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Tips for aspiring entrepreneurs to be successful

I’m Muzammil Rawjani. I’m an entrepreneur, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder at Technbrains, a prominent IT firm based in the USA, and


Tips for Aspiring Entrepreneurs to be Successful


Nothing great happens without a plan. And even sometimes, you can have a stellar plan but your execution might be weak. Especially for startups, building something from the scratch is not a cakewalk, and requires not just expertise, but managerial skills and lots of efforts to build a successful empire.

This article is going to give the young and aspiring entrepreneurs some great insights on how they can work their way up towards glory. so without further ado, lets dig into the advices that every young entrepreneur needs in the start of their careers.

Insightful Tips for Young Entrepreneurs

  • Have a plan

This should probably be your first and foremost instinct to act on while building a startup. Learn the difference between just an idea and a properly laid out plan. Also, while sticking to your original plan to avoid any deviation from achieving the goal is good, you should always be adaptable to the changes that may occur midway. It so happens during setting up a business that all you can do is to plan (and even anticipate some of the shortcomings) and eve after all that ‘Planning’, some things just don’t fall according to our expectations, so in those times, instead of being clueless, be adaptable to the new changes and improvise your plan accordingly.

During the planning stage, you must also have a clear picture of what your business strategy is going to be and how you are going to market your business. Knowing your targeted audience and demographics, as well as competitors in the industry can be a great help. Always keep a track of your strengths and weaknesses, so that you can easily overcome any sudden changes.

  • Look up for a mentor

While being your own mentor may sound very inspiring and independent, it is better to follow the steps and advices of successful entrepreneurs. Looking up to a mentor can come up with its own share of benefits. Several successful entrepreneurs share their struggling phase and the mistakes they made in order to educate young entrepreneurs to avoid those paths.

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Now, everyone’s journey is unique and distinctive from the others, but by following a mentor, the least benefit you can get is to avoid basic paths to failures and blunders. While looking up to others to avoid possible mistakes, it is also important to have a trust on your own guts, which can really help you to make it big in the industry.

  • Great Marketing strategy

While great marketing means more exposure out in the open, it also means a big budget. So if you’re smart enough, you can still make a roar without facing a serious financial blow. Remember that social media sites at free, as well as a great tool for marketing. Although there are some paid marketing strategies that can really perk up your marketing game on social media sites, but we can assure you that it won’t cost you as much as a traditional marketing plan.

SEO, PPC and Paid advertisement on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube can boost your visibility and reach among the masses.

  • Hiring a great team

The sentence ‘hiring a great team’ doesn’t mean your team has to be filled with experts and top of the work professionals. It simply means that your team must resonate with you on the same level. They must know and understand your vision and are willing to work for that vision. They must believe in your goals and only with collective efforts, can you achieve the results. It is also better to have an outsider perspective from time to time on your business plan, so make sure you sit around with your team members every once in a while and discuss and share their ideas as well.

  • Have a financial backing

As we mentioned earlier before, starting a business is no piece of cake. It requires equal efforts whether it is monetary, physical or mental. If anyone is trying to convince you that running a business isn’t expensive, they are not your friend, because no friend can give you a wrong advice.

It is better to know your finances beforehand in order to continue your survival in the industry. no business starts giving profit from the next day of its establishment. Everything takes time so until you start getting return on investment, you should have enough financial backing to avoid yourself in going under any bank debts.


Being on your own is a risky thing, but once you are equipped with all the required things, it is going to be just as exciting and rewarding as well. A young entrepreneur, you must always keep yourself open to learn new things at every turn of life. Networking with other aspiring businessmen and increasing your social circle with people who encourage you to grow further, and better.

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