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Tips for Better Customer Service Telephone Etiquette

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Telephone etiquette refers to how you use manners to talk to others on the phone. If you are working in a customer service role you need to have good telephone etiquette as the phone is one of the most popular methods of communicating with customers. If you are unsure about what telephone etiquette entails then you can use the strategies in this article that will help you improve your skills to deliver quality service.

Good telephone etiquette benefits you and the company you work for. You can gain customer trust that can help you build a strong relationship with them leading to loyalty and repeat sales. Telephone etiquette allows clear communication which can reduce the chances of mistakes being made. Customer satisfaction is increased which can also reduce your stress and help you get more job satisfaction.

Use the following strategies to help better your customer service telephone etiquette:


Taking time to prepare in advance can save you and the customer time and avoid unnecessary hassle. Understand the purpose of the call first so that you are better prepared. Knowing what to say beforehand can help you communicate better and present a more professional image. Keep any equipment you may need (such as a pen and paper) nearby so that you don't have to waste time during the call.

Answer quickly:

Having to wait too long before someone answers is something that customers hate. In order to improve your telephone etiquette pick up the phone within 2-3 bells so that the customer doesn't have to wait too long. If you are busy or have a genuine reason why you can't pick up then try to call back as soon as you can and apologize. To avoid sounding too flustered give yourself time before answering.

Speaking etiquette:

Communicating well can help better your telephone etiquette. Customers can not see you so you can use the tone of your voice to connect with the customer. After pickup up the phone introduce yourself and use an even tone so that you can be heard but don't end up shouting. You will also be able to avoid having to repeat yourself. Speaking well can help you gain the trust of the customer.

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Pay attention:

Not giving full attention to the person calling is a mistake that you want to avoid. You show disrespect to the person and end up missing valuable information from the customer. Remove any distractions from your desk beforehand and avoid eating and drinking during calls. Try not to follow a script so that you sound more natural and can respond to the customer empathetically.

Conversation skills:

During the conversation, you can display telephone etiquette in many ways. Do not ring at odd times as it may be inconvenient for the customer. You should also avoid taking too many calls at once so that you can give full attention to the caller. Try to keep the conversation to the point, pleasant and short so that you don't waste the time of the caller or your own.

Putting on hold:

Customers hate being put on hold so if you can you should try to avoid doing this. There are times when you may need to put a customer on hold in which case you should try your best to not put them on hold for too long. Ask the customer first before putting them on hold and explain why you need to do so. You should also avoid transferring calls to others repeatedly.

Goodbye stage:

Good telephone etiquette should be shown when the conversation is about to finish and it is time for the customer to hang up. You may wish to quickly go through some of the things you talked to the customer about to reconfirm. Make sure that you have met the demands of the customers and dealt with any issues they may have had. By leaving a good final impression the customer is left satisfied.


Customers who are unsatisfied with the service provided can take their custom elsewhere. To convince them to stick to your company, you need to build a good bond and trust with them. This is more difficult when you are communicating over the phone as they can't see you. By using the tips above though you will be able to better your telephone etiquette to build better customer relations

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