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Top 10 Highest Paid You-Tubers

I am very experienced in creative writing. Being creative when I write is soothing. It is therapy. I write about anything I put my mind to.

10.Preston-$16 Million

Preston is born on May 4, 1994. Currently, he's 27 years old. He grew up in Dallas, TX. At a very young age, Preston was active online. He was and still is a gamer. In the midst, he was just being a kid. Preston was schooled in Texas. He enrolled at the Travis Academy of fine arts in his hometown.

  • One of the Top Gamers in Gaming
  • Great Skills and Reflexes
  • Does Prank Videos

Preston Platz is a four year old channel. Additionally, he has PrestonRoblox, TBNRfrogs, On his most popular channel he plays videogames. Games include Minecraft,, Fornite, and Roblox. The main game he plays is Minecraft. He’s done a great job keeping this topical. Since 2012, hes been active on YouTube.

His father is a businessman. He's become a popular blogger while playing games. Currently, he has over 32 million youtube subscribers. That's across his four channels.

9. Logan Paul- $18 Million

The Official Logan Paul. The YouTuber is an Ohio native. Logan has a younger brother, Jake, who was born in Cleveland. Both of them are YouTube stars. Logan started Vlogging in 2013 on the platform Vine. Logan was often vlogging from school and in college. While on the network, he was known but he wanted more exposure.

  • Vlogger
  • Comedian
  • Entertainer

Things were going pretty well until he suddenly stopped four years later. Soon after, we all found out the reason. Vine was shut down (2016). Paul wanted more exposure anyhow so it was good for him. He started acting with familiar faces and became a sensation on YouTube. By January 2018, he gained mainstream attention. This is where he became well known. In the midst, he suffered controversy. YouTube even suspended monetization on the account. Once the suspension was over, he became noticed more. He gained the right to be called one of the most popular youtubers on the platform.

8. Dude Perfect-$20 Million

Tyler Nathan Toney was born on May 13, 1987. Hes now 34 years old. Toney started doing trick shot videos. The videos included his boys Coby & Cory Cotton, Cody Jones and Garret Hilbert. By this point, he was calling himself Dude Perfect. The boys were using sport equipment. Random household items were used as well. They blended them all together and placed them into places that seemed impossible. Their impressive creativity and skills got them the fame they were searching for on youtube.

  • They appeared in Commercials
  • They showed up at events
  • The Dude Perfect show

From 3013-2014 they were famous. Trick shots were everywhere on youtube. They had a huge following in just a year. They earned the right to be the most popular on the platform. They interacted with famous celebrities. As a response, they received heavy endorsements. They were known around the world.

7. Ryan Kaji-$27 Million

Ryan was born October 6, 2011. The 10 year old is making much money. He mainly stars in videos on various toys on his family’s ten channels. It is best described channel as a mash-up of personal vlogs, unboxing, innocent childhood antics, and relentless. At his age, the work is overwhelming but it is also profiting. This little guy makes enough to support his family. He would only get better with time.

  • Daily Uploads
  • Millions in Revenue
  • Influencing

The channel gained $50 million in revenue the year before. Imagine what it gained last year? The kids love him and how he influences theirs. His channel is one of the most financially successful channels of all time. The children that he influences are not just his age. He influences preschoolers. How he reviews toys is awesome. The kid sounds like he has been doing it for years.


6. Like Nastya-$28 Million

She is only making a million more but her age got her here on this list. She is only 8 years old and is a millionaire. Like is Russian-American. She stays in Florida. Her youtube channel channel involves videos that are around her and her parents. The channel began as a subsidiary. The subsidiary soon became soon, it became Like Nastya. This channel became more popular than the original.

  • Child Entertainment
  • Stacey’s Toys
  • Actress

Nastya is known on Tik Tok, Amazon Store and Social Blade. She acts in her own videos playing multiple roles. Her schedule includes three videos a week. There has been over 600 videos uploaded on across all the platforms. Year after year her subscription milestones were in the millions. In addition, her video view milestones were as well. Correction, they were in the billions. The eight-year-old is growing fast.

