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Tips On Driving For Uber Eats

Joshua Hurtado has been driving for Uber Eats since August 2018 and has an Associates in Paralegal Studies.

Tip #1: The Customers House Doesn't Have A House Number

Anyone who has been delivering for a decent amount of time has probably encountered this problem. You see an order flash through on your screen, decide to take it, and head to the restaurant. Everything goes well until you are about to pull up to the customer's house. No matter how hard you look you are not able to locate a house number to verify the address.

This is something that has happened to me several times, and I could swear that the number was missing off of some of those houses altogether. But what do you do in this situation? Well, you can certainly attempt to contact the customer and ask them which house is theirs. I have done this myself. But, what if you are unable to contact the customer? What should you do then? Well, hopefully, I can answer that today.

There are several clues to keep in mind. First off, when you are looking for a particular address it is good to look at some of the house numbers leading up to your drop-off. By and large (I am sure there are some exceptions) all of the odd house numbers will be on one side of the street and all of the even house numbers will be on the other side of the street. This is especially helpful when the destination marker is not located on the correct side of the road.

It is important to keep in mind that the house number is not only located on the house and maybe located elsewhere. This is why it is important to keep your eyes peeled for mailboxes. Mailboxes will often have the house number displayed and they are likely to be in front of the house to which that number is assigned. Some houses may also display their house number on a different object such as a fence or brick wall outside, so it is important to check those as well.

Another piece of information that can help you locate the correct house is the customer note. The customer may leave a note asking for you to not knock or ring the doorbell because their kids are sleeping. Take a look around, and if you see a house that has a bunch of toys out front, chances are pretty good that may be the house you are looking for especially if the rest of the houses have numbers which either do not match the number on your order or seem to be too far away and do not have toys or anything of the sorts outside.

Tip#2 Using Google Maps To Find Drop Off

Uber has made it so that when you are on a delivery, you can select to use their G.P.S. of you can use Google Maps. Now, for upwards of 90% of orders done through their app. However, from time to time you are likely to encounter a delivery where the G.P.S. on the Uber app has the marker in the wrong place. Perhaps the most common reason for this is if you are in a new residential development as these may not be on the in-app G.P.S.

Under situations such as the one listed above, it may be more efficient to use Google Maps. This is helpful because if you are in a new development, so long as the marker is actually in the right place, you will be able to quickly switch to Google Maps which almost always has the route needed to get to even the newest developments. However, as many of you may have noticed, using the in-app launch option for Google Maps does not always really solve the issue. This is because if you open Maps from within Uber it simply puts the drop-off icon in the same place on the screen and sometimes, it puts the drop-off icon in the wrong place. To solve this you will need to manually open Google Maps and type in the location of the drop off yourself.

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Tip #3 See Your Earnings While On A Delivery

I really like to see how much money I have made throughout the day and I often use my time in between order to do this. However, there are times where that is not really feasible because the orders just keep coming and I do not really get the downtime which is great because I get more money. But I still want to know how much I have earned all the way up to this point.

While you are on an order there is a black box at the top of the screen which displays directions for how to get to your destination. If you put your finger on the box and swipe down, the earnings bubble and menu icon will become visible above the box. The earning bubble will display your last updated earnings and you can interact with the menu. This is great for quickly seeing how much in expected tips you should still have coming in and really helps with tracking your progress.

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