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Top 10 US States For Increasing Jobs and Low Unemployment 2010 - 2020

The preserved Mandan village called "On-a-Slant" at Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park, North Dakota. The Mandan are among nations in control of large oil holdings.

The preserved Mandan village called "On-a-Slant" at Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park, North Dakota. The Mandan are among nations in control of large oil holdings.

Workers in High Demand in These States

During 3rd QTR 2010, analysts at the popular Business Insider online magazine at the web site http://www.businessinsider.com/ published their interesting findings of the Top 10 US States with Ridiculously Low Unemployment. By "ridiculously" low, the staff of Business Insider means that the rates of unemployment among these Top 10 States are significantly lower than the US national average in July 2010 (9.5%) and show signs of staying lower for quite some time.

The range of Unemployment Rates in these 10 states is a low of 3.6% to a high of 6.8% (still nearly 3% lower than the US average). These 10 are states that are expected to exhibit not only low unemployment rates, but directly related to that, higher demand for workers than other states. This trend is likely to extend through 2020 and beyond.

The states on this list may be surprising. Many are states that workers have not considered previously for relocation and jobs, because of distances, perhaps colder climates, and overall less-dense populations. Some workers may even feel that particular areas of these states are "in the middle of nowhere." However, they all present advantages, as you will see below.

Why These 10 States?

What’s different about these Top 10 States from the rest of the country?

  • While job losses occurred from coast to coast in the 2000s, not all states were as adversely affected as others by job losses. Some new jobs were also created.
  • Another plus is that the Top 10 States pursue a diversity of industries to support the state economy, rather than to rely on a single industry.
  • These 10 states demonstrate and adequate supply of natural resources (especially North Dakota) and these resources can be used in traditional and alternative energy production as well as in other manufacturing.
  • The Top 10 States with Low Unemployment have been able to fill jobs with skilled workers and need more in the 2010s and 2020s.

Business Insider Information

States 1 through 5


The New Town Oil Boom and Jobs 2010 - 2020

The Native American Nations on a major reservation around the city of New Town discovered additional huge amounts of oil on their lands. They have received contracts and funding for a projected 29 new oil wells beginning in 2010 and have contracted with a Canadian firm to receive billions of gallons of oil from the Alberta Pipeline to process as well.

Not only only are former residents around New Town returning to the area to go back to work, but new workers will be needed soon as well. New housing is already in high demand and with new workers to move into the state, even more housing will be needed. Along with this increase, new businesses will be required to serve this increased population.

Business Insider points out that North Dakota's economy is largely supported by Agriculture, petroleum, food processing, and tourism. However, I feel that petroelum and natural will take the lead in the 2010s, with local petroleum companies next investigating alternative energies.


  • Oil and Gas Jobs
  • Managers and Assistant Managers
  • Registered Nurses (RNs)
  • Retail Salesersons
  • Retail Sales Representatives

Petroleum companies increasing hiring:

  • Haliburton
  • Hess Corporation
  • EOG Resources
  • ONEOK, Inc.
  • Marathon Oil
  • Watco, Inc.

Top 5 Projected Fastest Growing Jobs to 2016

  1. Computer systems software engineers - IT
  2. Network systems and data communications analysts - IT
  3. Architects
  4. Rotary drill operators, oil and gas
  5. Derrick operators, oil and gas


2) South Dakota

Top 5 Job Listings most frequent among 9,000 Openings:

  1. Physical Therapists
  2. Assistant Managers
  3. Occupational Therapists
  4. Certified Nurse's Aides (CNAs)
  5. Managers - Restaurants

Top 5 Projected Fastest Growing Jobs

  1. Chemical equipment operators
  2. Aircraft assemblers
  3. Computer applications software engineers - IT
  4. Plating and coating machine setters and operators
  5. Welding, soldering, and brazing machine setters and operators

Health/Medical and various Food Services are advertising the most jobs in this state. Business Insider reports that Services, Government (Ellsworth Air Force Base), and Agriculture sustain the economy. The AFB is, indeed, the second largest employer by numbers employed in the statem while top job openings do reflect Services, including Health Services. Projections also show manufacturing jobs.

3) Nebraska

Top 5 Jobs Listings among 25,000+ openings.

  • Occupational Therapists
  • Physical Therapists
  • Managers and Assistant Managers - Retail and other
  • Speech Therapists
  • Certified Nurse's Aides (CNAs)

Top 5 Projected Fastest Growing Jobs

  1. Petroleum operators and gaugers
  2. Network systems and data communications analysts
  3. Dental hygienists
  4. Marriage and family therapists
  5. Dental assistants

Business Insider lists the state economy supported by Agriculture, Freight, Passenger Transport, IT, Telecommunications, and Manufacturing. However, Government is the largest employer, at Offutt Air Force Base and other agencies among the Top 50 Largest Employers.

