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Rising Economy and Jobs in Southeastern Ohio

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A tug on the Ohio River (Big River in Native American language of the area).

A tug on the Ohio River (Big River in Native American language of the area).

The Southeast Quadrant of Ohio has been the poorest per capita sector of the state for decades, but the economy is rising with new businesses and high[paying jobs, particularly since the mid-2000s.

The Ohio (Big River) Is Bigger Than Ever!

Southeast Ohio is division of the state that is a specific Workforce Development sector that covers several counties in this rural areas near the Ohio River and the Appalachian Mountains, to the west of West Virginia and Virgina.

Eight counties make up this rural region and are home to over 100,000 workers. Local companies report low employee turnover rates and some problem finding enough good workers to fill certain job vacancies. However, the region is also home to eight recognized, accredited facilities of Higher Learning to prepare youth and adults students for the full range of certifications and training that include short-term certificates, college degrees, medical and law degrees, and a range of PhDs.


Growth on The Ohio River

A range of attractive Business Assistance funding advantages and Incentives, including tax incentives, are available though State of Ohio business initiatives in the region to bring in new business that will create new jobs. part of this success is the advent of Ohio's 1,200+ aerospace companies and, further, the specialization in manufacturing and training for industrial drones. Construction, extraction of gas & oil, and bridge replacement are on the rise as well.

Effective business incentives include those of Enterprise Zones (EZs), Rural Enterprise Zones REZs), a 13.5% Manufacturing Machinery & Equipment investment tax credit and low interest Appalachian Regional Commission loans. The various enterprise zones are supported by federal, state, and county funding sources, with city block grants sometimes also a possibility. These funding sources provide education and training opportunities as well as job coaching and placement, business start-up and expansion assistance, and other services.

This SE Ohio regional economy is largely supported by Manufacturing, Retail, and Government jobs, expanding into other industry sectors as business incentive results gain momentum. Companies anchored in SE Ohio tend to stay in place and not outsource or move overseas, lending stability to an economy that can grow. Alternative Energy and Green-Collar Jobs, and Greenhouse Crops are newer industry sectors on the increase on the Ohio River.

Appalachian Ohio: Economic History

Along the Ohio River: Memorial Bridge to Parkersburg WV.

Along the Ohio River: Memorial Bridge to Parkersburg WV.

One productive link to jobs and careers in Southeastern Ohio is located at SEOhioHelpWanted.Com - At this website, job seekers can participate in a free Career Assessment survey online, post their resumes, and search for jobs in the eastern central portion and Southeastern Ohio regions of the state.

Top 10 Hot Jobs

Highest Demand Jobs of over 10,000 listings consistent from 2013 - 2015:

  1. Truck Driving, Shipping & Logistics
  2. Healthcare Therapy & Support Services = Speech, Physical, Occupational
  3. Registered Nurses (RNs)
  4. Healthcare Rehabilitation Services
  5. Salespeoples and Sales Managers
  6. Machine Operators and Assemblers - MFG.
  7. Military positions with the National Guard
  8. Engineers - IT, Aerospace, Manufacturing, other
  9. Food Preparation & Service
  10. Customer Service Representatives

Post Secondary Education

Many institutions on this list also provide job placement and job search services prior to graduation.

Check the WIA offices in these Southeastern Counties as well for jobs, training, and education available to you as a job seeker..

Largest Employers

The largest employers in this region of Ohio include energy and manufacturing companies. A sample of large employers, in alphabetical order, includes:

  • AEP: energy
  • Athens County Government
  • Chevron-Philips: plastics
  • Dana: castings
  • Duke Energy
  • Electronic Vision - software
  • General Electric
  • Hocking Valley Community Hospital
  • International Converter
  • Ohio University
  • Ormet - America's third largest aluminum smelter
  • Southern Ohio Regional Medical Center
  • Southern Ohio Coal
  • State of Ohio Government
  • Sun Power: cryogenic coolers
  • Thermo Forma
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A number of aircraft and auto parts manufactures are also successful in this region. SE Ohio is home to several companies that impact the global marketplace. Many have been awarded the Governor's "E" Award for Exports (eg. Star Engineering, PetroWare; both of Perry County). The SE Ohio industrialized sector is winning recognition as well -- lacier Clevite Heavywall Bearings of Morgan County has been a Supplier of the Year for General Motors.

Industrial Parks have booted local economies. Monroe County is in the process of developing its 100-acre park near County Airport. in Washington County, Wal-Bon built a $3,000,000 bakery In a 70-acre industrial park. Athens County has developed 80 acres f business at Poston Industrial Park, while Perry County works on 150 acres of green property off of I-70. Meigs County is home to Tuppers Plains Industrial Park (an REZ) of 60 acres.

Meigs County also is set to develop 1266 acres at Great Bend on the Ohio River, very near a US Federal Port Authority and international shipping.

Hocking Hills Area

Fort Ouiatenon: This was the 1st post in Indiana in 1717, built by French Canada to oppose British expansion into the Wabash and Ohio River Valleys.

Fort Ouiatenon: This was the 1st post in Indiana in 1717, built by French Canada to oppose British expansion into the Wabash and Ohio River Valleys.

Hospitality and Tourism

The Ohio River Region of Southeastern Ohio is a beautiful vacation, boating, and tourist attraction. Paddlewheel and sternwheel boats provide historic tours along the river in Marietta, while West Virgina is just across the river along I-70.

This region of Ohio contains at least 22 State Parks & Historical Sites, 3 Nature Preserves and 7 State Forests and many areas for hunting and fishing. The region is full of county and community festivals, Native American Pow Wows and history, museums, cave tours, camping, and events such as Parade of the Hill in Hocking County.


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Patty Inglish MS (author) from USA and Asgardia, the First Space Nation on March 10, 2013:

MarieAlana1 : Thanks for the suggestion! -- Holzer is in the area legally defined for workforce purposes as "Southern Ohio", so I'll add a section on that company as I do a Hub for that state region; but I think many people from SE Ohio travel to Holzer Hospital. Holzer advertizes 57 full-time jobs open as of 3/10/2013, besides several physicians needed, and SE Ohio as a whole is advertizing over 8,680 job openings among their top employers. The Holzer-related Hub will be interesting!

Marie Alana from Ohio on March 10, 2013:

I think you should add Holzer Health Systems to your list of top employers. I agree with esocial AEP does stink at times with the power going out for days and some of the workers going around and making copies of keys in order to come in as thieves later on.

esocial from California on September 15, 2008:

yep, ticked here! That company NEVER plans for anything. The least little rain, and our power is out. Pathetic. And anyone would have known to PLAN ahead for this in Ohio. AEP stinks. No way around it. THey need to go. Adios. And take your crap service with you. Sheesh!

Patty Inglish MS (author) from USA and Asgardia, the First Space Nation on September 15, 2008:

Thanks esocial, because as of 9/14.2008 northeastern and central Ohio and other portions have the same dilemma. AEP went to Houston in large numbers to help restore power after Hurricane Ike, and many friends in Ohio say their power is out until September 22! People are furious.

esocial from California on September 15, 2008:

Work anywhere but AEP Ohio. They offer the worst service! It can drizzle, and half our city goes down, always the part we live in. Seriously. Third world countries have it better. They STINK big time. Avoid.

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