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This Is a Job for Mcvicker

Kenneth is a rural citizen of Hamilton, Ala., and has begun to observe life and certain things and people helping him to write about them.

Writer's note: okay. Here goes one of those disclaimers that I feel necessary to tell you to not try to charge right out and buy Play-Doh simply because you read it here. And do not tell anyone that Kenneth Avery is unashamedly promoting this product. Thanks, Kenneth

Noah McGiver

Noah McGiver

The Name is McVicker-Noah McVicker

head honcho who said yes to making one of America's best toys: Play-Doh. (Pronounced Play Dough), and no, this gooier, blob-looking stuff does not have one thing to do with baking bread. In fact, I can remember the first and last time that my hands held this product when a buddy and me stole some of this stuff in a yellow can hidden behind the desk of my first-grade teacher, Mrs. Ann Wade. Fact: she didn't have one can of the PD, but six. Talk about a PD freak.

Pardon me, Ann. I still love you. And confess that Chip Wood and I searched until we found your Play-Doh stash. By the way, Wood made a terrific look-out while our "Doh"-lifting was being done. Wood and I designed our theft which was made easier because Wade and the rest of our class was attending a snake show in our gym.

If you are into historical facts, Mr. Noah McVicker, family soap shop owner, was experimenting with flour, water, salt, boric acid and mineral oil, when an idea sir faced with the material that is now called Play-Doh. McVicker's soap company called Kutol Products, based in Ohio, originally sold his creation as wallpaper cleaner in the 1930s. And to run the risk of injecting overkill, the rest is history.

Oops! Did I Do It Again . . .

taking on a deep topic without having that much background to hold it up. Hopefully this piec about Play-Doh will not suffer that affliction. And if the "Pop Princess," Britney Spears. finds herself bored and ends up reading "this" hub, well, Brit, you can fly to where I live and collect your $1.50 in royalty scratch. See there, friends? I have a warm heart.

I can tell you up front that the first time that I was weak enough to stoop so low as to take some secret Play-Doh and play with it with my good buddy, Chip Wood, may never let me forget that dark moment in my life. And as for Wood, I would bet you the entire ESPN broadcasting rights and win, because as good-matured as he is, Wood would look stunned when I ask him about "that" time when he and I were alone in Mrs. Wade's room and got to play with the Play-Doh.

Am I reaching here? You bet your boots. But while I am confessing and addressing some of my six-year-old's "sinful" nature, what in the world was Mrs. Wade doing with all of that Play-Doh? She never took it out and let us play with it. And she did not have any children at home, I think. So I hate to say this, but maybe she was into Play-Doh by exercising her secret talent of sculpting, but not with clay.

And yes, you thought of this too--that scene with Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze in the film, "Ghost," could be that I am off-base, but friends, it fit. Wonder who would sing on the soundtrack of my fllm, "Doh Spirit," with Jeff Foxworthy as Swayze and Kathie Lee Gifford as Moore's role. Not that I'm boasting, but I would be beyond happy to play Foxworthy's role, but I am few pounds overweight, so that would not work.

If I Posed for Play-Doh

these are the places where I'd have my statue placed:

⦁ The Oval Office -- because it is the most-famous location in the world.

⦁ Lunch with Jessica Alba -- what a photo-op this would be. Letting my Play-Doh statue be placed on Jessica Alba's table in a posy Hollywood restaurant, would recharge her into having a more-glitzy career.

⦁ In the next Iron Man film -- with Robert Downey, Jr., of course. When IM takes to the air to chase bad guys, he would be holding my statue and this would be so exciting that I might melt. Joke! Ha, ha.

⦁ At former President Donald Trump's - -golf course. My statue wold be placed at each flag of each of the 18-holes. Ya' think that I might be such a distraction that it would get Trump off his game?

⦁ On Broadway -- where my statue will be cast for a few plays that will be remade. "Porgy and Play-Doh,", "Death of a Play-Doh," "The Play-Doh Man," (from the Music Man), and on the HLN Morning Show with Robin Meade and Jennifer Westhoven. Where would I be placed? With either lady because they are both great-looking.

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I was going to list a few places where my statue would not be that good, but I found out that it would be the Play-Doh, not me especially.

Shot down again.

Creatures made of Play-Doh.

Creatures made of Play-Doh.

P.S. Names Not Used Instead of Play-Doh

⦁ Play-Dirt

⦁ Play-by-Play

⦁ Play-Makes-Waste

⦁ Play-Dog (not to be confused with Underdog)

⦁ Play-Room

⦁ Play-Dooh

⦁ Play-Oohd

⦁ Doh-Doh (pre-historical bird)

⦁ Play-Doh! Eureka! Finally.

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Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on April 08, 2021:

Thanks to you, now I know who created Play-doh. I'll be looking for your statue. Ha!

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