4) New Hampshire

Top 5 Jobs Listings among 18,100+ openings.

  1. Physical Therapists
  2. Physicians
  3. Retail Sales Representatives
  4. Occupational Therapists
  5. Salespersons

Top 5 Projected Fastest Growing Jobs

  1. Home health and other personal aides
  2. Network systems and data communications analysts - IT
  3. Marriage and family therapists
  4. Social and human service assistants
  5. Computer software applications engineers - IT

Agriculture, Tourism, and Manufacturing, along with a highly educated worker pool, are listed by Business Insider as the major economic strengths in this state. In addition, the University System of New Hampshire is the Number One Employer in terms of numbers of workers. This matches the sales and health related jobs listed above.

5) Vermont

Top 5 Jobs Listings among 8,600+ openings.

  1. Physical and Occupational Therapists
  2. Licensed Nursing Assistants (LNAs)
  3. Speech Language Pathologists
  4. Administrative Assistant - Health related
  5. Registered Nurses (RNs)

Top 5 Projected Fastest Growing Jobs

  1. Pharmacy technicians
  2. Computer software applications engineers - IT
  3. Home health aides
  4. Veterinary techs
  5. Pharmacists

The Business Insider report finds Vermont economically supported by Farming, Logging, Manufacturing, Insurance, Tourism, and Quarrying. The job listings and projecdtions show a preponderence of Health and Medical jobs, although some of these would be incolved int he Insurance industry and IT can be used in all industries..


The second half of the Top 10 States with Low Unemployment include Hawaii, Kansas, Wyoming, Minnesota, and Iowa. One of these states, Minnesota, is home to the Best City in America for Living in 2010, according to CNN Money Magazine online.

All five of the remaining Top 10 States in this list will be presented in the next Hub on this subject.


States 6 through 10

Wind Farming is increasing in Prairie and Western States In Part II.

Wind Farming is increasing in Prairie and Western States In Part II.



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Yes this is quite true. Once a state has a projected improvement within those span of years, they would try to facilitate jobs. These jobs are signs of progress and progress means good governance and opportunities. Indeed if this will push through, the state will be more and more progressive.

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Patty Inglish MS (author) from USA and Asgardia, the First Space Nation on October 27, 2010:

In addition, around several cities, the suburbs are creating so many jobs that the suburbs and cities are filling their outskirts in with businesses and residentsw and becoming so dense and wide that they meet boundaries and form a megaplex. We're going to see more and more megaplexes as the population of the USA increases. We see it in Canada in Ontario, the most densely populated Province - the Golden Horseshoe around Toronto and Lake Erie is the densest area, spreading progressively outward. The Ohio Space Corridor form Cincinnati up through Dayton/Fairborn and further to Columbus is filling in, the southern part most dense in 2010. Other areas of the US has the jobs and not as dense population at this time, so perhaps the new graduates will move there soon.

Thanks for comments!

lender3212000 from Beverly Hills, CA on October 27, 2010:

Fascinating that outside of the ones on the east coast, many of the openings seem to be concentrated in areas where not a lot of people are racing to live. I'm originally from the midwest and the majority of qualified candidates for skilled positions move to other areas as soon as they get their degree. Eventually that mentality will have to shift back in the direction of following the available jobs.

katrinasui on October 24, 2010:

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Patty Inglish MS (author) from USA and Asgardia, the First Space Nation on September 17, 2010:

So what? My last employer closed down in 2005 just after I suffered a debilitating injury (fine now, thanks) and I made my own work forever after and got off the "unemployed" status before I was on. Many others should do the same.

The number of advertised jobs in the above places and most of Money.com's Best places to Live in America are large and Low UI often means unfilled jobs and a substantial number of people already working. I agree that some job seekers give up looking, but I don't believe the 20% at all. And if I could manage in the face of several obstacles - injury, a bit older and no family, job gone, landlord lost the building in bankruptcy, etc., etc. -- all WITHOUT my receiving any welfare or govt help -- then so can others.

ptosis from Arizona on September 17, 2010:

I must protest - a low UI figure doesn't translate into jobs. Why? Because if run out of UI benefits then you are considered a "discouraged worker" and no longer counted as unemployed.

The true unemployment is MUCH higher than 9.7%. BTW - if it goes over 10% - the federal extension kicks in. USA in a MAJOR depression and the TRUE unemployment is more like 20% - and not less than 10% IF counted the old way before 1991 - when the counting method was changed

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