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Tips to Find Your Perfect Fit in the Gig Economy

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The title Gig work is a euphemism for contingent and alternative employment arrangement. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that ten percent of the workforce engages in Gig work. Gig work, also known as freelancing, opportunities are growing. The workforce is bending to the flexibility of choice within the industry.

People of all ages and backgrounds are scrambling to make their finances work. I know because I am one of them. Whether you are a victim of the pandemic related layoffs or a pensioner is irrelevant. The sting of not enough financial resources is a great equalizer.

Working Gig jobs can add to your monthly finances. Income of under one-hundred dollars to as much as one-thousand dollars or more. It feels more like you are getting a bonus when you get paid. I net and extra two hundred dollars a month completing audits of local grocery stores. I use the money to subsidize my weekly grocery bill.

Gig work opportunities are numerous and varied. This means that finding at least one perfect fit for you is likely. Temperament, resources, and availability in your schedule are the foundation for deciding on opportunities. "Knowledge is power," is a quote attributed to Sir Francis Bacon. Use the power of the information about freelance gigs by following these tips to find your perfect fit in the Gig economy.



Rideshare driver for a service like Uber or Lyft requires the multi-tasking skillset. Recruiter.com nails it in the article The Most Effective Way to Describe Rideshare Work on Your Resume. Soft skills like patience and customer service are requisite. An inclination for planning and working with schedules will create efficiencies. Know a route well enough to find the cheapest gas. Prime vehicle positioning between fares will increase profits. Safety and cleanliness are imperative to create a sense of security for the passenger(s).

A keen eye, a certain amount of covertness, and an attention to detail are the qualities for a store audit gig. An aptitude for interpreting Planograms is necessary to perform a retail merchandising reset. WeGoLook bears the slogan “On demand workforce solutions for enterprise.” Assignments like taking auto body damage photos for insurance claims are available. Lookers can also choose to deliver notices to homeowners or check on a property. Navigating difficult situations involving human emotion requires empathy and communication skills.

Be certain you have the facts about an assignment before you accept it. The Freelancers Union encourages you to understand the expectations for the project. Be certain it is within your aptitude and comfort zone. Ask questions until you have the clarity you need to decide whether the work is the right fit.



Some Gig work requires an investment. “Initial investment in materials, equipment, and marketing your gig or side hustle may be required,” says Destiny Barletta in the article The Gig Economy for Wellesley College.

It is a given that a rideshare driver must have access to a late model vehicle. Vehicle insurance that will cover you when you are driving passengers. A must-have for an auto claim gig is a cell phone camera, a yardstick, and Silly Putty. Why Silly Putty? It holds the yardstick in place for a photo to measure the height and placement of physical damage.

Photography gigs need a larger financial investment in high-quality camera and lighting equipment. Mystery shopping requires at least an android cell phone or a computer for the data input. TaskRabbit and Tackle gig workers are expected to have a quantity of more expensive tools. Certification by means of a background check is the responsibility of the shopper.

Building your skillset for higher paying gigs can means training and certifications. This will likely be money well spent.


Twenty-first century living isn't easy. We have gadgets and information overload. This isn't the easy life envisioned on The Jetsons cartoon. Instead, our lives are busy and stressful. Calendar your life to become a successful and efficient Gig worker.

Are you a morning person? Then consider choosing gigs that are available for morning completion.

Life-balance sometimes takes a back seat to paying the rent. Me time and family time may be short in duration yet necessary. A wise sage at Career.com wrote How to Schedule Your Week for Both Personal and Business Success. We are reminded of the difference between professional and personal success. Seek ways to stay motivated.

Finding success in the Gig work economy includes understanding your strengths and weaknesses. Have a good sense of timing to grab jobs as they post. Keep a calendar so you don't overbook yourself. Avoid burnout by having a varied approach and take breaks as your finances will allow.

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