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Three Ways Holding Onto Past Trauma Can Affect Your Future Business

Spiritual Life+Business Coach


Every single thing in your life only has meaning because you’ve freely associated meaning to it. Read that again and let it sink in for a moment.

You’re not just an entrepreneur; you’re also human.

Unfortunately, we can’t control our lives’ experiences before we decide to take the entrepreneurial plunge. The good and bad times, the little and big traumas, all come together to form our perspectives and reactions, both positive and negative. Each of us draws from diverse experiences along our business journey.

Stress from traumatic events will not just affect one’s personal life, but it will affect other areas as well, including your business. After over a decade of coaching, I’ve noticed that instances of unresolved trauma can surface to affect your business negatively.

Loss of Identity

I often mention that your identity holds value for your business since it’s a part of you while also acting as an extension of your life. Losing your identity impacts not only your business but your life, marriage, and every other facet of your being. It’s a spillover effect, and it rattles you to the core.

It’s difficult remaining authentic to yourself with all the constant social pressure circulating trying to guide our behaviors (usually encouraging us to purchase or believe something!). This means we are tasked to never losing sight of WHY we decided to start businesses in the first place. Quite often, your business is the vocation that is the manifest of your most authentic self. Businesses are often one of the few things that we are able to birth and create, exactly how we had envisioned.

Should you realize that you are slowly losing your identity, take a break! There’s no harm in pausing and gathering yourself. Perform activities that can clear your mind and enrich your spirit. For me, journaling is always beneficial in helping provide needed perspective. Writing down your thoughts on paper lends credence to determining what constitutes mind-chatter and what concerns are actively calling for your attention.


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Since most trauma originates beyond our control, many survivors seek to do things that we can control, myself included. Many business owners I’ve worked with advance this degree of power to a whole new level. We try to take charge of everything. It’s something we’ve always wanted - to have control over happenings in our lives.

However, the desire to have everything be perfect often creeps in. Why? Perhaps the years of hurt & heartache motivate us to seek out something as pure and wholesome as possible.

Perfectionism isn’t a crime, but when it consumes you and negatively impacts your business, it leads to future problems. Business owners who overcome trauma desire control over everything and cannot trust other individuals’ ability to perform tasks. This invariably leads to discontent in the workplace and animosity amongst staff.

It will cause you to burn out in the end.

Not Trusting Yourself

You are the “brain” and often the face of your business. Having trust in yourself is very important as an entrepreneur. You act as the control center, and consequently, your daily decisions must be sound to ensure success.

If you have difficulty trusting yourself, then this is going to be a problem. Don’t be hard on yourself; you just need to build your self-trust gradually. Now, if you are in the business of manufacturing baked goods & you are unsure about how to adhere to local ordinances in your city, perhaps speaking with a consultant or professional would prove worthwhile. But when you are examining the business’s character or its vision, those fundamentals can only come from you.

Just know that you don’t need to feel wrong about this. Take the time to listen to yourself and learn to trust your gut.

Don’t jump to conclusions. Save yourself from overthinking.

Be aware of yourself. You need to notice how you react and make decisions during individual experiences. Through this, you learn more about yourself.

I know, building back your self-trust is not an easy feat. It takes time, but you need to start trusting yourself to move both you & your business forward.

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