Manager Interns
  9. Software Engineer Interns
  10. Retail Internships, summer

"Summer Jobs" listings most frequently list:

  1. Lifeguards
  2. Physician Interns
  3. Summer Jobs - various fields and companies
  4. Georgia Teaching Fellows - Summer fellowships.
  5. Physical Therapy Interns, part-time
  6. RN's, LPN's, Nursing Students
  7. Interns - Various fields
  8. Route Sales and Retail Sales summer jobs
  9. teachNOLA. Get certified and start teaching - Summer training/work.
  10. Teacher Training, Indianapolis - Summer fellowship.

Fashion Internships



Find many internships in fashion design and merchandising at:

  1. Buckle
  2. Nordstrom
  3. Clare's "Girl's Best Friend"
  4. Anthropologie
  5. Guess? Inc.
  6. JBCStyle
  7. QVC TV Network
  8. Maurices
  9. Jacobs
  10. Springs Window Fashions
  11. Fossil Group
  12. Calvin Klein

Theme Park Job Locations

Internships For Potential Business Franchisees

By mid-October 2015, Over 245,000 internships were listed on major job search engines, but with a new twist added. A group of about 10,000 internships connected with franchise opportunities began appearing. In these positions, potential owners can try out the day-to-day planning and operations of a business before making a commitment with an investment. This helps to calm the fears of going into business for oneself.

Business franchise internships are available at these companies:

  1. Golden Corral Corporation
  2. Deloitte
  3. TMI Hospitality
  4. Dunkin Donuts
  5. MW Franchise Group LLC
  6. Realogy Corporate
  7. Herc Rentals
  9. Soccer Shots
  10. Monumental Sports Entertainment
  11. Grant Thornton
  12. Waxing The City Corporate Jobs

Although and both crawl the Internet and gather total job postings, they overlap and each have periodic blind spots that the other cannot see. Therefore, it is best to search both of these Job Search Engines.

Major Search Engines revealed:

  • 27,000 Internships in January 2013,
  • 70,000+ Internships in November 2014,
  • 245,000+ Internships in October 2015,
  • 80,000 Internships in February 2017.

Highest Demand Internship Jobs are:

  1. Interns - Dozens of companies in the largest metro areas of the USA.
  2. Engineering Interns
  3. Marketing Interns
  4. Non-Profit - Non-profit Internships
  5. Student Interns
  6. College Interns
  7. Visual Display Internships
  8. Human Resources Interns
  9. Internships - Hire My Network, Entercom Communications Corp., CBS Radio, Davey Tree, Stockholm International Peace Research Institute in North America, COngressional Representatives, Post Factory NY, NY Arts Magazine, Boehringer Ingelheim, The Family Online Safety Institute, and others.
  10. Communications Interns
  11. IT Interns
  12. Pharmacist Interns
  13. Student Engineer Interns
  14. Summer Interns - Dozens of smaller companies.
  15. Interns in hospitals (Physicians)

Sources for Summer Jobs and Internships

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2012 Patty Inglish MS


Patty Inglish MS (author) from USA and Asgardia, the First Space Nation on May 16, 2012:

In May 2012, we have a higher number of Summer Jobs and Internships than ever before, since 2007 and 2005, respectively!

Patty Inglish MS (author) from USA and Asgardia, the First Space Nation on January 05, 2012:

Thanks for comments!

I've found more links for youth jobs this year than ever before, especially the one where kids can search by age. It has taken over 10 years for agencies to develop anything close to offering the number of summer jobs to youth that were available under the JTPA. We hope this continues!

Donna Cosmato from USA on January 05, 2012:

Wow, what an excellent research job you have done! If my son were just a little older, I'd put him to work (ha). This is a must bookmark hub for those that are looking for work in this tough economy. Voted up.

jenubouka on January 05, 2012:

Awesome info Patty! Really dig how you lay out the info.

As for jobs in my neck of the woods..

I live in Washington and the job market is a scary thing here but for teens looking for summer jobs in WA, there are the amusement parks around puget sound that love hiring teens for the summer.

Southgate Mall near Tacoma is prime spot if you want to work in the fast food industry.

Any fast food joint really will gladly accept the inexperienced teen for a summer job.

Hey we have to start somewhere.

Dale Hyde from Tropical Paradise on Planet X on January 05, 2012:

This is a very resourceful hub! Very much information at one's fingertips and put together in a precise and specific manner. Presented in a very cosmetic appearance. Well done!

MrRockster from Maryland on January 05, 2012:

Great information. Thanks

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