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Business Climate and Economy in North Dallas

Ms. Inglish has 30 years experience in medicine, psychology, STEM instruction, history, and aerospace education for USAF Civil Air Patrol.

Windmills in Texas.

Windmills in Texas.

Dallas Suburbs: Allen, Frisco, McKinney, and Carrollton

A round trip through the upscale Dallas suburbs north of the large city, including Frisco, McKinney, and Allen, covers only 29 miles. As a group, these three suburbs are approximately 40 miles from Dallas.

Carrollton, another fast-growing Dallas suburb, is located approximately 19 miles southwest of the first three suburbs mentioned and just about 18 miles northwest of Dallas.

Interestingly, from 2009–2012, the number of job listings increased in the two suburbs furthest away from Dallas: Frisco and McKinney.

Job listings began to rise in numbers after 2012 for all four suburbs, with over 80,000 openings listed daily during Autumn 2017.

Location of Dallas, North Texas

Location of Dallas, North Texas

The North Dallas Area grew economically to the extent that, in 2017, the Chamber of Commerce was forced to build a larger new office to handle a larger number of members and related business.

Carrollton, Closest to Dallas

This town is approximately 18 miles southwest of Frisco, the furthest west of the three most northerly located Dallas suburbs mentioned. At this distance, Carrollton is also closer to Dallas than the other three locations.

This community draws what can be considered "overflow population" from Dallas proper, offering a smaller, convenient bedroom community that enjoys its own share of economic growth and business.

Bluebonnets in Texas.

Bluebonnets in Texas.

All four of the suburbs discussed here have been named in 2009 through 2016 to the list of Best Places to Move. Job futures and major job listings are listed below for each locale and for the four suburbs as a whole.

Within 25 miles of Allen, Texas, and encompassing all four Dallas suburbs discussed here, we find approximately 80,000 job listings. Nearby Dallas offers additional opportunities.

Largest Job Listings for the 4-Suburb Area to 2020

  1. Sales Associates, Salespersons, Salespeople: Texan Zig Ziglar, author of Born to Win, was a top salesman and motivational speaker who taught this state to succeed in business. Sales jobs are still the highest in demand.
  2. Truck Drivers and Small-vehicle delivery drivers; includes Construction
  3. Computer IT professionals at all levels
  4. Shift Leaders: Often in Fast Food and Casual Dining
  5. Casual Dining and Fast Food Crew, Managers, and Assistants
  6. Physical Therapists
  7. Full Service Restaurant General Managers
  8. Restaurant and Food Service Supervisors
  9. Grocery Store Jobs
  10. Project Managers: IT and Construction

Companies Doing the Most Hiring

  1. Raytheon: Largest employer in McKinney, and part of the NASA Commercial Crew.
  2. Randalls/Tom Thumb Company: Grocery and Retail
  3. County of Dallas and North Texas Development Corporation
  4. PetSmart
  5. Fiesta Mart, Albertsons, Krogers: Groceries and Retail
  6. Scott & White Hospital
  7. Pizza Hut, Domino's Pizza, Burger King, McDonald's Franchises
  8. Baylor Health Care
  9. UT Southwestern Medical Center
  10. CVS Health & Pharmacy: Health and Retail
  11. Target Stores, Dollar General: Retail
  12. PFS Transportation: Trucking
  13. Centerline Drivers: Trucking
  14. R.E. Garrison: Truck Drivers
  15. Big M Transportation: Truck Drivers

Allen, Frisco, and McKinney all applied for the second headquarters to come to their community.

— Dallas Business Journal

Frisco, Texas.

Frisco, Texas.

Frisco, Texas

Largest Community Employers

  1. Frisco Independent School District: Maintains 10% of the city's employed workers.
  2. T-Mobile
  3. City of Frisco
  4. Rodman Excavation
  5. Collin County College
  6. Amerisource Bergen Specialty Group
  7. CLA USA, Inc
  8. IKEA Frisco
  9. Mario Sinacola & Sons Excavating
  10. Target stores

Business Background

What is now Frisco (formed in 1902) was settled in the early 1800s by European-Americans that found rich agricultural lands. They did this by traveling the well-known Shawnee Trail at the time, up from Austin.