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5. Unspeakable- $28.5 Million

The unspeakable’s real name is Nathan. Just last year he made millions. His net worth is in the millions as well. He started you-tubing in 2012. The majority of his videos are the games that most the young people play. Nathan is witty and humorous. So are the videos. They earned him much views and a great following. With time, the popularity became at a standstill. His fans knew that he would return. They just did not know when.

  • Roleplays
  • Custom Maps
  • Challenges

When he returned, he had a lot to offer to the fans. In four years, his channel started rapidly growing. Currently, he has multiple channels on the platform. Nathan is a very friendly guy. He gets along with other youtubers like himself. He even collaborated with a few. Lastly, he is rich and he is not even 30 years old.


His real name is Rhett James McLaughlin. He was born October 11, 1977. Charles Lincoln Neal the third was born a year later. Together, they are a force to be reckoned with. The entertainment duo are one year apart from one another. They upload original songs and comedy sketches of themselves on their main channels.

  • Internetainers
  • Good Mythical Morning
  • Good Mythical More

This duo is very active on the YouTube platform. They also have a channel they call Mythical Kitchen. They run them all. Their channels all offer significant news. A podcast, Ear Biscuits, is a part of their empire as well. The duo has been doing the skits, songs and for a while. Since both are over 40, you could suspect that they will be stopping soon. With the empire they built, why not?

3. Markiplier-$38 Million

Mark Edward Fischbach was born on June 28, 1989. He is best known online as markiplier. Mark was born in Hawaii. His mother is Korean and father is german. Now Mark speaks English. But, he has attempted to speak Porteguese. He attempted to speak all languages to be exact. I guess that he was preparing for the future. He relocated to Cincinatti, Ohio and started becoming known for other things.

  • Philanthropist
  • Actor
  • Singer

Those others included streaming live for charity. He went to college to be a biomedical engineer. Soon, he dropped out to pursue his desire. Now, he is a highly successful youtube career. Mark is an american youtube gamer. The gamer is also the founder of a clothing company. He mainly uploads playthroughs of various video games. He’s most notable for horror games.


2. Jake Paul-$45 million

Jake was born on January 17, 1997. His brother made is further on this list. I spoke about him earlier. He saw his older brother making money and desired to walk in his footsteps. He did it better. Most older siblings would want the younger to do a better job. Jake inspired his younger brother and he knew it. His talents include.....

  • Musician
  • Actor
  • Professional Boxer

At first they worked together. They posted videos of them playing sports of all kind. Their mother filmed everything. Jake considers his mom their number one fan. Along with sports, they were doing normal hobbies. It was really a reality show for them. Jake thinks those old videos are sort of out dated. They were fun back then but, he wanted to upgrade his image. In middle school he did just that. Overtime, Jake got better and better. Currently, he is one of the biggest public figures on and off youtube. Sadly, he is not bigger than this beast.

1. MrBeast-$54 Million

At just 23 years old, no one knew Jimmy Donaldson would be as big as he is. He was born in 1998. He and his friends do the work on all of his channels. .While young, he often displayed his passion for creativity. On and off the camera he was known for it. On the videos he uploads to his channels he is seen doing various things. All for an extended amount of time. If he’s not doing anything, he is saying something a thousand times. He surely did earn this spot. These named below are just a few of the pages he created.

  • Beasthacks
  • MrBeastC6GO
  • MrBeast Gaming

Currently, his main channel is the 5th most subscribed channel on youtube. It has 90 million subscribers and counting. It is only February, imagine how much he’d have by the years end. He started at age 13 in 2012. His brother CJ also has a channel that he started in 2017. Hes just following in the footsteps of his brother. He’s sure to be as big as his brother Jimmy.

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