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Top 13 Egyptian Startups 2022


The growth of the Egyptian startup ecosystem

Since 2011, Egypt's startup scene has been expanding at a strong clip, and there are now more than a thousand active firms in the nation. This expansion may be attributed to a number of factors. The Egyptian government has made a determined effort to stimulate new business creation by giving favourable legal protections, tax breaks for the first five years of operation, and subsidised lending programmes.

Due to the massive financing rounds, the rapidly expanding markets, and the different inventive areas, Egypt has seen the creation and growth of several new startups.

In 2022, these 13 companies proved to be the most successful.This report was compiled by Reviewza.


Halan was founded in 2017 as a delivery business dedicated to delivering quick and lightweight transportation in Egyptian towns and villages by clients connecting with motorbikes and tiny carts.

In succeeding years, the firm expanded its operations to include order fulfillment, digital wallets, bill payments, and microloans, among others.

The firm was formed by entrepreneurs Moonir Nakhleh and Ahmed Mohsen and is located in Cairo. This year, Halan is one of the most heavily supported businesses in the area.



Capiter was formed in 2002 as a B2B e-commerce startup to link suppliers and retailers in Egypt by Egyptian entrepreneur Mahmoud Noah, who was also a founding member of Swvl. The platform's electronic application offers a place for networking merchants and providers.

Since its inception, capiter has successfully transacted with hundreds of enterprises and more than 50,000 traders in Egypt, mobilized a fleet of more than 400 trucks, and provided thousands of items through its platform while seeing a high yearly growth rate.



Since its inception, the MaxAB platform has been able to service more than 55,000 shops, process more than one million orders, and create tens of thousands of direct and indirect jobs in Egypt's vast retail industry.



Ahmed Sabah and Youssef Shalkmy launched Telda, Egypt's first electronic bank, in April 2021. Telda is the first firm to get a license from the Central Bank of Egypt, enabling it to issue electronic wallets and cards via the company's electronic application.

The firm offers a number of financial services, including the ability to pay bills directly through phone, send and receive money, withdraw money from any ATM, and pay bills and make purchases online. The company is now striving to issue one million cards in its first year.



Bosta company was founded by CEO and founder Mohamed Ezzat, with the participation of Mohammed Al-Husseini and Ahmed Jaber. Bosta company delivers products from commercial companies to customers in an effort to bridge the enormous gap between the Logistics and E-commerce sectors in Egypt.

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A number of the most competent former managers and workers of big firms were involved in the formation of Homesmart, which was started in late 2019. More than 55,000 distinct products from the production of the most prominent furniture dealers and brands have been handled by the platform , which is engaged in the online commerce of furniture and home items.



PayMob was launched in 2015, by Islam Shawky, Mustafa Al-Munisi. The firm seeks to offer electronic payment services to a variety of retailers, whether e-Commerce-focused or conventional offline stores, allowing them to accept payments from their consumers using a variety of payment products, solutions, and techniques.



Trella is a new firm focusing in road transport transportation, services, and logistical support. It was founded in 2018 by Omar Hejres, the company's CEO, who previously worked as an administrator for the Uber team in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa, and Ali Al-Atrash, the company's Operations Manager, who previously worked at Uber as the regional head of the joint trips division in the Middle East and Africa, Pierre Saad, the head of technology, who previously worked as a software engineer at the Vezeeta platform, and Muhammad Al-Jarm, who was the

As is evident, the company's founders have extensive international business experience, and Trella currently employs more than 100 people and provides its services in four markets: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. In the near future, the company plans to increase its team size and expand into new markets.



It is a new firm in the automobile industry that specialises in the sale of secondhand vehicles. Amr Mazen and Omar El-Dafawi started it. The firm offers its services by bringing together sellers and buyers of used automobiles.



It is an Egyptian startup specialising in technical support for applications, founded in 2016 by entrepreneurs Omar Gabr and Moataz Soliman, with the goal of assisting developers in evaluating the performance of mobile applications and determining the quality of the user experience, via tools and solutions specializing in performance monitoring, error detection, and reporting about her.



It is an emerging Egyptian platform specializing in infrastructure management, developed by Ahmed Ashour and Omar Rady with the intention of assisting water and power distribution firms in providing services in diverse and correct ways, hence preventing enormous losses.



About fifty percent of Egyptians who use smartphones and have limited access to banking services get financial services. The program also offers a number of other features, including the ability to disburse overdue wages, purchase services from merchants, and pay bills.



A 2019 startup Egyptian e-commerce platform developed by entrepreneur Mohamed Abdel Aziz and others. It intends to assist emerging entrepreneurs and suppliers in displaying and selling their goods on the platform by linking them with customers through Prime's solutions for online sales channels and its solutions for sellers who have not yet joined the digital realm.


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