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Time Management Importance in Life


What Is Time Management?

Time management is the practice of planning our time and controlling the total available time we spend on duties to work more. Time Management also refers to handling the time in order that the right time is allocated to the right activity.

Time Management performs an important role in corporate organizations and in our private lives. Effective time management comes simpler to some people than to others. But anybody can develop the potential to enhance their time management skills


How Bad Time Management Can Kill Our Business and Life

Without good time management, there is not only personal costs for us but also larger cost we can face in our job or in business. Our work and happiness both could be suffered without proper time management in life.

Given below are few outcomes which could be faced due to bad time management:

Pass Over Deadlines

If we adopt bad time management skills in daily life, we will miss our cut-off dates in routine tasks.

This may have severe effects in our work performance, and this could also affect many of our colleagues who may suffer from the result.

Increasing Stress Level

When we aren’t dealing our time well, this may be frustrating. People be likely to be aware that they are no longer finishing work as they would like to, but they may be still uninterested to do it.

This will have a big effect to our emotional state and increase our stress level. Low motivation and confidence can come to be a bad cycle at work and result in a bad performance.

Damaging of Work-Life Balance

Those with bad time management are running time away from regulation to get work and goal completed.

This means that they have got much less personal and family time, causing greater pressure. This result not only destroy their work-life stability but also lead them more exhausted, turn to stress, and even affect their health.

Lack of Focus

The major single time-management hassle for most people is their lack of focus and attention. It’s even worse while there aren’t clear wishes to follow. If an employee allows themselves to be distracted by way of many unimportant obligations, they can end up wasting quite a few times.

Occasionally the problem is that an employee won’t assign other tasks that they should. Managers can be responsible of this. We must delegate when suitable. Then we can concentrate on the responsibilities where we can add the most value. This effects in higher nice work from anybody concerned.

Nonprofessional Reputation

There is a high question mark on any corporate job person or entrepreneur approach, if he missed deadlines of any commitment. and this will impact on the career of the person in question.

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In case if some managers don’t care about time management factor between team members, this could be act as a demotivation aspect for the team. No person desires to put the work in only to fail because of someone else.

This nonprofessional attitude can lower the good reputation of the individual and organization.

Financial Effects

In the absence of proper time management in any organization, deadlines will miss out. This could be high cost for the company in the form of bad relationship with Business partners, vendors, and clients. These conflicts can not only loos relationships but also effect on business and profit of the organization.


Important Tools for Efficient Time Management

Time Management performs a very valuable role not only in organizations but also in our personal lives. Everybody's time is important, whether they assign a dollar value to it or not.

Even though there are many ways of improving time management – such as

Advance Planning

In efficient time management advance planning is essential tool and for spend time more you must plan earlier. Create a to-do-listing and prepare obligations you need to finish. Focus on the most critical duties first. Estimate how lengthy it can take to complete. Knowing what you need to do and in how a lot of time will help your consciousness a good deal greater.

Highlight Tasks

Assess every Tasks and focus on the responsibilities as in step with their significance and urgency. Know the difference among significant and critical work. Identify which tasks should be completed within a day, which all should be done inside a month and so on. Tasks which can be most vital should be achieved in advance.

Setting Goals and Deadlines

Goals are important for time management. Divide a great block of time to setting goals. These goals need to be attainable, measurable, written, accountable and with certain deadlines.

Working without goals and targets in an organization might be like a condition wherein the captain of the ship loses his way inside the sea. Yes, we would be lost. Set targets for ourselves and ensure they're reasonable ones and achievable.

Delegate Duties

To delegate, we should not fear of losing control of the task, don’t do the entirety to our own. There are other people beings as nicely. One must know not receive something which he knows is tough for him. The roles and duties should delegate as in line with interest and specialization of employees. A person who does not have understanding about something takes more time than someone who knows the work well.

Organize Well

Good organizational abilities are a must if we want to manage our time. When we know where everything is we won't have to waste time looking for things when needed. Start by clearing out our desk so things are not so cluttered. Create a system which works for and is easy to maintain.

Effective Use of Tools

Technology is an essential part of daily life at work. We have many good technological products and apps which always help us to manage our time more effective and better.


Time management is an essential ability that needs to be mastered for academic and work purposes. Time management is a completely crucial skill to be learned and to be mastered with a view to have a better lifestyle. Time should be kept not as an enemy, but as a companion in the direction of your destined paths.


This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2022 S M Asim Saeed

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