American railroads came through around 1850, followed by highway transportation, both of which helped transport and sell the crops grown in Frisco.

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The population increased slowly but steadily until 1960 when it began to rapidly expand. In 2009, the city's population was 97,000 by the city report and residents tripled from 2000-2010. Frisco looks to be continuing growth through 2020.

FC Dallas vs. LA Galaxy in the 2007 SuperLiga on July 31, 2007 at Pizza Hut Park in Frisco, Texas

FC Dallas vs. LA Galaxy in the 2007 SuperLiga on July 31, 2007 at Pizza Hut Park in Frisco, Texas

McKinney, Texas.

McKinney, Texas.

McKinney, Texas

Largest Employers in McKinney

  1. Raytheon: Works with NASA Commercial Crew
  2. McKinney Independent School District
  3. Collin County
  4. Wal-Mart: Retail
  5. Lattimore Materials
  6. McKinney Medical Center
  7. City of McKinney
  8. Collin County Community College
  9. Torchmark Company
  10. Target stores: Retail

Business Background

In 2009, McKinney's population was estimated to be over 121,000 people and the suburb is one of the Forbes Best Places to Work and among the Top 10 Fastest Growing Cities in America.

The city has a program since 1980 called “Main Street”, supported by the US National Trust for Historic Preservation. This results in ongoing downtown revitalization, which is important to the continuing growth of McKinney.

Allen, Texas.

Allen, Texas.

Allen, Texas

Largest Employers in Allen

  1. Allen Independent School District: Maintains over 10% of total Allen workers.
  2. Presbyterian Hospital
  3. City of Allen
  4. Graphic Converting
  5. Experian
  6. Sanmina SCI
  7. Celerity, Inc
  8. Jack Henry & Associates
  9. Sage Telecommunications
  10. RCL Enterprises/Color Dynamics

Business Background

Before whites came into the Allen area, the Caddo and Comanche Nations lived in the land. The moved back West as the whites moved in around 1840. These settlers used the Texas Road and the Central National Road on horseback and be stagecoach.

The Houston and Texas Central Railroad and others followed in the early 1870s and helped spur industrial growth. Later, an Interurban line began operations in 1907 from the suburbs into Dallas for about 4 decades.

By the 1960s, US 75 and truck traffic had replaced the railroads as the number one choice for transport.

Today, the population was estimated to be over 82,000 people and the city is still one the Forbes Best Places to Move for Work in America.

Carrollton, Texas.

Carrollton, Texas.

Carrollton, Texas

Highest In-Demand Jobs

  1. Project Managers: Computers, IT projects.
  2. Account Executives: Big ticket banking products sales and investments.
  3. Business Analysts
  4. Occupational Therapists
  5. Administrative Assistants
  6. Sales Representatives
  7. Customer Service Representatives
  8. Physicians in Internal Medicine
  9. Sales Managers
  10. Senior Field Support Engineers

Business Background

The Carrollton area was first settled by European-Americans or whites around 1842 and 1844, after which a mill was constructed on the site. This included English families and others who may have come from Carrollton, Illinois.

The town’s economy was agricultural and the Dallas-Wichita Railroad came through after the Civil War, 1878. This lent a hand to budding industries that included flour mills, cotton mills, gravel, and agricultural crops. A metalwork was established in town during WWII.

The population began to grow quickly in the 1950s and by the 1980s, an overflow of population from Dallas began to move into Carrollton. In 2015, the population is estimated to be about 130,000 people and the city is one the Forbes Best Places to Move for Work in America.

Largest Area Employers

  1. STMicroelectronics Semiconductors: Important computer manufacturing.
  2. Halliburton Energy Services: Works with NASA Cmmercial Crew and US Defense Department.
  3. McKesson Corporation
  4. Hilton Reservations Worldwide: Accommodations
  5. Trinity Medical Center
  6. RealPage
  7. ACCOR North America: Accommodations, various motel/hotel chains.
  8. RIA Computer Software
  9. Western Extrusions Corporation
  10. General Aluminum Corporation


  • Dallas Business Journal Retrieved May 14, 2015; October 5, 2017.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

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