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8 Tips to Get Your Boss Love You Workwise

Drew is a professional pharmacist who works in a healthcare. He worked with various kinds of bosses throughout his career.

How to Get On Your Boss’ Good Side?

Ever heard of the saying, “A happy boss, a happy life?” Yep, most of the time, this saying rings true in our life. A happy boss makes our life easier and healthier. They can also fatten up our wallets at most cases. They’ll unleash those free-flowing ‘chi-chings’ for one reason – they love your work.

If you want to climb the ladder and make a lasting impact, making your boss love your work is a must. How to impress your boss? Let your work do the talk. If you are sloppy at work, then you are sloppy in their eyes. As simple as that.

The quality of your work represents your value. What you make, is what you are. You define yourself.

It may be to get a pay raise, a favor, a promotion, or others. Whatever your boss is like, no one wants them to be unhappy more than you do.

So without further ado, here are some tips to impress your boss and make them appreciate your value.

8 Easy Tips to Make Your Big Boss Like You Workwise

  • Do Your Job Seriously
  • Don’t Point Fingers, Give Solutions
  • Advice, Don’t Complain
  • Speak Clearly
  • Keep Your Promises
  • Help Your Boss Become Successful
  • Having a Vision and Action
  • Thank Your Boss

So what are we waiting for? Let's dig into your boss heart.

1. Do Your Job Seriously

Nothing is more intolerable to a boss than an employee who doesn’t take his job seriously. You were hired to work and complete the assigned job. When in the work, it means work.

I don’t mean that you can’t make jokes or anything to ease up the mood. I even encourage doing so since it helps in improving working dynamics in your workplace. And by the way, sarcasm and jokes are two poles apart.

What I meant is, don’t bring your personal life within the premises of the company. No boyfriends and girlfriends, or unnecessary visitors during working time. Of course, there are exceptions such as medical emergencies or accidents.

Keep things clean and professional.

2. Don’t Point Fingers, Give Solutions

Pointing fingers is among the biggest mistakes a person can make as an employee. It literally raises hell and chaos in the whole organization.

When faced with challenges and problems, give solutions. When your wrong, learn to take responsibility. Your boss doesn’t want to hear more about the problems. He knows that already!

What he wants are solutions. Oh, let me make it clearer - thoughtful solutions. Do know that your boss isn’t dumb. Remember, a sound answer resonates with the heart.

3. Advice, Don’t Complain

From time to time, your boss will ask for your advice. These big bosses also want to know your perspective or view. Two or more brains, most of the time, are better than a single one.

It is also important to humbly tell your boss when you see him making foolish choices. But hold your horses! When advice is asked, be sure it is also advice which you will give. Not some dastardly complaint. Oh, please do not grumble when your advice is not followed.

Be clear and confident, but also soft-spoken in your advice. Do understand that you are trying to get your message over. No amount of sarcastic complaints can get those details across. Smart bosses appreciate these types of employees better than those yes-mans. Hey, they’re a breath of fresh air.

4. Speak Clearly

When talking or communicating with your boss, don’t be wishy-washy. Go straight on the things that you wish to discuss. Still, do consider your position. Be tactful and respectful.

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Most bosses are irritated by long flowery yet empty words. What’s worse? When those long speeches only have one simple message. Aggravating right? Don’t waste their time. A not-so-good example is this;

“Boss, I know you’re a good man. You really help me a lot. I really appreciate it because you help me build a good portfolio. You also made what I am today. But I am having trouble with this project. It’s so hard. What should I do? Can I ask for your advice?”

Sound foolish? Heck, the speaker isn’t even sure if he or she can get a piece of advice. I am not against wordy messages. But hey, paragraphs or long-winded explanation can be written via email. We are already living in a high-tech world!

You can say it like this instead.

“Boss I met some challenges in this project. I need your good advice.”

See the difference? Don’t waste each other's precious time and brain cells. Keep it simple, clear, and concise. But hey, don’t take shortcuts and cut the important parts.

5. Keep Your Promises

When your bosses hired you, it means they want to put his trust in you. They trust you to get the job done. Finish what you ought to deliver. When you promise something, keep it. Delivering your word will definitely make your boss happy.

So when you receive that project, do your utmost. Even so, don’t over commit to everything. Know your limits. A lot of people fail simply because they don’t say no when it matters the most.

A promise-keeper is a valuable and lovable guy in the eyes of any bosses. Why? Because they deliver what they utter. In their minds, a reliable individual is a to-go guy during promotions.

6. Help Your Boss Become Successful

How to make your boss happy? Make them successful!

Heck, many people don’t understand this concept. The hard reality is, the boss or the company hired you so that you can help them become successful.

Smart and good bosses with quality leadership will want you to succeed in the company. When you closed those big deals or finished those awesome projects, you make your boss rich. Your work and achievements are tied to the company that’s why. What you’ve accomplished is credited to the company. Your boss will love you for that (except for the credit grabbers).

Making your boss successful has a lot of pros. It enables you to have a ‘brand image.’ You build yourself a reputation. You will become the talk of the town. The biggest badass who finished off the seemingly impossible task. A man who other companies want in their team.

7. Have a Vision Spiced With Action

Having a vision for your work or your company shows that you are invested in your work. Believe me, good bosses love to have this kind of person in their teams. It shows that you want to grow both the company and yourself.

Nevertheless, a vision must also be accompanied by action. When you thought of it, you must also do it. Just like what they say, ‘words without action is dead.’

Creating goals that match your bosses will also make your work easier. After all, you have the same goal. When accomplishing things, another two hands make the difference.

8. Thank Your Boss

Let’s face this, your bosses are humans too. Though some act like robots, they still have feelings. Showing some appreciation makes them happy. Through simple gestures, you will be able to get into their good graces. It also shows that you acknowledge their work.

So how do you thank your boss and make him love you?

How about a cup of coffee in the morning. Or a sticky note on his office door with a message like this. “You’re the best boss ever.” It is a perfect spell to make your boss love you. Simple, right? Oh, make sure you mean it, lest you sound sarcastic. Believe me, they know it when it's plastic.

The Bottom Line

There are many other ways to make your like you. Even so, one thing is for sure. When you are good at your work, any good boss will acknowledge you for it.

And when they like your work, most of the time, your one step to your much-dreamt promotion or salary increase. They may even mentor your up.

Aside from that, in the corporate world, your work is your reputation. When your boss acknowledges your work, it will flow out of his or her mouth naturally. And his circle of friends, people who are usually also bosses from other companies will know it.

It spreads through word of mouth my friends. Believe me on this. Everybody who cares will know it. It is a very small world after all.

How to Get Respect From Your Boss?


This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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Jose on October 14, 2020:

Leaders Lead, Bosses Push. But I would be rather a Leader in setting a good working environment.

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