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Three Apps to Earn Money


Think it's a scam?

Are you looking for a way to earn a little extra money? Are you worried about possible scams and viruses that will ruin your phone or steal your information? I am here to tell you that while there are plenty of bogus apps out there, I have found a handful that will pay real money (or gift cards) in exchange for some simple tasks like scanning your groceries, taking pictures of your receipts, or providing your opinions about products. You may not get rich with these apps, but you will get some extra walking around money without doing much. I have personally used these apps for years and promise that they work.


NCP - National Consumer Panel

NCP is part of the Nielsen company, as in the company that tracks television ratings, and has been around since 2010. With the NCP app, users report their shopping trips by scanning the barcodes for anything purchased and taking brief surveys (usually less than 15 minutes). Users receive points whenever they have scanned for the week, and survey takers have the option of getting either 150 points or 50 points and an entry into a drawing for even bigger and better prizes. The longer users use the app and more consistent their usage, the more points they get for their scanning. There are also anniversary and birthday bonuses and bonuses for scanning every week in a month. Points can then be redeemed for gift cards from places like Amazon and Apple.

To join, click here.



ReceiptPal is a simple to use receipt scanning app. Users start with several "cards" with four slots that represent receipts. As users take a picture to scan a receipt, a slot is filled, and when all four slots are filled, the card is submitted for 100 points (after a brief verification process). After racking up points, users can spend their points on gift cards. That not enough for you? There's also a weekly sweepstake that users are automatically entered in every time they complete a card.

ReceiptPal is part of The NPD Group, a market research group that has been in business since 1966.

To download from the Google Playstore, click here.


Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog is another receipt scanning app, but this one has a fun twist. Receipts, depending on the retailer and amount, are worth a combination of coins and spins. Coins add up to be redeemed for either Amazon gift cards or cash straight to PayPal or a prepaid Visa. Spins are used on a grocery-themed slot machine for chances at even more coins. There are occasional short surveys and bonuses for linking your account with your email and Amazon accounts. There's also a monthly drawing for even more coins.

When users apply, they may receive a notification that they are on a waitlist. Don't be discouraged! Receipt Hog will get back to you so that you can start rolling in the dough.

To download Receipt Hog, click here.

Tips for receipt scanning apps

  • Scan everything. Each app has its own criteria for what they accept, like different retailers or retail types. Some may take gas receipts and others may take receipts from resale stores while others do not. The criteria should be listed in the help section. If there is any doubt, it doesn't hurt to submit anyway and see if it gets rejected.
  • Take the best quality picture. Receipts need to be as clear as possible so that they are legible and need to include store names and the date of purchase as well as items purchased. Make sure you slowly move your camera toward and away from the receipt to capture as much of the receipt as possible and tap the screen to focus before taking the picture.
  • Hold on to the receipts! After submitting, pictures are held for a brief review period. If a receipt is rejected, be prepared to either submit again or submit a request for it to be manually reviewed. Once the receipts have been acknowledged with points given, they can be disposed of.

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